Ancient Aliens: Season 10 (a J!-ENT DVD Review)

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Anything is possible and there are so many unexplained things in our planet, let alone the entire galaxy and universe. If these unexplained mysteries interest you, then you will no doubt enjoy “Ancient Aliens” Season 10.

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DVD TITLE: Ancient Aliens: Season 10

AIR DATE: 2017

DURATION: Episodes 119-126 (8 Episodes total – 5 Hrs., 44 Minutes)

DVD INFORMATION: 4×3 Full Screen, 1:78:1 Presentation, English 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio, Subtitles: English SDH and Spanish

COMPANY: Lionsgate/History/A&E Networks


Release Date: October 17, 2017

Directed by Susan E. Leventhal

Written by KJoe Escalante, Kaylan Eggert, Eric Murphy

Executive Producers: David Silver

Local Producer: Stanislav Solovkin

Archival Producer: Marianna Yarovskaya

Line Producer: Michelle Gorski

Music by Alex Khaskin

Edited by Eric Sievering


Narration by Robert Clotworthy

Giorgio Tsoukalos

David Childress

Jonathan Young, Founding Curator Joseph Campbell Archives

Erich von Daniken

Jason Martell

George Noory

William Henry

David Wilcock

Michael Dennin

Mike Bara

Nick Redfern

Linda Moulton Howe

Richard Rader

Robert Bauval

Kathleen McGowan

Domic Steavu

Deepak Shimkhada

Hugh Newman

Ariel Bar Tzadok

On this season of ANCIENT ALIENS®, we uncover more astonishing new evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth than ever before, including an aluminum object that resembles the foot of a lunar lander…but inexplicably dates to over 40,000 years ago. In India, a thousand-year-old mask is discovered that looks identical to the face of a grey alien. Newly uncovered records from Russia indicate that in 1948, an ancient rocket was discovered in Kiev. Is it possible that we are on the brink of a reconnection with our alien ancestors? Watch and find out!

In 2010, “Ancient Aliens” made its debut on the History Channel and now it’s on its tenth season.

A documentary style series which presents hypothesis of ancient astronauts and how historical texts, archaeology and legendary stories may contain evidence of past-human extraterrestrial contact.

The first part of the tenth season which aired from April – June 2017 and features the following episodes:

  • Episode 119: The Alien Hunters – Ancient astronaut theorists discuss the existence of alien hunters and the existence of extraterrestrials.
  • Episode 120: Forged by the Gods – How metals that fell out of the sky may be connected to alien visitation.
  • Episode 121: The Mystery of Rudloe Manor – Is there a UFO held in the underground rooms of Rudloe Manor?
  • Episode 122: The Alien Architects – Comparison of structures in different parts of the world that are very similar?  How is that possible?
  • Episode 123: The Pharaoh’s Curse – Could the Ark of the Covenant be related to King Tut’s Curse/The Curse of the Pharaohs?
  • Episode 124: The Science Wars – Are extraterrestrial artifacts being dismissed by scholars?
  • Episode 125: City of the Gods – Do exotic technology exist in various pyramids?  And was there an advanced culture that lived there back then that established that technology?
  • Episode 126: The Alien Frequency – Is there sensory information that exist in sound and can learning about sound lead to extraordinary things?


“Ancient Aliens: Season 10” is presented in widescreen (1:78:1 aspect ratio). For the most part, the series is well-edited with great use of modern to archived sourced footage, great use of visual effects and also for the most part, combined with modern interviews, picture quality looks good as one can expect for DVD.

As for audio, the series is presented in English 2.0 Dolby Digital audio and narration and interviews are clear and understandable.

The show is presented in English SDH.


“Ancient Aliens: Season 10” comes with no special features.

During my college years, I used to work at a job doing data entry in the wee hours of the morning. And I would often listen to AM radio for talk shows that aired late at night to early morning and would listen to Art Bell and other scientists and those involved in the field discussing extraterrestrials, government coverups, to other unexplained mysteries.

And I could see why many people would be interested in pseudoscience (a term or practice presented as scientific method. Claims that are contradictory, exaggerated or unprovable).

But let’s take a look at season 10 of “Ancient Aliens”. There are no doubt a lot of plausible things and the arguments are good, although of course, the series is more biased towards possible alien interaction and are outspoken about government cover-ups.

The “Alien Architects” episode is also interesting because we know there are a lot of similarities of pyramids and structures across the globe and no one knows if there is a connection but the presentation on this episode alone is quite interesting.

The episode about the Phaaoh’s Curse has been ongoing for decades and many people believe there is a true curse involved with the opening of King Tut’s tomb.

And as for “The Science Wars”, I also understand about extraterrestrial artifacts being dismissed by scholars.  Scholars will always be skeptical as they want to see evidence and facts and the episode does its best of showing the what if…

I found the episode “Forged by the Gods” to be interesting in that it deals with the Betz Mystery Sphere and how the sphere reacted to music and followed people around, it is interesting how many other metal balls have fallen in different countries.  While NASA disproved other metal spheres as propellant tanks, the Betz Mystery Sphere is interesting as it was ovserved, tested and then suddenly it disappeared after being tested by the US Navy.

The Rudloe Manor episode is also very interesting because the location is mysterious and no one, even to this day, knows what is going on in there and there are a lot of beliefs that there are underground facilities under the manor.  But no one but those working inside there know the truth.

Season 10 only comes with the first eight episodes, not the complete season. The episodes were well-produced and was really well-edited and goes into detail supporting a new perspective or various perspectives that is suggested, not made as fact but left for the viewer to come to their own conclusion.

Whether or not you believe each episode, it is quite intriguing to hear from theorists who really believe in such things, may it not be based on true scientific evidence but may it be art etched by ancestors in caves long ago, stories passed down from ancestors or discoveries with new modern technology but “Ancient Aliens” does a great job in presenting it and making viewers wonder if such perspectives, ideas are possible.

Anything is possible and there are so many unexplained things in our planet, let alone the entire galaxy and universe.

If these unexplained mysteries interest you, then you will no doubt enjoy “Ancient Aliens”.

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