Venus versus Virus Vol. 1 (A J!-ENT Anime DVD Review)

November 8, 2007 by  

DVD TITLE: Venus versus Virus (Vol. 1)



DURATION: 100 minutes (4 episodes)

DVD INFO: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen, Animated Mild Violence



The latest anime series to be released from ADV Films is “Venus versus Virus”, a series based on a manga by Suzumi Atsushi and ran in “Dengeki Comic Goo!” and published by Mediaworks back in 2005 (and released in the US by Seven Seas Entertainment in July 2007). The anime series was released in Japan earlier this Spring and shown on TBS and now it’s coming out in the US in November from ADV Films.

For the first volume, the DVD contains a total of four episodes and focuses on two people. There is Lucia, a girl (or woman) that has an eyepatch and has special attack moves to take on the Virus which are literally demons. Lucia is part of an organization called “Venus Vanguard”. An organization that has a sole purpose of eliminating violent viruses and taking on special cases for those who discover the organization’s brochure.

The viruses have been killing people and with these viruses, humans can not see them. But for innocent school girl Sumire, unlike everyone else, she has an uncanny ability to see Viruses. But she appears to have a secret about her that Lucia and company are keeping close eye on. A special chemical that is used to kill viruses, when she comes in contact with the chemical, she becomes an anti-virus. Literally, it turns Sumire into a violent killing machine not only against the viruses but also the people she cares about and she has no control over it.

The first volume is an introduction to the main characters, learning about Sumire’s abilities and some history of how she met Lucia and joined her on a mission to stop the viruses.

Overall, the first volume serves more as an introduction to the series. I found the characters such as Lucia very cool and mysterious (can’t get enough with anime characters that sport an eye patch and superhuman abilities). As for Sumire, she could have been the cliche Japanese anime school girl turned demon fighter but it was very cool to see this killer side of her.

By saying that, I just want to say that the anime is not too violent. In a way, it’s on par with anime such as “Bleach” and there are no really gruesome pics against humans. If anything, it’s more or less Sumire hurting a virus.

There is also humor with those involved with Lucia’s group as they can’t fathom why Sumire is not adapting well (or adapting too slow) in its fight against the viruses.

As for the animation, animation is cool. I’ve actually watched this on my 52″ and various laptops and the fact that its anamorphic is a plus.

As for audio, audio is great. Both English dub and Japanese languages are very well done.

I’m quite surprised about the lack of special features. Only the clean opening and closing animations and ADV Film trailers.


So, far “Venus versus Virus” has been a good, entertaining anime series. It’s too early to say how I feel about it in general because the first volume is more or less an introduction to the characters and their abilities.

I really like the animation and its use of colors, especially the blue-purple-redish feel to it during the night and then the bright colors during the day. Again, both language versions are well acted.

You can’t go wrong with a girl with superhuman abilities who kicks ass and sports a eye patch. And you can’t go wrong with an innocent high school girl with killer tendencies.

But what direction the anime series will take after the fourth episode will definitely be interesting. Check it out!

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