Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars Vol. 9 (a J!-ENT Anime DVD Review)

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“The final volume of ‘Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars’ features the final battle between the Earth Federation Army/United Colony Corps vs. the Aerogaters. An explosive final volume and the final episodes feature plenty of mecha action and the most mecha ever assembled in an episode than I have ever seen from any anime series ever. Mecha mayhem and totally awesome!”


DVD TITLE: Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars Vol. 9

DURATION: 78 + 6 minutes

DVD INFORMATION: COLOR/ MPEG-2 / DVD-5 / NTSC / Japanese Audio (Dolby Digital Stereo) / English Subtitles / 16:9 LB

CATALOG #: 61370

COMPANY: Bandai Visual / Honneamise

RATING: 13 and up



ORIGINAL STORY: SR Production Team

DIRECTOR: Kakudo Hiroyuki




MAIN MECHANICAL DESIGNERS: Katoki Hajime, Miyatake Kazutaka, Okawara Kunio, Saito Kazue




Ryusei Miki Shin-Ichiro, Ingram: Furusawa Toru, Yukiko: Sakuma Rei, Kusuha: Takahashi Mikamo, Tenzan: Kawazu Yasuhiko, Laker: Kiyokawa Motomu, Kenzo: MUGIHITO, Kai: Saizan Tadahisa, Hance: Masutani Yutaka, Shu: Koyasu Takehito, Bian: Iizuka Shoz

At last, the conclusion of the Divine Wars! This definitive collection includes an episode not aired on Japanese TV!

The Final Adjudicator has appeared before mankind! The SRX has awakened and shall put an end to the long war!

Everything has been building up to this final episode as the Earth Federation Army and United Colony Corps goes into full-scale war mode against the alien Aerogaters.

In episode 24 titled “Stage 24: Gathering Power”, the decisive battle with the Aerogaters has begun. The Operation SRW united space fleet engages in a bitter fight with an enemy of overwhelming force. But arriving just in time to join the battle is Ryusei and the other members of the SRX team who arrived at the White Star and to merge their R series units.

In this episode, we get to see a successful merge/transformation of the R series units and to finally see Ryusei exhibit power not seen in any of the episodes.

This very episode features a battle between the Aerogaters Attade Shamlan, Levi Torah’s (leader of the Aerogaters) right hand and cunning pilot who has telekinetic powers and is a master of psychological manipulation. Also, the person who is overseeing the conditioning of human samples captured in battle.

In episode 25 titled “Stage 25: Divine Wars”, the war continues and this time with the transformed SRX Team and the United Colony Corps on the Kulogwane join in battle against the Aerogaters.

The SRX Team goes into battle with their former commander Ingram Plissken who is piloting the R-Gun Revale summoned from another dimension.

While that battle is waged, the space fleet has to go into battle with Aerogater Leader Levi Torah who is piloting a giant mobile weaponry known as the Judecca. A serpent like mecha that forms the nucleus of the automated planet Nevlim and easily is decimating the space fleet with its power.

Also, the true intention of the Aerogaters is revealed and the true identity of Levi Torah is discovered. But unknown to the Aerogaters is that there is another being that is pulling their strings.

An epic battle to decide who will be the victors. The fleet from Earth or the Aerogaters.

In the final episode that was not aired on television is “Final Stage: Separate Paths“. The fact that this episode was not aired on television makes this volume important to own because it features the Final Adjudicator and what remains of the fate of certain individuals on both sides.

This episode also features the aftermath of the war, what happens to many of the pilots a month after the war and what path they choose for each of their lives.

All in all, an ending not seen on television, thus making it a series definitely worth owning!


As for the video, since it’s a newer anime series that aired back in the end of 2006 and early 2007, as expected, the anime is clear and colorful. Also, because it is a Bandai Visual release known for their audio and video quality, the anime is presented in 16:9 LB anamorphic with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1.


Bandai Visual is known for their quality A/V and audio is encoded at 488kbps. There is no Digital 5.1 audio selection, just Dolby Digital Stereo. And primary audio is in Japanese. There is no English dub tracks, for those interested in that.


The final volume of “Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars” finally features some special features. All opening and ending themes are now featured (textless).

As for the DVD-insert booklet, there is an 8-page character guide and glossary. Also, included is a “Special Message” (continuing from the last five volume booklets) segment which features more voice talent giving their thoughts about their character and a message for the fans.

I’m really impressed of how many voice actors (past and present) are featured in this anime series. With so many characters, it’s definitely understandable. As for the booklet, it was finally nice to find out more about Katrina Trask and the members of the Octopus Platoon. For many episodes, seeing this team and not really knowing much about them (with the exception of Shinguji Tasuku, since he plays a prominent role earlier on in the series.

It’s hard to believe the final volume is here.

This has to be one of the most intense mecha anime series in a sense of how much mecha were utilized throughout this whole series and how many characters on various sides of the war are featured and have a role in this anime.

The final volume features an awesome battle but to find out that the final episode was never aired in Japan and on this DVD, it’s really surprising because the “Final Stage” really goes into some important topics within the overall series and the future of the series. So, for this episode alone, for those who watched this series on television and loved it, you’re doing yourself an injustice if you don’t get this final volume because the final episode alone features important scenes.

So, the final volume is worth owning because this series is just straight-out mecha fan service!

But what about the entire series? As mentioned in my last volume review, where a Gundam TV series has nearly 40-50 episodes to really flesh out a character and focus on character development and relationships, with only 26 episodes and so many characters featured on “Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars”, there is only so much they can feature because so much is dedicated to the war, the mecha battles and the SRX Team.

So, because the series could have been epic and the building up of a battle or war could have been lengthened if they had more episodes, the creators did what they could to fit everything within 26-episodes.

So, because of that…”Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars” is not perfect, nor does it reach “greatness” but it manages to achieve high marks for it’s battles, the many mecha introduced in the overall series, its wide variety of characters and its enjoyable storyline.

There is so much story to tell and the fact that the foundation has been created for this series, I can see multiple spin-offs via anime (and even video games) from this series if needed featuring on the various multiple teams within the Earth Federation Army. There is so much potential!

This anime series is a long time coming and for fans of the video games, it was so great to see this anime series created and the fact that fans can finally obtain it in the US.

Although the DVD’s have been somewhat barebone in special features and there is no English dub, I’m glad that Bandai Visual continued their focus on video and audio quality. And the informative books included with each volume was definitely worth it!

So, all in all, “Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars vol. 9 is worth owning and the overall series is worth watching! Awesome mecha battles, interesting characters and a storyline that was just enjoyable to watch. Let’s say, I enjoyed it so much that I’m bummed that it’s over. So, I’m hoping for another series in the near future!

Definitely check “Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars” out!

+ “SUPER ROBOT WARS” in an animated television series based on a long running video game… A long time coming!

+ Finally, the final volume and a “Final stage” that is literally an episode that was not shown on television but manages to fill in important holes in the storyline. Overall, a great conclusion for this series.

+ Well done voice acting with many of the original voice talent from the video games involved.

+ Yes, special features are included in this volume!

– For those who need and prefer an English dub, this DVD is ONLY Japanese with English subtitles.

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