Dragon Ball Z – Season 5 (a J!-ENT Anime DVD Review)

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“The battle against Cell box set is now available in retail but in a surprising change from previous box sets, Funimation puts only three episodes on disc 4-6 instead of the typical 6-7 episodes.  A sign for things to come?  Still a great deal for its price but I hope this is not a sign for future releases to come.”



DURATION: 615 minutes

DVD INFORMATION: Animated, Color, DVD-Video, Subtitled, NTSC

COMPANY: Funimation

Released on May 27, 2008

The Z-Fighters gather their forces in an effort to combat the Android menace that has been set loose upon the planet. But they are about to discover that the Androids are the least of their worries. An even greater threat has risen from the shadows: Dr. Gero’s most lethal creation Cell!Born from the genetic material of the greatest warriors ever to walk the Earth Cell is Dr. Gero’s ultimate weapon a perfect fighting machine capable of duplicating all of the Z-Fighters’ most powerful attacks. Now after years of waiting Cell has begun to unleash his terrifying powers wiping out entire cities as he gathers the energy he needs to fulfill his creator’s grand design.Time is short! The Z-Fighters must find a way to stop this monstrous foe before he completes his quest to absorb the other Androids and achieves his invincible Perfect Form!Contains the complete Imperfect and Perfect Cell Sagas (26 episodes).

One of my favorite episodes in the “DRAGON BALL Z” anime series was the Cell saga.  The toughest enemy that the team has fought yet and the series focuses on everyone trying to prevent Cell from absorbing the androids while the Saiyan’s Goku and son Gohan and Vegita and his son Trunks (future) train to get stronger, so they can prepare to fight Cell.

With each DVD season box set release of “DRAGON BALL Z”, as a hardcore fan of the series, it’s just incredible to get over 30 episodes for almost the same price or less than most American television box sets.

Season 5 surprisingly in duration wise, shorter than the previous volumes.  Where each DVD had around 5 or more episodes, on disc 4-6, there are only three episodes on each disc.

I was surprised and I have to admit that I would be upset if Funimation did this from here on in but I understand that it’s business and with everyone buying these box sets because it’s awesome price for a large number of episodes, you can’t beat it.  But I’m just hoping that this is not a permanent decision.


The video looks great on DVD and for those of us who have multi-generation fansubs or fading VHS tapes, just having these episodes on DVD and everything looking great. I know some people have a problem with the show receiving some cropping but for me it’s quite miniscule.


Special features include trailers and open and ending themes. If there was one thing lacking, it’s the fact that there are really nothing in terms of special features.

Season 5 ends with a cliffhanger to the upcoming Cell games chapter and at the time of writing this review, Season 6 is now available in retail.

There is a lot of action in this series and no filler episodes.  It’s straight mayhem as Cell continues to absorb people and the heroes can do nothing but just hope they can hang on for a day or more while the Saiyans complete their training and hope to defeat Cell.

The Cell series was quite popular back then when I was watching the series in straight Japanese and the whole android storyline was just exciting to watch (especially the special episode in Future Trunks world which pits him and an older Gohan against the evil androids).

Speaking of the special, the special is not included and I assume that they will hopefully release it with the movie collection re-release.  But for those who have never seen it and don’t intend to buy it, there is an episode that shows footage from that special.

Overall, Season 5 is a very good box set.  I was put off by the sudden drop of episodes when you reach disc 4 and noticed every disc thereafter only has three episodes.  Again, I hope this is not where the future of the box sets are going.  But with season 6 now available, I guess I’ll find out.

Nevertheless, you still get over 20 episodes but after being spoiled with 30 or more episodes per box set, it just sucks to get this drop.  But I understand it’s a business decision that probably will work since people are hooked on this DVD box set for its sheer amount of episodes and great price.

All in all, another cool box set release from Funimation, just a bit sour about the drop in episodes though.

+ Characters you care about and a good balance with action!

+ Pretty awesome battles!

+ One of the best English dubbed anime series, if not the best out there!

– Lags on special features.

– Funimation cut the episode count down on disc 4 through 6 to only 3 episodes.


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