Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original & Uncut (a J!-ENT Anime DVD Review)

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Emotional, action-packed and one of the best volumes of “Naruto Shippuden” by far!  It’s a battle for survival as the Six Paths attack the Hidden Leaf Village.  Who will live and who will die?  Find out in “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original & Uncut”.  Highly recommended!

Image courtesy of © 2002 Masashi Kishimoto/2007 Shippuden. All Rights Reserved.

DVD TITLE: Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original & Uncut

DURATION: Episodes 154-166 (300 Minutes)

DVD INFORMATION: 2.0 Stereo Surround Sound, Bilingual (Japanese & English), English Subtitles

COMPANY: Shonen Jump/Viz Media

RATED: Rated T for Older Teen

Release Date: January 29, 2013

Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto

Series Directed by Hayato Date

Produced by Tomoko Gushima, Ken Hagino

Series Coordinator by Junki Takegami, Satoru Nishizono

Character Design by Tetsuya Nishio, Hirofumi Suzuki

Music by Yasuharu Takanishi, Yaiba

Music Production by Aniplex

Anime Production by TV Tokyo, Pierrot

Featuring the following voice talent:

Junko Takeuchi/Maile Flanagan as Naruto Uzumaki

Chie Nakamura/Kate Higgins as Sakura Haruno

Noriaki Sugiyama/Yuri Lowenthal as Sasuke Uchiha

Akira Ishida/Liam O’Brien as Sabaku no Gaara (Gaara of the Desert)

Hideo Ishikawa/Crispin Freeman as Itachi Uchiha

Houchu Ohtsuka/David Lodge as Jiraiya

Kazuhiko Inoue/Dave Wittenberg as Hatake Kakashi

Kentarou Itou/Robbie Rist as Chouji Akimichi

Kenyuu Horiuchi/Troy Baker as Pain

Kouichi Toochika/Steve Staley as Neji Hyuuga

Kousuke Toriumi/Kyle Hebert as Kiba Inuzuka

Kujira/Steven Blum as Orochimaru

Masako Katsuki/Debi Mae West as Tsunade/Fifth Hokage

Nana Mizuki/Stephanie Sheh as Hinata Hyuuga

Nobutoshi Canna/Henry Dittman as Kabuto Yakushi

Rikiya Koyama/Troy Baker as Yamato

Romi Paku/Tara Platt as Temari

Ryoka Yuzuki/Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Ino Yamanaka

Satoshi Hino/Ben Diskin as Sai

Shinji Kawada/Derek Stephen Prince as Shino Aburame

Yasuyuki Kase/Michael Lindsay as Kankurou

Yoichi Masukawa/Brian Donovan as Rock Lee

Naruto and his friends successfully decipher the code Jiraiya left behind, but it’s not enough to solve the mystery of Pain. For Naruto, Jiraiya’s passing is more than enough to inspire him to follow Fukasaku to Mount Myoboku, where he begins his training in Sage Jutsu. But will the antsy Naruto ever be able to sit still long enough to achieve Sage Mode? Back in the Leaf Village, disaster strikes when the Six Paths of Pain attack the village, and those dearest to Naruto are thrown into the chaos of battle!

He is responsible for killing Jiraiya.

He is responsible for killing jinchuriki and stripping away

His name is Nagato otherwise known as Pain and the controller of six corpses which are controlled by chakra and are known as the Six Paths.

And they are members of the Akatsuki, that are hell bent in destroying the leaf village?

But how is it possible as Nagato and a few others were peaceful children that were once trained by Jiraiya and was possibly considered as the prophecy?  How did he become evil?

In “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original & Uncut”, Jiraiya’s master Fukasaku takes Naruto to Mount Myoboku to learn “Sage Mode”, meanwhile back in the Hidden Leaf Village, an autopsy is underway to study the captured Pain that Jiraiya defeated, in hopes to find a weakness.  Meanwhile, Shikamaru and Shiho try to decode Jiraiyas message.

But while Naruto is out training, the Akatsuki Sixth Path and Konan attacks the Leaf Village in order to try and capture the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

Causing so much destruction and death, can anyone defeat Pain?

What is “Naruto”?

Since 1999, “Naruto” created by Masashi Kishimoto (“Karakuri”) has been one of the most popular anime and manga series in Japan and has easily become a favorite best selling anime/manga series among fans all over the world.

For the anime series, since 2002, “Naruto” lasted until 2007 with a total of 220 episodes. The series would follow the adventures of a boy named Naruto Uzamaki, who may not be the brightest ninja from the Konoha Village but he makes it up with heart and also tremendous power as the killer beast known as the nine-tailed fox has been sealed within him.

Earlier in the series, the anime series focused on Naruto and his team members Sasuke Uchida and Sakura Haruno as they would go on adventures and learn to become a team and also honing their ninja abilities. The series would then begin to introduce other young ninjas from the village who Naruto would be paired up with and the young ninjas would take on rival clans to helping people in need. But somehow as the series continued, Sasuke Uchida would then go off on his own personal mission to stop his brother Itaki Uchida, who murdered the whole Uchida clan and his family, only leaving Sasuke alive.

Within those six years, we have seen Naruto and his friends grow as friends and also in their abilities. For Naruto, all he has wanted is to become the next Hokage (the leader of the village) when he grows older and to help his friends accomplish missions. He knows that to be a good leader, he will need to get stronger so he can protect the village once he grows older. Of course, there is so much involved in the “Naruto” anime series and what makes its special is its humor, its action but also how well the series integrates so many characters but yet features a good number of character driven episodes that makes the viewer appreciate many of the characters in the series.

“Naruto”, the first series ended with the young ninja leaving to train with Jiraiya for two-and-a-half years.

What is “Naruto Shippuden”?

In “Naruto Shippuden”, the storyline now features everyone a little grown up but the stakes are much higher. We learn that the Akatsuki including Orochimaru are looking for those who possess a jinchuriki. With this power, this will give too much power to evil and this can lead to the death of many people and the destruction of many villages.

In the past few volumes, the Leaf Village along with other villages have managed to defeat the Akatsuki, unfortunately the price paid was the death of Asuma and a few other members of the Leaf and Sand Ninja.

Now, Orochimaru using Kabuto, have their sites set on capturing the other jinchuriki, as do the Akatsuki who have been after Naruto.

In volume 10, featuring episodes 113-126 (which kicked off season 6 in Japan), we learn how Orochimaru became interested in “reanimation” and the “Sharingan” but leads to a fight to the death between Sasuke and Orochimaru. We then get to learn more about the new team that Sasuke is putting together. A team that will lead an assault on the Akatsuki and literally give Sasuke the revenge on his brother, Itachi (it was revealed in earlier episodes that Itachi was responsible for the Uchiha clan’s demise and the only person he kept alive was Sasuke), that he has been wanting for so long.

Sasuke is on a mission to find the following people to join his team: Suigetsu Hozuki (a former test subject of Orochimaru and has the power to turn into liquid form), Karin (Orochimaru’s former assistant and specializes in tracking) and the homicidal maniac, Jugo.

Meanwhile, as word gets around about Sasuke’s growing power and his new team, Lady Tsunade organizes a team from the leaf village (which includes Team Kakashi and Team Kurenai) to capture Itachi before Sasuke can get to him. The Akatsuki send out Deidara and Tobi to go after Sasuke.

In “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 11 – Original & Uncut” (Episodes 127-140, Season six in Japan), Jiraiya infiltrates the Hidden Rain Village where he finds out that the Akatsuki that he has been tracking, are the children he took care of and trained when they were younger.

But will the legendary sage be enough to defeat his former pupil, especially Akatsuki’s Pain?

In “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 12 – Original & Uncut”, it is important to note that the episodes featured in DVD Set 12 covers the final episodes of “Naruto Shippuden” Season six as Naruto and his team take on the Eight Tails and learning from Madara of why his older brother Itachi massacred their family and the Uchiha clan and now this information will forever change Sasuke.

For episode 144-151, this was a shortened season seven and aired from January through March 2012 in Japan. This season features Lady Tsunade sending Team 7 and Yamato to assist Utakata and Hotaru after they learn that a clan known as Tsuchigumo and an elder named En no Gyoja developing a forbidden Jutsu.

It is revealed that Utakata is a Jinchuriki and he carries the Six-Tailed Demon Slug and a man named Shiranami is trying to kidnap Hotaru to be used as a vessel to collect natural chakra energy to release the forbidden jutsu.

Naruto and Team 7 must find a way to protect Hotaru from any harm. But another group appears to be interested in Utakata.

For episodes 152-153, this begins season 8 of “Naruto: Shippuden” and brings back the Pain storyline as Naruto is summoned to Lady Tsunade and is informed by Jiraiya’s master Fukasaku of the fate of Jiraiya in his battle with Pain and the Akatsuki.

In “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original & Uncut”, Season 8 of “Naruto: Shippuden” continues as the Six Paths and Konan attack the Leaf Village in their hopes of capturing Naruto in order to obtain the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

With so much death and destruction, Kakashi along with Chouji Akimichi and his father Chouza take on the most powerful of the Six Paths.  Meanwhile, in Mount Myoboku, Fukasaku trains Naruto to become one with nature and learn Sage Mode.  But will Naruto learn and master Sage Mode in a short amount of time to take on the Six Paths?


“Naruto Shippuden” is an anime series that was never known for having spectacular background art, but it’s know for its action and its characters and how it captures emotion and its intense battles.  While in this episode, a lot of episodes are contained in areas near lush green trees, water or dirt, it’s not so much of the background but how the characters are design and how well the battles are portrayed.  And I can easily say that with “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original Uncut”, the fast-paced action in this volume is great for a TV series and good for what one can expect on DVD.


As for the audio, the audio for “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13” is pretty much Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 Bilingual (Japanese and English). Similar to a series like “Dragon Ball Z”, with “Naruto”, I have always enjoyed the voice acting of the English dub series. It’s well done and the voices fit the characters very well.

Especially Maile Flanagan’s Naruto Uzumaki. Personally, I didn’t think there would be a voice actor that could capture Junko Takeuchi’s Naruto vocals and sure enough, Flanagan does a great job. But I have watched the series in Japanese and English and for the most part, voice acting for both soundtracks are well-done.

Since the series is front channel driven, for those with a modern home theater receiver probably will enjoy a more immersive soundscape by selecting stereo on all channels.

Subtitles are in English.


“Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original & Uncut” comes with the following special features on disc 3:

  • Production Art – Using your remote, you can view through ten pages of artwork.
  • Omake – (7:01) All the omake ending portions (after the credits) from the episodes featured in DVD Set 13 of “Naruto Shippuden”.
  • Clean Opening
  • Clean Ending
  • English Credits
  • More from Viz Media – Viz Media trailers

Emotional, action-packed and one of the best volumes of “Naruto Shippuden” by far!

Let me just say that “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original & Uncut” features of the greatest arcs and battles to be featured in the long-running “Naruto” anime series.

In a way, I really don’t want to spoil this volume for anyone, so what I can say is that the Six Path attacks the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto is trained on how to use Sage Mode but most importantly, if you are a big fan of the series especially with characters such as Kakashi, Chouji, Shikamaru, Shino or even little Konohamaru, this is an arc that you do not want to miss!

But for Naruto Uzumaki, this is the battle between the two disciples of Jiraiya.  While “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13” features a ton of emotion and action, it does continue in the next volume which is another must-own!

But we learn a little of how one can stray from different paths.  How can Naruto and Pain be so different from each other and why?   What new abilities will Naruto have if he learns “Sage Mode” and what are the dangers in his training?

Kakashi is one of the great ninjas of the Hidden Leaf, but is his skills enough to defeat the most powerful Pain within the Six Paths and for Shino, who has long loved Naruto and not wanting to see him die, will she ever be able to tell him how she really feels about him?

You’ll have to watch “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original & Uncut” to find out!

As for the DVD set, you get a total of 12 episodes and a the typical special features such as storyboard, production art and the ending omake for each episode.

Overall, “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original & Uncut” is another important volume but also one of the more significant volumes to be release by far.  The story for these episodes are so emotional, so exciting and so thrilling that if you are a Naruto fan, you owe yourself to watch these episodes.  They are fantastic!

Emotional, action-packed and one of the best volumes of “Naruto Shippuden” by far!  It’s a battle for survival as the Six Paths attack the Hidden Leaf Village.  Who will live and who will die?  Find out in “Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 13 – Original & Uncut”.  Highly recommended!

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