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“”11EYES” is a thriller anime series filled with action… and mild fan service.”

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DURATION: 325 Minutes


COMPANY: Sentai Filmworks


Release Date: January 11, 2011

Original Created by Lass

Directed by Shimoda Masami

Music by Shoichiro Sakamoto

Art Direction by Masato Miyake

Main Character Designs & Executive Director of Animation by Shoji Hara

Character Designs by Tomoya Hiratsuka

Produced by Makoto Ito/Yuichiro Takahata/Eiji Mannou/Mana Tsurugi/Uesama

Featuring the following voice talent:

Daisuke Ono as Kakeru Satsuki

Mai Goto as Yuka Minase

Yuu Asakawa as Misuzu Kusakabe

Oma Ichimura as Yukiko Hirohara

Shoutaro Morikubo as Takahisa Tajima

Noriko Rikimaru as Kukuri Tachibana

Emiko Hagiwara as Shiori Momono

Ayano Niina as Lisette

Raised in an orphanage after witnessing his sister’s suicide, Satsuki Kakeru’s life has already been dark and cruel enough. When he and his friend Yuka are thrown into a alternate dimension called the Red Night, it takes a gruesome turn from bad to horrific. Now, trapped flickering between our world and the Red, Kakeru quickly discovers that he and Yuka are not alone, and that, together with the other so-called “fragments,” they must defeat the malevolent entities known as the Black Knights.

Facing monsters from beyond imagination and at the center of a deadly hunt, Kakeru’s only chance of saving their lives now hinges on finding the power buried within himself and unraveling the mystery of his own origins and family… if he can survive long enough to do it! The horrors of the Red Night are just the beginning of the nightmare as shocking truths are exhumed!

“11EYES” is a horror action anime series based on the eroge of the same title. The story centers around Kakeru Satsuki, a high school student who grew up an orphan and always wears an eye patch on his right eye because for some unknown reason, is a different color than his normal eye. His older sister took her own life when he was quite young and ever since then, his only real friend has been a girl named Yuka. One day, Kakeru and Yuka are sucked into a terrifying alternate reality called the Red Night where they are attacked by weird monsters and a group of beings called the Black Knights. They are able to escape the Red Night after some time, but find themselves trapped in that world once again very soon after they were able to leave. But this time they discover that they are not the only ones from the normal world who get trapped in the Red Night. They encounter Misuzu, an onmyouji priestess and upperclassman. They then encounter a mysterious girl being held captive within a crystal by the Black Knights. They soon realize that Kakeru’s right eye might hold the key to figuring out what is happening and possibly save them as well.

“11EYES” focuses on the following main characters:

Kakeru Satsuki – Kakeru Satsuki is the male protagonist of the series. Currently a high school student, he is an orphan and his sister took her own life when he was still very young. His right eye is a different color than his left, therefore he wears a eye patch to cover it up to avoid any questions that should arise. He and Yuka get stuck in the weird dimension called the Red Night and their lives are changed forever. He soon finds out that his right eye is more than a different color and may play a large part in what is happening to him and the others that get stuck in the Red Night.

Yuka Minase – Yuka is Kakeru’s only childhood friend. They grew up together at the orphanage and they are extremely close. While she is usually rather sweet and calm, her personality starts to change when others start to get too close to Kakeru, who she apparently has very strong feelings for…

Misuzu Kusakabe – Misuzu is an onmyouji priestess that they find trapped in the Red Night with them. She is a senior classmte and very strong. She acts as the leader to the group an helps train Kakeru to become stronger. However, the more time that they spend together, the more her feelings seem to grow for him.

Yukiko Hirohara – Yukiko is a classmate of Kakeru and Yuka and for the most part, a very cheerful and silly girl with a slight fascination with boobs. She is from a country called Dransvania and has a very dark past. When she takes her glasses off, she becomes a completely different person: a cold-blooded killer who is very skilled at fighting. It is pretty apparent that she has feelings for Takahisa.

Takahisa Tajima – Takahisa is a delinquent at Kakeru and Yuka’s high school. He was adopted by the school nurse, Saiko. He is another person who gets sucked into the Red Night. He has the ability of pyrokinetics and at first, he has no interest in the others that get sucked into the Red Night along with him. However he has feelings for Yukiko and eventually is willing to help the others.

Kukuri Tachibana – Kukuri is someone that has the exact same name and appearance as Kakeru’s sister that died years ago. She’s shrouded in mystery and a mute for an unknown reason. She is introduced to Kakeru and Yuka by Misuzu.

Shiori Momono – Shiori is a mysterious transfer student that suddenly appears in their school when all of the events involving the Red Night start happening. She doesn’t have much direct contact with Kakeru and the others at first, but she seems to be observing hem by hanging around their friends Kaori and Tadashi.

Lisette – Lisette is the mysterious girl they find trapped within a crystal and held captive by the Black Knights in the Red Night. They soon find out that she’s not all that she seems to be.

The Black Knights – The Black Knights are the enemies that Kakeru and the others find themselves fighting against in the Red Night. Calling them “Fragments”, for some reason the Black Knights are hunting down Kakeru and his friends, trying to kill them. They have unearthly appearances and have special powers. They are holding Lisette prisoner within a crystal.

“11EYES” features a total of 13 episodes on two DVDs. Here is a spoiler-less summary of each episode:


  • Episode 1- Red Night – Kakeru and Yuka are sucked into the Red Night.
  • Episode 2- The Girl in the Crystal – ts and convict him of the hit?.
  • Episode 3- Lonely Pride – Kakeru wants to protect Yuka and asks Misuzu to train him.
  • Episode 4- A Smiling Mask – Yukiko reveals a much darker side of herself.
  • Episode 5- For Friends and For Tomorrow – Kakeru and Yuka are introduced to Kukuri, who looks exactly like Kakeru’s dead sister.
  • Episode 6- Disturbed Minds -The secret about Kakeru’s eye is revealed; Yuka misunderstands something between Kakeru and Misuzu and runs off.


  • Episode 7- Twisted Awakening – Yuka awakens to her power, but with an unlikely cost.
  • Episode 8- The Witching Hour – Yuka becomes more and more emotionally unstable.
  • Episode 9- Broken Bonds – Takahisa goes berserk and Yukiko has to make a difficult decision.
  • Episode 10- The Witch Awakens – Kakeru and the others learn the truth about the Black Knights and everything else.
  • Episode 11- The Option of Destruction – The tables have turned and the last battle starts.
  • Episode 12- The Dawn of Darkness – The battle with Liselotte concludes.
  • Episode OVA- Pink Phantasm – A very naughty parody of he series…


“11EYES” is presented in 16:9. The art and character designs look great. There is a big difference between the normal world and the world of the Red Night and I think they did a great job showing the contrast between the two worlds through the art.

Like most Sentai Filmworks titles, there is only the option of Japanese audio with this series. The voice acting is well done and the cast is full of very well known seiyuus such as Daisuke Ono, Yuu Asakawa, and Shoutaro Morikubo just to name a few.


The only special features available on the discs are Sentai Filmworks Trailers, Clean Opening and Ending Animations, and DVD Credits.

First impression of the series: A horror action series, where the number of girls completely outnumber the guys; by the end of the series and ova: wow, that was somewhat predictable.

Viewers who were already thinking about checking out this series probably already know it’s based on an eroge (erotic video game) but for those who don’t know about the series at all may want to keep that in mind. This series is pretty mild (until the ova) but it is created for a 14+ male audience, but once you watch the ova the rating jumps to 18+. Not that there aren’t any female viewers who won’t enjoy this… but I would say the majority of the audience would be male. However, despite being based on an eroge, there weren’t that many eroge elements throughout the series until the ova. But like an eroge, it seems to lack a compelling story.

What you will find in this series: action, violence, a couple of humorous characters, fan service and some nudity. What you may not find: a very creative story. Of course this isn’t the first series guilty of such. The story is rather generic and predictable, but characters like Yukiko keep the audience entertained (A super cute, happy girl becomes a psycho killer when she takes off her glasses. That could be creative… nah. But nonetheless, she is amusing.). The first half of the series is pretty light and can be humorous and isn’t as dark, but the second half of the series definitely gets much darker and weirder (how about a razor blade in your tea?).

Of course there are positive things in this series. There’s plenty of action, and I enjoyed some of the banter between some of the characters, as well as the interaction between Yukiko and Takahisa. Takahisa’s relationship with his adoptive mother was also cute. The music is great, especially the opening song “Arrival of Tears” by Ayane. The animation, character design, and the voice acting are all great.

There is an ova after the 12 episode series and that episode is ridiculous. Of course, that’s the point of the episode and they make that clear in the beginning of the episode. While there isn’t full on nudity, there’s plenty of brief nudity (cleverly hiding any naughty bits) and there’s some questionable objects such as a vibrator sword (which is mosaic-ed out but it’s still obvious what it is.). You may not see much, but everything that is implied in the episode is definitely naughty. Pretty much even if the series as a whole may be okay for 14+ to watch, I’d definitely say the ova is 18+. I know I keep stressing that but it really is a bit of a jump. The ova is either going to be absolutely hilarious or too perverse and possibly offending depending on the viewer. I’ll admit that I found it funny but very disturbing at the same time.

The bottom line: this series is great if you’re looking for a series with cute girls, some fan service, action, violence and some humor. If you’re looking for a series with a series with a deep plot, you may not find it in this series. It’s definitely not the worst I’ve seen but “blah” sort of describes most of the series for me. However if you’re a fan of the eroge, you’ll probably enjoy it.

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