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Another world where the government and the police are corrupted.

Another world where the hunted are the “coyotes” (space pirates) and in this series, the “coyote” target is a man named “Mister”.

Prepare yourself for action and adventure, it’s the Coyote Ragtime Show.
“Coyote Ragtime Show” is a 12-episode anime series which began airing on Japanese television in 2006.

The storyline centers on a few characters. The main character is “Mister”.

A man wanted for many offenses. He has used so many names that the investigators have been thwarted. He is also a well-known space pirate aka Coyote.

Angelica is an investigator who is determined to catch “Mister” and finally gets tipped off that he may be in a prison.

And then there is Madame Marciano. The evil enemy that is after “Mister”. She and her twelve sisters (killer androids dressed in lolita outfits) with help from the government are after “Mister” as well.

In episode 1, the storyline focuses on investigator Angelica who is after “Mister” but at the same time, a plan to break “Mister” out from prison is underway.

In episode 2, we are introduced to Franca. The daughter of Pirate King Bruce who trusts “Mister” to raise his daughter after being severely wounded.

Franca carries a necklace that she believes leads to a treasure.

In episode 3, we are introduced to Mr. Swamp, King Bruce’s right hand man and a man who is a bit jealous that Bruce entrusted “Mister” with his daughter and not him. “Mister” visits Mr. Swamp for assistance.

In episode 4, the secret of Franca’s necklace is revealed and we learn more about her father Pirate King Bruce and how he pulled off the most difficult, ultimate heist.

At first glance, the first episode made me think animated version of “Prison Break” but as the episodes progress, it becomes more of a two cats fighting over a mouse, but the mouse happens to be a very good space pirate.

The animation for “Coyote Ragtime Show” is well done. The English dub and the Japanese are very well done with the English dub actually more on mark with the overall feel of the series.

Special features include a production artwork gallery and the clean opening and closing animations.

All in all, “Coyote Ragtime Show” is a fun sci-fi, action anime series.

To see the enemies as 12 cute-girl, although violent androids in lolita costumes is quite intriguing.

I was hoping that the first episode was how the anime series would pan out with Angelica being the main character trying to catch the ultimate pirate but the main protagonist is “Mister” himself.

Nevertheless, it is a good series that you may feel that you have seen somewhere else before, but it does offer something different.


4 episodes, 100 minutes, Rated TV 14 VL, ADV Films, Release Date: January 16, 2007

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