GUNBUSTER 2 Vol. 2 (OAV Episodes 3 and 4) (a J!-ENT Anime DVD Review)

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DVD INFORMATION: 58 minutes + 23 minutes, 16:9 LB, Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0, English Subtitles


Who will pilot the new Quatre-Vingt-Dix? The Buster Machines are ready to fight the horde of space monsters!

The elite Topless make their rendezvous as the order is given to launch a major operation to stope the horde of Space Monsters known as the Jupiter Express.

Tycho, who lost her Buster Machine in her last battle, sees a rival in Nono for the pilot seat of the newly constructed Quatre-Vingt-Dix.

Then the two of them meet some children who say they have “a favor to ask a Topless”…

Welcome to “Gunbuster 2” vol. 2 (OAV episodes 3 and 4) featuring the android Nono who wants to become a Gunbuster pilot, Lal’C (her onesama) and the Topless crew.

In episode 3 titled “I Hate the Topless”, we get to learn more about the character Tycho. A Topless who is a member of the Mars Meganebula Base. In a way, Tycho is a reminiscent character of the original Gunbuster series of Jeung Freud, the Russian pilot who was rivals with Amano Kazumi.

In this case, the rivalry is between Tycho and Lal’C and Tycho is always competitive against her but yet always loses to her. In episode 3, her passion of being a rival leads to her Buster Machine “Soixante-Six” being destroyed by the space monsters.

But it’s announced that a new Buster Machine has been made and is available (note: it was learned in the last volume that a Buster Machine has not been made in decades because of the high cost to produce them). And Nono has her eyes in finally getting a Buster Machine for herself, that is until, Tycho has her eyes set on the same Buster Machine.

The episode is primarily an episode focused on Tycho’s character and why she has grown to be a person that is somewhat bitter and why she hates being a Topless.

You also get to meet more of the Topless pilots but most of all, how some of them despise Nono because she is an android. A lot of them feel she’s an idiot.

But you also get to know more about the Serpentine Twins, two mysterious twins who dream of becoming eternal Topless. They are working on a secret excavation project which they hope will bring them closer to their dream.

In episode 4 titled “Resurrection!! The Legendary Buster Machine!”, “Gunbuster 2” is taken to overdrive and packed with action as the Serpentine Twins excavation to resurrect the “Sirius Buster Machine” is underway and their dream of becoming eternal Topless may be coming true. That is until what is discovered becomes a shocker and leads to a tragic battle which includes all Gunbuster Machines.

In this awesome episode, we get to see a major development with Nono as her dream to become a Buster pilot may come true.

I really don’t want to reveal so much but after watching this volume, I was wanting more! It was great to see somewhat of a homage to the Jeung/Kazumi rival of the original series in episode 3 of “Gunbuster 2” between Tycho and Lal’C but most of all, to see how action-packed and tragic things get with episode 4. I was amazed by the animation, the battles and impressed with the overall storyline.

So, not wanting to spoil it for anyone, all I can say is that “Gunbuster Vol. 2” is just awesome.

Animation and sound is top notch as the previous volume. Again, there is no English dubbing but the overall voice talent in this series is done very well. Audio is presented in Digital 5.1 and 2.0. The Digital 5.1 really sounded quite cool on my surround sound as it’s used quite a bit, especially in episode 4.

As for the animation, animation is done very well in this volume and is presented in 16:9LB.

As for special features, again we are blessed with a 23 minute “DIEBUSTER TV” episode with an interview with screeplay writer Enokido Yoji.

Again, similar to the last volume, I was very hypnotized by this latest episode of “DIEBUSTER TV” as we got to learn more about the creation of “Gunbuster 2” and what went on the mind of Enokido when writing the screen play. Again, another special feature that enhances your overall feeling of the anime series. So, very grateful this was included in this second volume.

Also, included in this volume, like the previous is the 20-page DVD insert booklet which features cast information on Tycho and the Topless pilots and their Buster Machines.

Also, somewhat of a science lesson is the inclusion of “Brainless World’s Basic Knowledge” which is a primer to various technical things featured in OAV episodes 3 and 4 such as what a “Red Milky Way”, “Expiration” of a Topless, “Exotic Maneuver”, “Clefshin Luminescence” and other scientfic terms are all about. There are about four pages filled with terminology which will make the science buffs grin.

Also included is the “Buster Machine Development History”. This one I found very intriguing because there is not much record on Buster Machines previous to #10 (Dix-Neuf) which is piloted by Lal’C.

But overall, a very good information source on Buster Machines from #10 all the way up to 90’s which include the new Buster Machine unveiled in episode 3.

Also, similar to the last DVD insert booklet is the inclusion of more science lessons and interviews with Tycho voice actress Sawashiro Miyuki and voice actor for Nicola, Iwata Mitsuo.

I know that there are people who may have only seen the first episode or two of “Gunbuster 2″ but all I can say is watch it from beginning to the end, you won’t be disappointed. If you are a fan of the original “Gunbuster”, I can’t say how important it is to watch “Gunbuster 2″ and see how it ties into the original.

As for the DVD, I found the beauty of “Gunbuster 2″ through the DVD series. From the “DIEBUSTER TV” featurette and the 20-page booklet, you gain such an appreciation of what director Tsurumaki and screenplay writer Enokido were planning for the overall series and made me love it even more.

That is one thing that I love about the release of DVD’s of how a featurette (or director’s commentary) can really be the ultimate eye opener of a series and literally boost your appreciation for it. The inclusion of “DIEBUSTER TV” and the 20-page booklet was a great addition and I’m very thankful for Bandai Visual to include that.

All in all, a beautiful anime and things just continue to get better with this second volume and the fourth episode alone really changes the dynamics of the series. Wow!

This volume was great but what Gainax has planned for the final two episodes will definitely bring things to full circle for fans of the original “Gunbuster” series and this new series but for this volume alone, I’m still saying… “Wow!”

“Gunbuster 2″… Check it out!

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