Sekirei – The Complete Series (a J!-ENT Anime DVD Review)

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“Sekirei – The Complete Series” probably takes the title of anime with the most fan service of 2010.  Featuring a lot of boobs, pantie shots and other fan service that will satisfy the lonely otaku, despite the series having a lot of fan service and nearly ever female character being enormously well-endowed, “Sekirei” actually has an enjoyable and fun storyline that will instantly hook you.  Want a fighting action anime series with a lot of T&A?  Definitely give “Sekirei – The Complete Series” a chance!

Image courtesy of © Sakurako Gokurakuin/Square Enix, Co. LTD. All Rights Reserved.

DVD TITLE: Sekirei – The Complete Series

DURATION: Episodes 1-12 + OVA (300 minutes)

DVD INFORMATION: 4:3, English 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, English and Japanese stereo

COMPANY: FUNimation Entertainment

RATED: 17+

Release Date: November 23, 2010

Originally created by Sakurako Gokurakuin

Directed by Keizou Kusakawa

Series Composition/Screenplay by Takao Yoshioka

Music by Hiroaki Sano

Character Design by Shinpei Tomooka

Art Director: Junichi Higashi

Animation Director: Shinepai Tomooka

Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa

Director of Photography by Atsushi Nakayama

Anime Production: Seven Arcs

Featuring the following voice talent:

Saori Hayami/Alexis Tipton as Musubi

Shinnosuke Tachibana/Joel McDonald as Minato Sahashi

Aya Endo/Colleen Clinkenbeard as Matsu

Jun Fukuyama/Todd Haberkorn as Hayato Mikogami

Kana Asumi/Jasmine Mendigo as Yukari Sahashi

Kana Hanazawa/Tia Ballard as Kusano

Katsuyuki Konishi/Ian Sinclair as Kaoru Seo

Kousuke Toriumi/Anthony Bowling as Natsuo Ichinomi

Marina Inoue/Lydia Mackay as Tsukiumi

Nobuhiko Okamoto/Josh Grelle as Haruka Shigi

Satomi Akesaka/Kate Bristol as Kuno

Sayori Ichizuka/Janet Mason as Chiho and Shiina

Toshihiko Seki/Chuck Huber as Hiroto Minaka

Yu Kobayashi/Jenny Jaffe as Akitsu

Yukana/Callie McHalen as Kazehana

Minato had no luck with the ladies until the day a well-rounded warrior-babe named Musubi fell into his life – and crushed his face with her ginormous cleavage. Hunted by a stunning pair of twin sisters, Musubi was searching for the right guy to give her a squeeze and unlock the hidden powers lurking beneath her ample assets. Minato fits the bill, and now he’s caught in the middle of a supernatural slugfest in which voluptuous vixens take turns beating each others’ clothes off!

In 2004, the manga series “Sekirei” began its serialization in the magazine “Young Gangan” which is published by Square Enix.  Created by mangaka Sakurako Gokurakuin, ten tankobon volumes were published and an anime adaptation was produced by Seven Arcs (known for “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha”, “Asura Cryin'” and “Inukami!”).

The anime series which consists of 12 episodes + 1 OAV aired in Japan between July and September 2008 and a second season titled “Sekirei: Pure Engagement” began airing in July and September 2010.  And the first season of the anime series is now available on DVD courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment.

The series is directed by Keizou Kusakawa (“Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha”, “Bleach”, “Asura Cryin'” and “Inukami”) and featuring a screenplay by Takao Yoshioka (“Mezzo”, “Demon Prince Enma”, “Elfen Lied”, “Happy Lesson” and “Ikki Tousen”).  Character designs are by Shinpei Tomooka (“R.O.D. TV”, “Inukami”) , art direction is by Junichi Higashi (“City Hunter” films, “Guyver”, “Gad Guard”, “Cowboy Bebop”) and music is by Hiroaki Sano (“Honey and Clover”, “Eden of the East”, “Nodame Cantabile” and “D. Gray-Man”).

“Sekirei” takes place in Japan in 2020, a young man named Minato Sahashi is not doing so well academically and has failed his college entrance exam twice.  Depressed that he is unemployed, he feels that he can’t be with a woman because of that.  Minato is a smart guy but he is not good under pressure and thus he sees himself as a loser.

Meanwhile, during this time, the most powerful corporation in Japan is MBI (Mid Bio Informatics) ran by Toshihiko Seki (and will be the person responsible in initiating the “Sekirei Plan”).

One day, his life changes when a girl named Musubi falls from the sky and lands on Minato.  The first thing he thinks of is how well-endowed she is and how beautiful she is.  But while the two are walking, they are attacked by two sisters and Minato quickly learns that these women are not normal as they have special abilities.  During battle, unfortunately, article of their clothing is constantly being ripped off and for Musubi, because she has big breasts, it can be a bit of a problem.

Needless to say, the two escape from these sisters that were attacking Musubi and Minato learns from her that she is a Sekirei, an extraterrestrial being with super powers.  He is given secret information by a professor (which begins showing him on television) that the Sekirei crashed on Earth back in 1999 and 108 life-forms were found.  Each of these Sekirei have a special power (Norito which means “incantation”) and for Musubi, she is a closed fist Sekirei, so she has enormous strength.

And the goal for each Sekirei is to find an Ashikabi (A human that empowers a Sekirei), typically shared between a special person and a human can only be an Ashikabi if he kisses the Sekirei.  He/she can also have multiple Sekirei.

As for the fighting between Sekirei, this is part of the “Sekirei Plan” which is a game that allows Sekirei and their Ashikabi to fight in battles with other Sekirei and Ashikabi with one left standing.  Typically in battle, the victor removes the Sekirei’s mark and some Sekirei are killed in the process of battle.

As for the character of Minato, things start to go well with him when he creates a bond with Musubi and she becomes his Sekirei and he becomes her Ashikagei.  But along the process, Minato also ends up forming bonds with other Sekirei and with each Sekirei believing that they are a wife to Minato, each of the women that Minato has bonded with are wanting to be closer to him and become his one true wife and willing to protect him.

But each Sekirei knows that with the game, only one Sekirei can be left standing and other Sekirei wanting to be the last one standing, which leaves Minato’s Sekirei and friends in a vulnerable position.  But can a mere human protect them?

“Sekirei” features the following characters:

Minato Sahashi – The main protagonist who is down because he is unable to pass his college entrance exams.   Minato has a good heart and cares about his Sekirei.   His life changes when he first bonds with Musubi, then with Kusano, Matsu and Tsukiumi.

Musubi – Also known as Sekirei #88.  Musubi is the main heroine of the series.  She was the first person that has bonded with Minato and truly loves him.  She is a closed-fist Sekirei that excels in hand-to-hand combat and has great strength.  Unfortunately, she is not so bright and also is trying to be modest and not be seen naked (nearly every fight, she loses almost all her clothing).  She loves to eat and cook and accepts Minato’s other Sekirei with no problems.  Musubi made a promise to Karasuba (Sekirei #4 aka “Black Sekirei”) that she and her will be the last ones standing at the end of the game and she vows to win for her and Minato.

Kusano – Sekirei #108.  Minato started having a dream about a young girl calling out to him.  He eventually protects her and takes her home and eventually becomes his second Sekirei.  Kusano has the power to control plants and make them grow and attack.  She is young but quickly learning from the other Sekirei.  She calls Minato “Big Brother” but looks forward to when she gets older and she can be a good wife to Minato.

Matsu – Sekirei #02.  Another well-endowed Sekirei and Minato’s 3rd.  She is a hacker and a genius who is intrigued by being one of Minato’s Sekirei and is always trying to find ways to be alone with him.  Her power is to access and analyze any electronic device telepathically.  She looks at Musubi as her rival.

Tsukiumi– Sekirei #09.  She is very cold in demeanor and first appeared in Minato’s dream with a threat that she would kill him.  But when she had the opportunity to kill him, she found herself feeling emotions that she has never had before.  She eventually submits to her emotions and becomes his fourth Sekirei but demands to be his one and only wife.  She looks as Musubi as her main rival.   Tsukiumi has the power to control water.

Uzume – Sekirei #10.  She is a spunky young well-endowed woman who loves walking around the inn naked.  She doesn’t like to fight and she lives far from her Ashikabi (a young girl named Chiho who is sick and confined to a hospital).  But she has a secret that others are not aware of.

Homura – Sekirei #6. A myserious Sekirei who wears a mask.  He also has some sort of unknown health problem and goes to Matsu for help from time to time.   He lives at the same inn with Minato and the other ladies.  He has the ability to control fire.

KazehanaSekirei #03.  She is often drunk and hangs out with Uzume.  Like Uzume, she loves to be naked and is also well-endowed.  She is a wise and mysterious woman who is waiting to see a sign of manliness from Minato for some reason.

Miya Asama – Sekirei #01.  She is the owner/landlady of the inn/boarding house where Minato and others live at.  She is gifted at fighting and appears to be quite powerful.  She also runs the boarding house with an iron fist with rules and morals.  When she is mad, she can become very scary to her houseguests.  Unknown to her Minato and the other Sekirei, she is a Sekirei herself.  Her deceased husband once worked for MBI.

Kaoru Seo – The best friend of Miya’s deceased husband and the Ashikabi of the twins Hikari and Hibiki.  He is perverted and loves to get food from Miya’s home.  He often helps Minato when he is in a bind.

Hikari and  Hibiki – Sekirei #11 and Sekirei #12.  Kaoru Seo’s Sekirei.  These twins have the power of electricity.  Hikari has a short temper (and is well-endowed) while Hibiki is more of the leader.  Both hate it when Kaoru tries to consider being Ashikabi for other Sekirei and often shoot him with lightning when he is misbehaving.

Yukari Sahashi – The younger sister of Minato who has enrolled at a university nearby.   She has a strong interested in bishonen and has fallen for a Sekirei bishonen named Shiina.

Shiina – Sekirei #107.  A male Sekirei who has fallen for Yukari.  His power is opposite of Kusano (who he is searching for) and he hates fighting.  His power is yet unknown.


“Sekirei” is presented in 16×9 and its a vibrant anime series.  To be truthful, this is not an anime series in which one pays attention to its surroundings.  The animators made sure that this is a fan service driven anime series and most of the time, your eyes are fixated on the women.  May it be their boobs, their nipples, pantie shots, rear end and cleavage galore, this is an anime series that delivers in fan service without having to become a hentai anime series.

But of course, there is action.  A lot of action (and lighting effects) and it happens to be a series which showcases many types of Sekirei, one will love the character designs of many of these women and their outfits.  If anything, this is a series that has the makes of a cosplayer’s dream because there are so many characters featured.

Overall, the quality is pretty good on DVD and because it has been released on Blu-ray in Japan, It will be interesting to see if “Sekirei” gets the Blu-ray treatment in the U.S.


As for the audio, the series is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 English surround and Japanese stereo.  The 5.1 surround track definitely utilizes the surrounds for ambiance and destruction but for the most part, when it comes to dialogue, I was impressed by the voice talent.  Very well done for the English dub and the Japanese soundtrack was well-acted as well.

Subtitles are in English.


Sekirei – The Complete Series” comes with the following special features:


  • OVA – Kusano’s First Shopping Trip – (10:30) Young Kusano constantly sees Musubi, Matsu and Tsukiumi always fighting and vying for a spot to sit next to Minato.  And typically, Musubi and Tsukiumi are having shopping competitions in order to sit next to Minato and Kusano feels that she wants to earn her position as well by learning to shop as well since she is his Sekirei.  But can she shop alone?
  • Textless Songs – Textless opening and closing theme.
  • Trailers – Trailers for upcoming FUNimation Entertainment releases.

At first glance, I thought “Sekirei” was going to be the banal, mediocre T&A anime series.  Because the first episode alone, you are greeted with panty shots, boobs, nipples, boobs and more boobs.  “Sekirei” had the making of an anime series for the lonely otaku who doesn’t watch hentai but has a major fetish towards major boobage.

The last time I have watched an anime series showing so much boobs was “Gravion Zwei” but yet the series had the perversion and fighting of “Master of Martial Hearts” and “Ikkitousen” with the harem subtlety of “Love Hina” and “Tenchi Muyou”.  And it’s the latter which makes “Sekirei” so entertaining and enjoyable.

There is no doubt that guys (and women as well) will dig “Sekirei” for its perversion.  For the main character of Minato, your typical virgin guy who is down on the dumps and sees himself as worthless in society is surrounded by hot, large breast women who want to be around him and want him to do anything to them if he wants.  This is not crazy talk, this is “Sekirei”.  But of course, this is is not a hentai anime series as Minato and these women live in the strict boarding house and must follow the rules of landlady Miya Asama, who is ready to show her meanness if anyone dare cross the line.

“Sekirei” actually has a story because the MBI has declared control over Tokyo and these Sekirei and their Ashikabi must fight to the death and one must be left standing.   Similar to “Master of Martial Hearts” where a fighter loses clothing with each fight, the person who loses are not going to fare well at all.  They are either killed or sent back to wherever and become numberless and serve their master.  In the context of the anime series, we grow to enjoy these characters because Minato is actually a cool guy.  He’s gentle and although he does have the occasional curiosity of a guy towards women, he’s not a jerk or a pervert that wants to grab all the boobs he can.  He really wants to help the Sekirei bonded to them and be there for them.  He may not be strong but he is loyal.

But before you lonely otaku fanboys think that this anime series is nothing more of a tease by your occasional pantie shots and boobs, there is no doubt that Sakurako Gokurakuin has been influenced by Satoshi Urushihara (“Plastic Little, “Legend of Lemnear”, “Crying Freeman”) and I mean by saying that, the anime series does put quite a bit detail on the boobs and nipples.  Granted, this is a TV Series, late night, so you’re not going to see uber detail like Urushihara did on “Plastic Little” but it’s there in “Sekirei”.  So, perverts… you’re going to enjoy “Sekirei”.  I have no doubt about it.

“Sekirei” actually turned out to be a pretty good anime series.  Very good animation and definitely gives harem, ecchi and action/fighting fans a series that combines all three into one enjoyable series.  The characters are well-liked, well-designed and if anything, because of the many Sekirei featured in this series, I have no doubt that the series would be a hit for cosplayers.

Also, because the Blu-ray release is available in Japan, I believe “Sekirei” would do well in the US via HD.  If anything, it will be a good litmus test for FUNimation Entertainment to try and gauge the anime on Blu-ray purchasers as I strongly believe that 80-90% (or more) of anime on Blu-ray purchasers are male and the truth is anime with fan-service tends to do quite well.

Overall, “Sekirei” is a fun series.  Granted, it’s over-the-top and definitely created to satisfy that lonely otaku who wants a fighting anime series with nudity but with a satisfying story and you get it with “Sekirei”.

In the mood for T&A and some good ol’ fashion fighting action, give “Sekirei – The Complete Series” a chance!

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