Shin Chan – Season 3, Part 1 (a J!-ENT Anime DVD Review)

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Outrageous, hilarious but also a tad bit offensive! “Shin Chan Season 3, Part One”, goes even further than the previous DVD volumes in how far the writers can take this series and make it crazy and over-the-top.  If you have an open mind to comedy and are not easily offended, then definitely give “Shin Chan” a try!

DVD TITLE: Crayon Shin Chan – Season 3, Part 1

DURATION: Episodes 53-65 (325 minutes)

DVD INFORMATION: Dolby Digital, English Stereo

COMPANY: FUNimation Entertainment


RELEASE DATE: July 26, 2011

Based on the manga and anime series by Yoshito Usui

Executive Producer: Gen Fukunaga (FUNimation)

Featuring the following voice talent:

Laura Bailey as Shin-Chan Nohara

Chuck Huber as Hiro Nohara

Cynthia Cranz as Mitzi Nohara

Colleen Clinkenbeard as Hima Nohara

Brina Palencia as georgie

Carrie Savage as Penny

Chris Cason as Boo

Christopher R. Sabat as Yonro

Colleen Clinkenbeard as Maso

Jennifer Green as Yuu

John Swasey as Gin Nohara

Kevin M. Conolly as Doyle

Open the door to your mind’s eye and take a mystery trip with Shin and his merry band of buds. You’ll get so high on cosmic comedy that you’ll never come down – but don’t freak out. Try to maintain, man. This ride’s not about bummers. It’s about butts. Shin’s butt, man! He’s unashamed to drop his pants and live free, at peace with the universe.

Come along on Shin’s interstellar caravan of laughter. The journey will take you from the beaches of a tropical pleasure island to the depths of the toxic Ench Cave and beyond. Your fellow travelers will include slutty Young Republicans, a mutant or two, and athletic adult entertainers. Joy will bloom in your consciousness like mushrooms after a sacred rain!

It has been two long years since we last saw Shin Chan, but now he is back and the hilarious “mature-themed” anime series is more outrageous, more risque and more offensive than ever!

In America, we have Bart Simpson. In Japan, they have Crayon Shin-Chan.

The similarities, people will complain about the series and its theme but while Shin-Chan of Japan is more troublesome in a Bart Simpson kind of way, the US adaptation of “Shin-Chan” takes it a step further by making it more mature-themed similar to “South Park”.  With the storyline somewhat rewritten for Americans, because the series is not being aired on television any longer, the writers can go much further for its mature content.

But make no doubt about it, while children in Japan watch “Crayon Shin Chan”, the American version is definitely not for children!

Whether the storyline features Shin Chan showing off his butt cheeks, the children’s mothers having a sucking contest on a bottle to the teachers at his school always talking and wanting to have sex, to Shin’s father being told by a co-worker to have a three-way between his wife and her sister, suffice to say, “Shin-Chan”, especially with this latest season 3, part 1 is much bolder and possibly offensive to some people.  Otherwise, if you enjoy series such as “South Park” and are up to mature humor featuring kids, then this series is definitely for you.

So, what is “Shin-Chan”?

“Crayon Shin-Chan” is a popular manga and anime TV series that has been airing on TV Asahi since April 1992 and has been a ongoing manga series since 1990.

I’ve been a fan of the series as far back as 1993 and have always been in awe of the anime series, merchandise, video games because despite the show focusing on a troublesome child, unlike “The Simpsons”, Crayon Shin-Chan is quite blunt about mature situations, enjoying pulling down his shorts and cracking jokes but being the epitome of a child that goes way overboard and his parents, friends and people in school try to cope.

Also, his parents Hiro and Mitzi are not the average parents. Having to deal with being a low income family, they are just as cynical as Shin. And his friends and their parents are just as dysfunctional.

Having been wanting this series to come out in the US (note: it was shown in Hawaii via English subtitles back in the mid-90’s) over a decade ago, I have to admit my surprise during a late Saturday night and discovering the series known as “Shin Chan” on the Cartoon Network.

Since this series has been ongoing since the early 90’s, FUNimation Entertainment decided to change a few things for the American release. The order of the episodes are not featured in the original Japanese order and the biggest change is that the writing is more adult-themed and focuses on American pop culture with the jokes featured in the series. So, there will be references to pop culture news and celebrities of the time. The characters have also been slightly changed in order to give them a more comedic approach.

With the release of the DVD series, “Crayon Shin Chan” has been uncensored and is definitely targeted for mature audiences. Each episode of the series contain three short episodes that vary in length and are often a continuing of a previous story or a totally different story overall.

“Shin Chan – Season 3, Part 1” continues episodes 53 through 65. The following episodes are included on two DVD’s.


  • EPISODE 53 – Shin-Chan: The High School Years – In the first episode, Shin and family talk about what they have done in the last two years and Mitzy has to take Shin and friends to the movie theater.  In the second episode, “Soaking Wet Country Club”, Georgie’s mother takes them to the country club pool and trying to keep the impression that they are rich (despite losing all of their money).
  • EPISODE 54 – Tell the Cops She Looked Eighteen – In the first episode, Shin meets with his teachers two years later and wants the teachers to go through a health examination.  In the second episode, “A Star is Burned”, Mitzy and Shin talk about what if they are interviewed for the news.  In the third episode, “Three of Tarts”, Georgie asks Masao to join him on a double tate.
  • EPISODE 55 – “I Can’t Find Your %*#&ing Legs” – In the first episode, Mitzy has had enough of Hiro purchasing porn.  In the second episode, “Love is (Legally) Blind”, Shin overhears a conversation with the school principal and teacher.  In the third episode, “It’s Snot Boo, It’s Me”, Shin is sick and has a snot problem.
  • EPISODE 56 – An Angel Gets Its Period – In the first episode, Shin and friends try to find a new home for a pussycat.  In the second episode, “A Brief Satire of the Third Reich’s Occupation of France”, Mitzy and Shin try to re-enact WWII.  In the third episode, “Cupid for Stupid, one of the teacher’s runs into Shin’s foreign friends and she thinks he may be a stalker.
  • EPISODE 57 – Unlicensed Therapy – In the first episode, Mitzy goes to the dentist, thinking that he may be hot.  In the second episode, “Beat the New Guy”, the teachers at school get horny after meeting the new male teacher.    In the third episode, “Yaz-Manian Devil”, Penny’s mother is getting rid of Penny’s old clothes and for some reason, Shin wants them.
  • EPISODE 58 – A Total Jack Barnes Move – In the first episode, Boo is featured on the local newspaper and becomes a star at school.  In the second episode, “Bringing Up Man-Baby”, Mitzy and Hiro are asked by Michi to help her and Yoshi with their roleplaying problem.  In the third episode, “Hate Balls of Fire”, Shin makes a new weird friend named The Flamer.
  • EPISODE 59 – Gonna Need More Fingers – In the first episode, Mitzy’s friend gives her mushrooms.  In the second episode, “Ai’ll Be Back”, Shin and friends take part in a play.  In the third episode, “The Katz in the Cradle Robbing”, Shin’s mother forgets to pick Shin up at school and so his teacher must take him home.


  • EPISODE 60 – Hold Still While I Glamour You – Mitzi meets young mothers and wants to make friends with them, so she tries to make herself look younger.  In the second episode “True Twilight Diaries, Part 1”, Shin goes on vacation with Nanako and realizes that a vampire is going with them.  In the third episode “True Twilight Diaries, Part 2”, Shin does all he can to protect the vampire from going after Nanako.
  • EPISODE 61 – Food Sex is Not Your Friend – In the first episode Mitzi takes the kids out to a new restaurant that has opened in the neighborhood.  In the second episode, “Miss Polly Amorous”, one of the teacher’s is going to a support group for nymphos. In the third episode, “Earn Nothing from Norking at Home!”, Hiro volunteers to work on the weekend and needs the family to leave the house.
  • EPISODE 62 – The Boring Kind of Wet – The cast of “Twilight” is coming to the area and Maso wants to impress Taylor Lautner by learning how to whistle.  In the second episode, “Trains, Trains and Trainomobiles”, Mitzi takes the kids on the train and of course, how much trouble can Shin get?  In the third episode, “Weeding Out the Undesirables”, the school hires Shin’s maniac friend.
  • EPISODE 63 – The Upside of Prison Showers – The first episode features Summer and Paris coming to Mitzi for how to clean houses.  In the second episode, “Georgie Goes Rogue”, Georgie’s mother finds out that her son is spending money on “Happy Heiress” books, leading Georgie to wanting to become a bad boy.  In the third episode, “The Itzy Bitzy Sister, Mitzi’s sister Bitzy (who is a recovering drug addict) comes to visit.
  • EPISODE 64 – One, Two, Bunny’s Comin’ For You – In the first episode, Bitzy must take care of the kids.  In the second episode, “Flameneator 3: Elimination Day”, Shin and his friends must take on their rivals in a soccer match. So, Shin recruits his maniac friend Flamer to a match.  In the third episode, “Happiness Bunny’s Revenge’s Revenge’s Revenge: With a Revengeance” features Penny trying to get rid of the bunny.
  • EPISODE 65 – Losing Your Three-Card – In the first episode, Hiro’s co-worker keeps asking him if he has had a three-way with Mitsi and Bitzy.  In the second episode, “Requiem for a Dream Job”, Shin and friends try to think of a what career they want to do in the future.  In the third episode “Cult Fortified”, Mitzy takes Shin to the Tower of Terrapintology.


“Shin Chan” is featured in standard definition (4:3) and is an anime that has its own distinct style of character design and animation. Simple colors, line drawings with no major shading. Because animators have to crank out many episodes of “Shin Chan” daily, there is no time to focus on detail and shading. So, “Shin Chan” is not exactly a series to look for animation quality. But picture quality is clear and although not vibrant in colors, what makes Shin chan work is its storyline and the ability to use simplified drawings and color pallet to bring out the humor of the series.

As for the audio, audio is primarily in English and featured in Dolby Digital Stereo. And I have to give Laura Bailey a thumbs up for capturing Shin’s voice. Akiko Yajima has created a distinct voice of Shin Chan in Japan and Laura Bailey does a great job in capturing that voice for the FUNimation Entertainment dub. In fact, I’m quite impressed with every voice talent on the series.

It’s important to note that because “Shin Chan” is a series with a storyline and characters that have been heavily modified for American viewing, there would be no way to include the original Japanese soundtrack since the storyline and characters would be completely different.


“Shin Chan Season 3, Part 1” features trailers for each of the four volumes released on DVD thus far from FUNimation Entertainment plus FUNimation Entertainment trailers.

I have always been quite biased towards “Crayon Shin Chan” and have always wanted the series to get picked up and somehow get broadcast in the US. Of course, only Hawaii has been fortunate to get episodes with English subtitles shown and for us in the mainland, we had Japanese video rentals as an alternative at that time. I’ve been a big fan of the series throughout the years that my friends would be shocked about the series and instantly became fans.

I would go on to import the video games, the manga and even had Shin displayed on the back of my old racing car during my college years. So, suffice to say that when “Shin Chan” was shown on the Cartoon Network, I was amazed and enthusiastic. Granted, I know that there were changes made to the series and that this would not be an exact translation of the Japanese series but with over 15 years of episodes shown in Japan already, it would be too difficult for any anime company to pick up the series and show any backstory to the characters.

So, what FUNimation Entertainment, the ADR team and the writers had to come up with in making episodes from later “Crayon Shin Chan” episodes and creating a storyline and new storylines for the various characters is quite a challenge but they succeeded. Of course, the changes to the series makes “Shin Chan” more adult-themed and because it’s no longer on television, the writers get a bit more leeway by making more sexual references but also including some other jokes that may be deemed very offensive.

But the series is now along the lines of the humor you would see on “South Park” and there is no doubt that with “Shin Chan – Season 3, Part 1”, it’s much more bolder than the previous episodes.

The bottom line is that “Shin Chan” is an animated series in the US that is targeted for adults. Trust me, because this series features children, this series can be as equally obscene as “South Park” and you definitely don’t want your curious children near the room.  Some may mistake this as the same episodes from Japan ala “Crayon Shin Chan” but it’s not.  The English dialogue has changed to become much more mature.

While the first two seasons aired on the Cartoon Network, some may wonder if they need to go back and watch the previous volumes and the answer is not really.

In Japan, the series has been going on since 1992 and while the series has stopped airing as of 2010 due to the death of series creator Yoshito Usui.   The US adaptation didn’t start from the beginning of the Shin-Chan run (this is when Shin was much younger and didn’t have a sister).  If anything, the only reference from the past episode is how Shin accidentally blew up their old home but other than that, you can actually start with season 3 and still understand what is going on in the episodes.  If anything, a lot of these episodes are stand-alone and can be watched in a different order.

But otherwise, if you do enjoy “Shin Chan – Season 3, Part 1”, then definitely go back and purchase the previous four volumes on DVD.

Overall, I admit to be biased towards “Crayon Shin Chan” and since I do review “South Park” and other mature-themed animated series, I’m actually quite open to the humor and comedy of “Shin Chan” and for me, its amusing to see how creative the American writers have done with the US adaptation thus far!  Especially to see how raunchy and how over-the-top they can get.  I will say that there were some moments in this volume, I felt like “Oh crap!  I can’t believe they did that…”.  But once again, I’m open to it, so I’m not easily offended.

Once again, this is not an animated series for children despite it showcasing children.  Nor is it the exact same series of what is aired in Japan.   But if you are looking for a hilarious, outrageous and even offensive animated series and are open to that type of comedy, you can’t go wrong with “Shin Chan”.

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