One Piece – Season Two: Sixth Voyage (a J!-ENT Anime DVD Review)

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An amazing action-packed volume as the Alabasta fight concludes as Luffy takes on Alligator, Nami vs. Miss Doublefinger and Zoro vs. Number One.  Definitely the best volume from this second season!  Highly recommended!

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DVD TITLE: One Piece – Season Two: Sixth Voyage

DURATION: Episodes 117-130 (Duration: 320 Minutes, 2 DVD’s)

DVD INFORMATION: 4:3, Engish 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, English and Japanese stereo

COMPANY: FUNimation Entertainment


Release Date: March 16, 2010

Originally created by Eiichiro Oda

Directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto, Konosuke Uda, Munehisa Sakai

Series Composition by Hirohiko Uesaka

Script by Hirohiko Uesaka, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Junki Takegami, Michiru Shimada, Naoki Koga, Ryota Yamaguchi, Suminori Takegami, Yoshiyuki Suga

Music by Kouhei Tanaka, Shiroh Hamaguchi

Character Design by Kazuya Hisada, Noboru Koizumi

Animation by TAP

Animation Production by Toei Animation

Featuring the following voice talent:

Mayumi Tanaka/Colleen Clinkenbeard as Monkey D. Luffy

Misa Watanabe/Caitlin Glass as Vivi Nefertari

Akemi Okamura/Luci Christian as Nami

Hiroaki Hirata/Eric Vale as Sanji

Ikue Ohtani/Brina Palencia as Tony Tony Chopper

Kappei Yamaguchi/Sonny Strait as Usopp

Kazuki Yao/Barry Yandell as Mr. 2 Bon Clay

Kazuya Nakai/Christopher R. Sabat as Roronoa Zoro

Ryuzaburo Otomo/John Swasey as Sir Crocodile/Mr. O

Yuriko Yamaguchi/Stephanie Yong as Nico Robin/Miss All-Sunday

Bin Simada/Andy Mullins as Wapol

Nobuyuki Hiyama/Duncann Brannan as Mr. 3

Monkey D. Luffy emerges from a death-defying dirt nap to rejoin his mates on their mission to save Alabasta from the clutches of a sinister sandman. Crocodile is on the prowl for the world’s deadliest weapon, and his Baroque Works bombers are about to blast Vivi’s kingdom into oblivion!

Only the Straw Hats can protect her people from their reptilian oppressor, but no one survives this battle without getting a little blood on their hands. Be on the lookout as Nami unleashes the power of thunder and lightning, Zoro tests his swords against a man made of steel, and Luffy goes underground to settle the score with Crocodile – once and for all!

Contains episodes 117-130.

“ONE PIECE” is a popular anime series based on the popular manga series serialized in Shonen Jump by Eiichiro Oda. Suffice to say, “ONE PIECE” is the highest selling manga for Weekly Shonen Jump and its popularity has extended to various anime (via the TV series, OVA and films) and video games in America and also worldwide. The series is so popular, the episode count currently in Japan is over 400 episodes and despite receiving a heavily edited version in North America via 4Kids Entertainment earlier on, FUNimation Entertainment began releasing the original, uncut versions since the May of 2008 with a total of 13 episodes per volume.

“ONE PIECE” is an adventure anime about a 17-year-old boy named Monkey D. Luffy who gained enormous strength (and stretching abilities) after eating a magical demon fruit. He eventually teams up with a group of pirates and have the name “The Straw Hats”. Luffy’s driven to one day obtain the most sought out treasure known as “One Piece” and eventually become the King of the Pirates.

The Straw Hat Pirates consists of:

Monkey D. Luffy – A 17-year-old guy who is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and dreams to be a pirate king by getting his hands on the “ONE PIECE” artifact. When he was young, he accidentally ate a devil fruit which made his body rubbery and can stretch and blow up. An airhead of sorts, loves to eat but always believes and fights for his friends.

Roronoa Zoro – A 19-year-old skilled swordsman. A skilled and very strong fighter. Wants to be the greatest swordsman in the world.

Nami – The navigator of the group. The main female crew member and really good at weapons.

Usopp – A 17-year-old marksman. A talented inventor and artistic. Known by his long nose, his marksmanship with slingshots and weapons are great.

Sanji – The chef of the crew. A skilled fighter that uses only kicks in battle and is passionate towards Nami.

Tony Tony Chopper – A reindeer with a blue nose. Ate a devil fruit known as human-human fruit which makes him human in someways but keeping his reindeer look. Able to speak to humans, walk upright and also able to have transformations to become a huge beast. But his talent is his medical skills as he was trained by the Doctrine to become a doctor. Has very low self-confidence because he had been treated badly not only by his kind but also by humans and has not really had a friend but the Doctor and Doctrine.

Vivi Nefertari – The Princess of Alabasta and trying to infiltrate Baroque Works and find out who the leader is. She and her duck Carue join the Straw Hat Pirates and are on adventure to get back to Alabasta.

Carue – A duck like animal who understands what the crew are talking about and although used by Vivi and others to ride on, Carue is also protective of Vivi and the others.

Characters that play a part in the Alibasta Storyline:

Baroque Works – An undercover criminal organization ran by Crocodile (aka Mr. 0) who is intent to overthrow the government of Alabasta (where Vivi is from).

Sir Crocodile – Leader of Baroque Works. Has the villages in Alabsta thinking he’s there to help them but in truth, he uses the organization for his plans to overthrow the Alabasta government. Known as Mr. 0 and very powerful and has the ability to manipulate sand.

Mr. 1 Das Bones – The second runner up who of Baroque Works who is powerful and deadly. Has the ability to turn any part of his body to a steel blade. Works with Miss Doublefinger (who can turn her body into spikes).

Mr. 2 Bon Clay – A transvestite who has the power to touch anyone and take on their identity. Also, a skilled martial artist.

Mr. 3 – The third in line at Baroque Works who can manipulate his body to wax and produce a large amount of it. The wax can harden itself and become as strong as steel. Works with Miss Goldenweek.

Miss All-Sunday/Nico Robin – The Vice President of Baroque Works.

Portgas D. “Fire Fist” Ace – Luffy’s older brother who has the power to turn his body into fire and joins the Straw Hat Pirates during their venture through the desert of Alabasta.

Captain Smoker – A Marine officer who loves cigars. He has the ability to manipulate smoke and is after the Straw Hat Pirates.

Tashigi – A Marine officer and Smoker’s second in command. Her goal is to capture Zorro and take his swords.

In “One Piece – Season Two: Sixth Voyage”, the group are in the country of Alibasta as each member of the Straw Hat Pirates takes on a member of Crocodile’s group while Luffy goes against Mr. Crocodile, Zoro vs. Mr. One and Nami vs. Miss Doublefinger.  Meanwhile, Smoker’s second-in-command leads the marines to capture Crocodile and Baroque works and also the Straw Hat Pirates.

The “ONE PIECE – Season Two: Sixth Voyage” comes with episodes 117-130 on two DVD discs (note: In Japan, this volume is actually the conclusion of season 4). Here are the spoiler-less summaries of each episode:


  • EPISODE 117 – Nai’s Cyclone Advisory! Clima Tart Burst – Vivi uses her new weapon in battle and takes on Miss Doublefinger.
  • EPISODE 118 – Secret Passed Down In the Royal Family! The Ancient Weapon Pluton! – Crocodile intends to use the ancient weapon of Pluto to destroy the city.
  • EPISODE 119 – The Secret of Powerful Swordplay! Ability to Cut Steel and the Rhythm Things Have! – Zoro vs. Mr. One.
  • EPISODE 120 – The Battle is Over! Koza Raises the White Flag! – Koza raises the white flag in order to end the war but Baroque Works have something else in mind.
  • EPISODE 121 – Where Vivi’s Voice Gets Heart! The Hero Descends! – With a war in Alabasta, the Straw Pirates try to help Vivi get to the center of the city.
  • EPISODE 122 – Sand Croc and Water Luffy! – Luffy takes on Crocodile in their second duel!
  • EPISODE 123 – That Looks Croc-ish! Luffy, Run to the Royal Tomb! – The battle between Luffy and Crocodile goes underground.


  • EPISODE 124 – The Nightmare Draws Near! This is the Sand-Sand Clan’s Secret Base! – The continuation of Luffy vs. Crocodile!
  • EPISODE 125 – Magnificent! Wings! My Name is Pell, Guardian Deity of the Country! – Vivi and the Straw Hats work hard to stop a bomb from destroying the city and they receive unexpected help from Vivi’s guardian.
  • EPISODE 126 – I Will Surpass You! Rain Falls in Alabasta! – As Vivi tries to stop her countrymen from killing each other, the rains fall on Alabasta.
  • EPISODE 127 – A Farewell to Arms! Pirates and Different Ideas of Justice – The aftermath of Alabasta and how Tashigi, Smoker and the Marines must deal with what has happened in Alabasta.
  • EPISODE 128 – The Pirates’ Banquet and Operation Escape from Alabasta! – After the Straw Hat Pirates recuperate, it’s time to eat and celebrate and leave Alabasta before the marines catch up with them.
  • EPISODE 129 – It All Started On that Day! Vivia Tells the Story of Her Adventure! – Vivi must make a decision…to stay in Alabasta as princess or to fight among the Straw Hat pirates.
  • EPISODE 130 – Scent of Danger! The Seventh Member is Nico Robin – Nico Robin chooses to join the Straw Hat Pirates.


For most television series, because they are created nearly before they are aired on television, unlike film and OVA’s, there typically is not much detail involved in a Japanese animated television series. “ONE PIECE” is probably one of those rare exceptions in that it has really cool character designs and very detailed artistic backgrounds.  Of course, since it is on DVD, you will see some artifacting and edge enhancement but it’s not so noticeable unless you are really looking for it.

The anime series is presented in standard 4:3 definition but for a television series, “ONE PIECE” sports cool and unique character designs and beautifully painted artistic backgrounds. Definitely one of the better looking anime series that has remained consistent and has not downgraded since it first aired on television. Character designer Kazuya Hisada (who worked on the “Dragon Ball” and “Dragon Ball GT” series) and Noboru Koizumi (who worked on “Giant Robo”, “Dragon Ball GT” and “Tenchi Universe”) have been very good of capturing “One Piece” creator Eiichiro Oda’s unique style.


As for the audio, the series is presented in English 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, English Stereo and Japanese Stereo. Of course, the English 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound is the better audio choice to listen to, although one who has a receiver that can set their audio to all channels can definitely enjoy the Japanese stereo track as well. But both audio tracks are done very well and I have to admit that “ONE PIECE” has one of the most solid English dub tracks for an anime TV series. Very well done on both audio tracks but again, have been very impressed by the voice talent for the series thus far.

Subtitles are in English.


ONE PIECE – Season Two: Sixth Voyage” comes with the following special features:


  • Audio commentary for EPISODE 119 – The Secret of Powerful Swordplay! Ability to Cut Steel and the Rhythm Things Have! – Director Scott Sager joins voice talents Christopher Sabat (Zoro) and  (Brett Weaver) Mr. One.


  • Textless Songs – Textless Songs for the opening and ending theme.
  • Trailers – FUNimation Entertainment trailers

I absolutely love “ONE PIECE”. The characters, the action, the involving and well-written storylines and of course, the wonderful voice work via Japanese and also the English dub tracks and the refreshing and unique artwork. But what I enjoyed the most about “One Piece – Season Two: Sixth Voyage” is that it has literally been a long stretch between the introduction of Vivi, the trip to Alabasta and now this volume finally gets to the final battle between Luffy and Crocodile, while Nami takes on Miss Doublefinger and Zoro takes on Mr. One, and also the Straw Hats have a new member of the group.

Although nearly every volume has its share of action, this time around the opponents are deadlier than ever before. Before it was a team taking on various opponents but now we have one-on-one battles especially an exciting first battle between Luffy and Crocodile. With the events that are featured in “One Piece – Season Two: Sixth Voyage”, for those who have seen the movie “ONE PIECE MOVIE 8: THE DESERT PRINCESS AND THE PIRATES – Adventures in Alabasta” will be familiar between two of the battles that take place in this volume. But of course, the television series features more of the actual battle.

So, for those who have kept up with the adventure to Alabasta will be happy with this volume as the war in Alabasta and the battle between Crocodile and his henchman versus the Straw Hat Pirates reaches its final conclusion.  No doubt that Luffy, Nami and Zoro fans will dig this latest volume.  Actually, with all the action that takes place in this volume, any “One Piece” fan will dig this latest volume!

Overall, “ONE PIECE” continues to be a fantastic anime series that has a great combination of humor, action, artwork, great voice acting and cool animation. Another thrilling, action-packed volume that is highly recommended!

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