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“’The final season featuring your favorite ‘DRAGON BALL’ characters, reuniting together for another action-packed season with more battles right up to the final episode.  With 30-episodes all digitally remastered plus a special film which takes place a 100-years later, ‘DRAGON BALL GT’ Season two was an enjoyable ride and a fitting conclusion.”


DURATION: 740 minutes (Episodes 35-64 + movie)

DVD INFORMATION: 30 Episodes + movie on 5 discs, 4:3, with English subtitles, English Voice Track with Original Japanese Music 5.1 Surround, English Voice Track with TV Broadcast Music Stereo and Japanese Voice Track with Original Music menu

COMPANY: FUNimation Entertainment


Directed by Minoru Okazaki

Series Director: Daisuke Nisho, Osamu Kasai

Screenplay: Aya Matsui, Daisuke Yajima, Jun Maekawa, Junki Takegami and Masashi Kubota

Music by Akihito Tokunaga

Original Creator: Akira Toriyama

Character Design: Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru

Theme Song by Deen, Field of View and ZARD

Featuring the following voice talent:

Masako Nozawa/Zoe Slusar as Son Goku

Masako Nozawa/Hyle Herbert as Son Gohan

Masako Nozawa/Robert McCollum as Son Goten

Takeshi Kusao/Eric Vale as Trunks

Yuko Minaguchi/Elise Baughman as Pan

Ryo Horikawa/Christopher R. Sabat as Vegeta

Megumi Urawa/Sean Teague – Uub

Hiromi Tsuru/Tiffany Volmer as Bulma

Hiromi Tsuru as Bra

Kozo Shioya/Josh Martin as Mr. Buu

Naoko Watanabe/Cynthia Cranz as Chichi

Yusuke Numata/Mike McFarland as Baby

Mayumi Tanaka/Sonny Strait as Kuririn

Ryo Horikawa/Christopher R. Sabat as Piccolo

Yuko Minaguchi/Lucy Small as Videl

The destiny of a legendary warrior, his long path wrought with peril, reaches its apex. The fate of Goku is now tied to that of the world and the most epic toil ever rested on the shoulders of one man has come to be – As one apocalypse is thwarted, another looms!

Goku’s heroic friends fall around him and the warrior must steel his nerve, for two evil scientists have created the perfect killing machine: Android 17.  As the abomination deals out terror with mechanical precision, horrible villains from battles past rise again.  Yet even more chaos awaits!  The most dangerous power of all time is stirring.  The people of Earth have relied upon the power of the Dragon Balls to maintain peace and order, but the mystical relics re cracking and from their creeping chasms, seven Shadow Dragons are unleashed… Each more deadly than the last!

Action-packed right to the end.  The final conclusion to the “DRAGON BALL GT” animated series and for now, a final goodbye to the characters we have loved watching for many years.

“DRAGON BALL GT” is the third series in the “DRAGON BALL” arc and in this last volume, the series kicked off ten years after the events in “DRAGON BALL Z”.  Gohan is a businessman, Trunks is the President at Capsule Corp., Goten is a young adult dating the ladies, Kuririn is much older (gray hair) and a family man, as the same with Vegeta.    And as for Goku, he has been busy training but somehow along the way, his body is accidentally transformed to a child by an accidental wish using the Dragon Balls courtesy of Garlic Jr.

The last volume focused on Goku, Trunks and Gohan’s daughter Pan searching for the Dragon Balls and then encountering Dr. Myu and his latest creation, Baby.  Baby eventually kills his creator and reveals himself to be one of the last remaining survivors from the planet Tuffle (a planet destroyed by the Saiyans).  Thus carrying a major grudge against the Saiyan and wanting to take over the world.   Baby has the ability to spread his cel to another living being and take over their body.  So, eventually, Baby has taken over the planet Earth including our Z fighters and has possessed the body of Vegeta with only Goku, Pan and Mr. Satan the only ones not possessed.  Goku fights Baby but his power levels are not enough to take on his new nemesis until the Kai’s come up with an idea to bring Goku to a new level.

The first volume left off with Goku turning into an ape and going on a destructive rampage but eventually being able to think with his mind when he sees his granddaughter Pan.  And thus beginning the process of Goku transforming to Super Saiyan 4.

Season two kicks off with Goku at Super Saiyan 4 ready to take on Baby but unknown to Goku, Bulma (who is possessed) has a plan of making her husband Vegeta (possessed) into a powerful force.  Thus the battle between the two powerhouses begin, meanwhile Old Kai and Kibito Kai come up with an idea to bring back Trunks, Gohan and Goku from their possession to help Goku and give him the energy that he needs to take on Baby.

The second storyline after the Baby saga comes the “Super 17” saga.  Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero come up with a plan to escape Hell by reviving Android 17  and exact their revenge against Goku.  By tricking Goku to go to Hell, Android 17 is now on a killing rampage and eventually kills a major Z-fighter.  Android 18 who has been a mother and wife now has to fight against her brother and get her revenge.

With Goku trapped in Hell, enemies such as Cell and Freeza now want their revenge.  Meanwhile, Piccolo who sacrificed his life to save humans and living in Heaven, does what he can to be sent to Hell, so he can free Goku.   Meanwhile, Android 17 is more powerful than ever, he takes on the Z-fighters who don’t have enough power to take him on.  Hopefully Goku can make it back to Earth.

The third and final storyline is titled the “Shadow Dragon” saga.  After the destruction caused by Android 17, the Z-fighters work hard to find all the Dragon Balls and bring back everyone who were killed back to life.  But unknown to the Z-fighters, the seven Dragon Balls are now cracked and the evil Shadow Dragons have been unleashed.  It appears that because the Dragon Balls were meant to be used once every 100 years, because they have been used so many times, the negative energy inside the Dragon Balls continued to grow and grow until the Dragon Balls could not hold back the negative energy any longer.

So, now the seven Shadow Dragons are polluting and destroying the planet and leaving Goku, Pan and Gero to take on each dragon, leading to the major battle with the brutal Syn Shenron.  With the Z fighters including Goku not having enough power to take on Syn, Bulma comes up with an idea, making Vegeta to a Super Saiyan 4 and having he and Goku to combine via fusion and becoming Gogeta Super Saiyan 4.

And eventually, leading up to the final battle and the final scenes featuring all the characters we have watched over the years.  A fitting end to the “DRAGON BALL” series.

The fifth disc also contains the “DRAGON BALL GT” movie “A HERO’S LEGACY” (actually a special aired in Japan back in 1997).  In this film, Pan is over a hundred years old and the only surviving member of the Z-fighters.  She is training her great grandson Goku Jr. (who bares the resemblance of the original Goku) who is not much of a fighter.  In fact, he trains but gets nowhere.  But all things change for young Goku Jr. when Pan collapses and is hospitalized.  Scared that his great grandmother is dying, Goku Jr. remembers his great grandmother telling him stories about the Dragon Balls and bringing people back to life or making them better.  This sets Goku Jr. on the path to find a Dragon Ball in hopes to making great grandma Pan’s health much better but the road to finding the Dragon Ball may be more dangerous than Goku can imagine.


“DRAGON BALL GT” was created in the mid-90’s and the video looks good on DVD considering that I watched this series when it was out in Japan and had to resort to many rental videos to watch it.  The video has been remastered and digitally restored and presented in 4:3.

The audio is what was expected.  “DRAGON BALL Z” features one of the best cast for an anime series and each voice fit the characters quite well in English, so fortunately the same cast is working on “DRAGON BALL GT”.  The audio is featured in English 5.1 stereo.   There are some noticeable rear channel usage during the action sequences.  The Japanese track is the original 2.0 stereo track.  Overall, both voice acting are done quite well for the Japanese and English tracks.  If anything, the only surprising situation is to hear an English sung version (which I couldn’t stand) of the popular J-Pop theme songs by Field of View, DEEN and ZARD.


On Disc 5, you get the textless opening and ending theme plus the FUNimation Entertainment trailers as well.  You also get an episode synopsis booklet and it also features character profile information on the key enemies in the second season of “DRAGON BALL GT”.

Overall, watching “DRAGON BALL GT” was a wild and enjoyable ride with adventure, action and plenty of hardcore battles.

Granted, it took a while to get there with the first season but the second season was just action-packed right up to the final episodes.  It was really enjoyable and for any “DRAGON BALL” fan, it was a series worth sticking to right up to the final episode and even the special movie.

But of course, “DRAGON BALL GT” is a series in which “DRAGON BALL” fans have mixed feelings about.  Mainly because the series was not created by Akira Toriyama, nor was it based on any of his manga series.   But Toriyama did help in supervising the development but still, because it was totally different from the heavy hitting action mayhem of “DRAGON BALL Z”,  among the three series including “DRAGON BALL” and “DRAGON BALL Z” which lasted for several years, “DRAGON BALL GT” lasted nearly two years.

The series started off lighthearted with Goku now as a child and the involvement of Gohan’s child Pan, made the series more targeted towards a younger demographic.  I have to admit that even when I was watching “DRAGON BALL GT” when it was released in Japan, I was a bit irked about how Goku was young again and it was almost reverting back to the lighthearted episodes of the original “DRAGON BALL” series.  But once the series started to pick up with the “Baby Saga”, the action-packed, hard core battles that fans enjoyed with “DRAGON BALL Z” returned.  And for fans, it was great timing especially to see everyone much older now and reuniting to fight again.  Everything right up to the final last episode, it was quite sad to see things end.  “DRAGON BALL GT” brings closure to the series and watching both seasons was enjoyable.

As for “Season Two”, again, you can’t really go wrong as this season features the remaining 30 episodes plus a movie and sold for a great price.  For both seasons, it’s such a great deal compared to when the series was originally released on DVD with each volume containing only a few episodes.  And also, the series has been digitally remastered.

If you are a big fan of the two previous “DRAGON BALL” series, then this third series, “DRAGON BALL GT” is definitely worth watching!

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