Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars Vol. 6 (a J!-ENT Anime DVD Review)

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“The action continues in volume 6 as the Federation is now in its final stages to attack the DC base.  Also,  a volume that showcases the final battle between the Federation’s Personnel Troopers versus Bian Zoldark’s Valsion and the Divine Crusaders in more action-packed episodes in this latest volume of ‘Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars’.”.


DVD TITLE: Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars Vol. 6

DURATION: 72 minutes

DVD INFORMATION: COLOR/ MPEG-2 / DVD-5 / NTSC / Japanese Audio (Dolby Digital Stereo) / English Subtitles / 16:9 LB


COMPANY: Bandai Visual / Honneamise

RATING: 13 and up



ORIGINAL STORY: SR Production Team

DIRECTOR: Kakudo Hiroyuki




MAIN MECHANICAL DESIGNERS: Katoki Hajime, Miyatake Kazutaka, Okawara Kunio, Saito Kazue




Ryusei Miki Shin-Ichiro, Ingram: Furusawa Toru, Yukiko: Sakuma Rei, Kusuha: Takahashi Mikamo, Tenzan: Kawazu Yasuhiko, Laker: Kiyokawa Motomu, Kenzo: MUGIHITO, Kai: Saizan Tadahisa, Hance: Masutani Yutaka, Shu: Koyasu Takehito, Bian: Iizuka Shoz

The DC’s ultimate weapon makes its appearance in this explosive sixth volume!

The last battle is at hand!  A shot rings out from the skies, and the R-1 will crush the DC’s plans!

After coming out of a “mecha high” from episode 14 of volume 5 which featured the deadly battle between the Earth Federation Army and the United Colony Corps, I wondered how long would it take until we get to the final battle between Professor Zoldark and the Divine Crusaders versus the Earth Federation Army.

Well, after watching volume 6, it didn’t take long at all as the volume focuses on the final battle that can end the war.

In episode 15 titled “Stage 15: A Shot from the Skies”, the Hagwane now approaches Aidoneus Island for the final battle against the Divine Crusaders.  But first, the Hagwane must charge its Tronium Buster Cannon and so, the various teams need to buy some time.

But a squadron of Armored Modules from the DC led by Tempest Hawker is about to meet up with them for battle.

In this episode, we get to learn a little more about Tempest Hawker, a United Colony Corps pilot who is part of the Elite Aggressors group and has a grudge against the Earth Federation Army because his wife and child were killed due to the Federation’s lack of response.

In episode 16 titled “Stage 16: Bian’s Last Words”, the Hagwane’s Personal Trooper squadron successfully descends on Aidoneus Island for a final battle against the Divine Crusaders.

But awaiting the Earth Federation Army is DC Commander-in-Chief, Professor Bian Zoldark who is piloting the gigantic mecha, the Valsion.

This battle will decide the outcome of the war as the Earth Federation Army puts everything on the line against the Divine Crusaders.

In episode 17 titled “Stage 17:  Little Princess”, the battle on Aidoneus Island is now over and the Hagwane is now ordered to pursue DC remnants now following the new leadership of Adler Koch.

The Hagwane receives a distress call to go to the Principality of Riksent, an autonomous region in the Meditteranean that comes under fire by the Squadron of Armored Modules who plan to kidnap Shine Hauzen, the last member of the Riksent royal family.


As for the video, since it’s a newer anime series that aired back in the end of 2006 and early 2007, as expected, the anime is clear and colorful. Also, because it is a Bandai Visual release known for their audio and video quality, the anime is presented in 16:9 LB anamorphic with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1.


Bandai Visual is known for their quality A/V and audio is encoded at 488kbps. There is no Digital 5.1 audio selection, just Dolby Digital Stereo. And primary audio is in Japanese. There is no English dub tracks, for those interested in that.


Surprisingly, there are no special features. I would expected maybe a textless opening or ending, especially for the JAM PROJECT fans out there who enjoy the opening theme. But unfortunately, there are no special features at all.

As for the DVD-insert booklet, there is an 8-page character guide and glossary. Also, included is a “Special Message” (continuing from the last two volume booklets) segment which features more voice talent giving their thoughts about their character and a message for the fans.

I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that the final battle against the Divine Crusaders was about to happen in this volume.

After the last volume featuring the battle between the Earth Federation and the United Colony Corps, I wondered if there would be major retaliation from the Divine Crusaders.

Actually, I wondered if “Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars” would start to get darker.  In a sense, something of a “Zeta Gundam” where we would see major key characters killed off.

But this volume does feature episodes which lead to the final battle between the Earth Federation and Bian Zoldark.

I have to admit that this is the first volume of “Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars” which I did question the pacing because I wanted to see some emotional buildup before the final battle against Zoldark but it appears there is more to this storyline as there are three more volumes left in the series.

Where the war was the major focus for the first 16 episodes, you learn something political and dark in regards to the Earth Federation Army that definitely will probably put some doubt in the mind of the viewer.

I get a sense that there is a major set-up which is going to twist things up with a variety of the characters after the revelation of episode 16.

Another storyline set-up that I see happening is something that was somewhat left out in previous episodes and that is “what about the aliens?” that the Federation was in war against in the first place.

Well, it seems that the next stage of the series as the next stage in war against the aliens will begin and curious what other things will be thrown at the viewer in this second half of the series.

So, as much as I felt that the build-up to the final battle against Zoldark was a bit too quick than I would have hoped for, there is more to the storyline than meets the eye and I look forward in seeing what volume 7 has planned.

Volume 6 does feature a great battle between the Earth Federation Army Personnel Troopers against the Zoldark’s Valsion but I guess the only disappointment is that I imagined the final battle against Zoldark would prove to be a deadly one and thus expected the series to get a bit darker.

But all in all, I remain content with this volume and again, look forward to see how the series will progress in its second half.

+ “SUPER ROBOT WARS” in an animated television series based on a long running video game… A long time coming!

+ Finally, the final battle between the Earth Federation Army’s Hagwane and the Divine Crusaders leader Bian Zoldark.

+ Well done voice acting with many of the original voice talent from the video games involved.

+ A very good volume that focuses on the character development of several key characters.

– For those who need and prefer an English dub, this DVD is ONLY Japanese with English subtitles.

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