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If you grew up with “Transformers: Energon” as a child or an adult who has followed every or many”Transformers” animated series as possible, and watching the series with an open mind to a fresh new story and alternate timeline, “Transformers: Energon” is definitely recommended and a great value for fans of the “Transformers” animated series!

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BLU-RAY TITLE: Transformers Energon: The Complete Series


DURATION: 51 Episodes (18 3/4 Hours)

BLU-RAY INFORMATION: 4:3, Color, stereo

COMPANY: Hasbro Studios/Shout! Factory



Directed by Jun Kawagoe, Yutaka Sato

Written by Akira Okeya

Produced by Actas Inc. and Studio A-CAT

Featuring the Voices of:

Garry Chalk as Optimus Prime

Trevor Devall as Alpha Q

Matt Hill as Ironhide

Scott McNeil as Jetfire

Brent Miller as Hot Shot

David Kaye as Megatron

Michael Daingerfield as Inferno

Michael Dobson as Starscream

Alvin Sanders as Demolishor

Don Brown as Cyclonus

Paul Dobson as Rodimus

Ron Halder as Dr. Jones

Kirby Morrow as Rad

Colin Murdock as Scorponok

Doug Parker as Mirage

Ward Perry as Landmine

Brad Swaile as Kicker

Alistair Abell as Prowl

Ten years of peace have passed since Unicron’s destruction, but all of that’s about to change. A mysterious enemy has unleashed the Terrorcons on the Autobots’ cities, gathering energy for plans of total domination. Enter a newly revived Megatron and the universe is in for a war unlike any it s ever seen between the Autobots and Decepticons. And once again, Earth is caught in the middle!

Can Optimus Prime and his valiant Autobots (alongside their human allies) protect the Earth against this new threat? Find out with the complete series of Transformers: Energon!

In 2004, the latest Transformers animated series titled “Transformers: Energon” aired in Japan.

With a total of 51 episodes, the series is a direct sequel to “Transformers: Armada” and would feature the return of Armada human characters Rad White, Carlos Lopez and Alexis and takes place during a time where peace has taken place on Cybertron and Earth after the defeat and destruction of Unicron.

But as the Autobots and Decepticons have lived in peace, a mysterious being known as Alpha Q has been observing afar.  Sending out Terrorcons, led by Scorponok to attack Cybertron cities in order to obtain Energon.

On Earth, Alexis has grown up to become a diplomat for the human delegation of the Earth Federation as a liaison between Earth and the Autobots/Decepticon alliance.  Meanwhile, Carlos is working at a space station observing any problems in outer space.  While Rad is working on Cybertron with Dr. Brian Jones.

“Energon” would focus on Dr. Brian and Miranda Jones son Kicker, an excellent Cyclist and often headstrong.  He has a had problems with all Transformers and is considered a brash teen who tends to upset the Autobots because of his behavior and actions.  But because of his many phobias, he has a problem with trusting anyone.

As Alpha Q continues to gain Energon in order to re-create Decepticons to follow him, Megatron is engineering his own resurrection and to bring back Unicron but to gain revenge against Optimus Prime.

The primary Autobots for “Energon” are Hot Shot, Inferno, Ironhide, Jetfire, Wing Saber and Omega Supreme as the first season focused on the Autobots taking on Alpha Q who intends to resurrect Unicron.

For the second season, Megatron continues his plot for revenge against Optimus Prime, while Rodimus returns but not to help the Autobots stop Alpha Q but wanting the Autobots to allow him to recreate Unicron.  This causes some division with the Autobots, who don’t understand why Rodimus would support the return of Unicron.

And as the fight continues, Megatron will evolve into the mighty Galvatron. Can Optimus Prime and the Autobots defeat him?



“Transformers: Energon – The Complete Series” is presented in 4:3 (standard definition), color and in stereo. While I am still biased towards the original animation of the “Transformers” and for modern animation, more towards “Transformers: Cybertron” and “Transformers: Prime”, while the character design of “Transformers: Energon” was fascinating as the animation would feature interesting mecha design but also better character design animation for the human characters, while mechanical design may be subjective to the viewer.

Backgrounds are the usual standard rocks and trees, but the backgrounds are detailed and well-painted.

But for those who enjoyed “Transformers: Energon”, the positive about this series is that the series looks very good on DVD. There is no sign of any blemishes, dust or aging. The animated series looks very good on DVD and if anything, fans should be happy with the overall picture quality.


“Transformers: Energon – The Complete Series” comes with no special features.


“Transformers: Energon – The Complete Series” comes with a cardboard slipcover.

When I first caught “Transformers: Energon” on television, I have to admit that my first feeling was that the series was more about promoting the toyline, featuring so many different types of accessories and trying to think outside of the box in terms of doing something different than any other “Transformers” series before it.

The Optimus Prime that we knew before, looked very different.  Actually, all Autobots and Decepticons looked different as the goal was to use CG animation for the mecha, while we got to see much better human character designs with a stronger anime connection (much better than “Transformers: Armada”).

But I have to admit that the series had its positive moments, from featuring many Autobots/Decepticons and bringing on a new antagonist and utilizing a Unicron-driven storyline.  The problem was that the execution felt rushed.

Unicron was made much weaker in the series and while it was great to see a new antagonist for a short while, the fact is that it strayed too far from the Autobots vs. Decepticon theme  until the second half of the series.

And while he was only a baby when this series came out, my son grew up watching “Transformers” and the continuing series and eventually having his own large collection of Transformers. But for him watching this series in 2014, it was seeing him react to the series that I realized that Hasbro/Takara did a good job in creating this alternate universe and new storyline for “Transformers: Energon”.  Sure, it’s nothing like the G1 I love but it’s also for a new generation of Transformers fans can watch and enjoy and I collected a few of the Transformers in the toy line, so it’s actually a fascinating concept for the animated series and toy line.

But in terms of story…I do feel that while the animation is much better than “Armada”,  Kicker was quite irritating as a human character and to see the Autobots become emotional because of Kicker’s behavior, was no doubt too much for me.  But as for my young son, he absolutely enjoyed “Transformers: Energon”, for its characters, its humor and even its mild battles.

With the release of “Transformers: Energon”, fans are getting all 51-episodes and for any fans of the “Transformers” animated series, these complete collections are wonderful as there is no having to purchase multiple volumes and it’s straight-up a complete collection of all episodes for a great price at under $30.

While I am not familiar with the older DVD release of “Transformers: Energon”, the DVD quality from the Shout! Factory release is very good.  I detected no major signs of major damage or aging. No major artifacts and the best that one can expect from a DVD release. There are no special features included but with seven DVD’s featuring 51-episodes, I’m quite thrilled with the overall package. A complete series with all seasons for under $30. That’s a major deal!

Overall, if you grew up with “Transformers: Energon” as a child or an adult who has followed every or many”Transformers” animated series as possible, and watching the series with an open mind to a fresh new story and alternate timeline, “Transformers: Energon” is definitely recommended and a great value for fans of the “Transformers” animated series!

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