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“You Got Served: Beat the World” features wonderful choreography but unfortunately the plot based on the “relationship” doesn’t come out that well.  Still, if you love street dancing, it’s a film definitely worth trying and the Blu-ray looks and sounds fantastic!

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TITLE: You Got Served: Beat the World


DURATION: 91 minutes

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition (widescreen 2:35:1), English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, Subtitles: English, English SDH, Spanish and French

RATED: PG-13 (For Some Sexual Content and Language)

COMPANY: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

RELEASE DATE: June 21, 2011

Written and Directed by Robert Adetuyi

Produced by Amos Adetuyi

Producer (Brazil) – Deborah Calla

Executive Produced by Alfons Adetuyi, Robert Adetuyi, Rob Aft, Mary Barroll, Benedict Carver, Daniel Diamond, Hartley Gorenstein, Sanjeev Kaila

Line Producer: Hartley Gorenstein

Music by Andrew Lockington

Cinematography by Hubert Taczanowski

Edited by Mike Lee, Ronald Sanders

Casting by Twinkie Byrd, Sorrel Athina Jardine, Sara Kay, Jenny Lewis

Production Design by Mark Gabriel

Art Direction by Michelle Lannon

Set Decoration by Peter Wilde

Costume Design by Stephanie Collie


Tyrone Brown – Yuson

Mishael Morgan as Maya

Nikki Grant as Cherry

Ray Johnson as Easy

Chase Armitage as Justin

Kristy Flores as Olivia

Shane Pollard as Carlos

Christian Loclair as Eric

Stephanie Nguyen as Nina

Christopher Toler as Deray

Davinia Lorenzo as Rachel

Jesse Catibog as Kato

Amanda Angel as Maria

Marcio Da Silva as Miguel

Ofilio Portillo as Juan

Luis Lobianco as Bartneder

Thelmo Fernandes as George

Ralph Kretschmar as Martin

Vartan Bassil as Karl

Gengis Ademoski as Arturo

Sebastian Jager as Otto

Benny Kimoto as Werner

From the writer of Stomp the Yard comes this fast-moving film about hopes and dreams set within the high-energy world of hip-hop. As three crews put their futures on the line as they battle their way to the finals at the International Beat the World competition in Detroit, off-stage pressures force them to realize there may be more at stake than just being crowned the best. Powered by the innovative dance routines of Germany’s Flying Steps, Brazil’s Pink Ladies Crew and a world-class cast of performers, YOU GOT SERVED: BEAT THE WORLD is a jaw-dropping showcase of hot flow, cool beats, crazy parkour and the freshest moves on earth!

Cool choreography and a blend of b-boy and parkour, “You Got Served: Beat the World” continues the goal of bringing street dance competition to the mainstream through film!

In the last decade, we have seen the success of films such as “Stomp the Yard” and “Step Up” but in 2004, “You Got Served” made its debut on Super Bowl weekend and brought in $48 million worldwide.  Similar to “Stomp the Yard”, for its sequel, “You Got Served: Beat the World”, we get a straight-to-video release.

For the sequel, the film focuses on three crews from around the world who will be competing at the “Beat the World” competition in Detroit.

In America, team “Fusion” is working hard and trying to find a way to defeat last year’s champions, Germany’s “Flying Steps” which includes the cocky, three-time solo champion Eric (played by Christian Loclair).

For team leader Yuson (played by Tyrone Brown), it means everything to him that Fusion wins this year’s “Beat the World”.  He’s worked so hard and dedicated his life around dancing.  If he wins this competition, it can lead to big things, including becoming a dancer for Jay-Z.

But because he focuses so much on his dancing and winning, sometimes it makes him look self-centered around his crew and even to his girlfriend, Maya (played by Mishael Morgan).  Yuson loves Maya but because his focus is on winning the competition, Maya is actually doing wonderful at school and has been admitted to a very good college that is far from home.  And thus causing some friction between Yuson and Maya.

Meanwhile, the Fusion team wants to make their dance better by incorporating parkour/free step to their routine in order to beat Germany’s Flying Steps.  But will it be enough to win the competition?

In Brazil, the Pink Ladies crew are the best of the country but they depend on Carlos to watch over their money in order to compete at the Beat the World competition.  The only problem is that Carlos has a bad habit of gambling and losing money and when he bets his crew’s money in a soccer game between USA vs. Brazil, expecting Brazil to win, he loses it.  So, the only way he is able to get his crew over to the US is by telling the people that he owes money to, that once they win the competition, they will be paid back plus extra.  Once again, Carlos is betting on his crew to win the competition.

For Germany, the team is starting to lose its unity due to its cocky dancer Eric.  Eric seems more interested in using his fame of having sex with women and its causing friction between team leader Nina (played by Stephanie Nguyen).  But when Eric finds out that the team rather have Nina as their leader instead of him, Eric starts to threaten his teammates that how will they win without him in the team?  Does Germany, the current champs, even have a chance of winning the competition?


“You Got Served: Beat the World” is presented in 1080p High Definition (2:35:1).  The transfer is absolutely vibrant and there is a lot of detail that can be seen from the surfaces, the brick walls and even at the club or during the competition where red, green and blue lights are on the faces of the characters, not a hint of banding during those scenes. Make no assumption that because this is a direct-to-video film that PQ would suffer, this film looks absolutely wonderful and vibrant on Blu-ray!

Detail is fantastic, black levels are wonderful and deep, skin tones are natural and I saw no artifacts, edge enhancement or problems.


“You Got Served: Beat the World” is presented in English 5.1 DTS-HD MA and as one would expect from a dancing film, that is a lot of music, a lot of bass pumping music and don’t be surprised if the audio quality of this film is driven by its musical soundtrack.  Music plays a big part in this film and even when it’s not, there is a good amount of crowd ambiance, distant noises and overall environment-based ambiance coming through the surround channels.  Dialogue is absolutely crystal clear and once again, if you love bass, the soundtrack specifically the music, definitely delivers!


“You Got Served: Beat the World” comes with the following special features in HD:

  • The Making of You Got Served: Beat the World – (8:21) The cast and crew talk about the film, the inclusion of parkour and free step to the choreography of the film and the talent, especially the actors learning the moves for this film and more.
  • 3RUN: The Team Behind the Film – (6:59) 3RUN crew talks about how they became popular through YouTube, the training they go through and how they created their own films and how it led to them working on “You Got Served: Beat the World”.

When it comes to dancing films, I know that there are film critics who just can’t get into them.  But for me, I absolutely enjoy watching the choreography of these films and seeing how far they can take it to the next level.

For me, dance films such as “You Got Served”, “Step Up” and “Stomp the Yard” films are known for their choreography and the plots are typically hit or miss with the viewer.  For “You Got Served: Beat the World”, unfortunately the plot falters with corny dialogue and pacing that shifts from relationship to competition and everything feels sort of forced.

For example, when one is preparing for a competition, the last thing you expect is your teammate to go out and take care of personal problems with his girl minutes and try to get back in time for the competition. No one knows when your time is coming up to perform at a real street dancing event and I just felt the writers were trying to work this relationship angle around the competition.

For “Stomp the Yard” and its sequel and even “Step Up”, the choreography and dancing is important but they worked around the relationship angle as opposed to working the relationship around the competition.  And I know that the goal was to bring that realism of street competition to the big screen but personally, this is an instance where I felt the whole relationship angle just didn’t work all that perfectly. The dialogue seemed forced, contrived and effete.

But I will say that although the relationship portion of the film didn’t go so well, the choreography is awesome!   The dancing of this film is phenomenal and for those who are passionate about dancing, I wouldn’t be surprised if they rewind and play various scenes over and over and be in awe by it.

The Blu-ray release has pretty awesome PQ and the music is more of the dominant factor for audio, while dialogue and music is crystal clear, there is some usage of the surround and rear surround channels.  But it’s the music that dominates the soundspace.  Also, there are good number of special features that feature more dancing scenes and dancers that were cut out of the film due to pacing and making the scenes flow.

Overall, I know that dance films are not for everyone.  But for those who love street dancing, “You Got Served: Beat the World″ does do a good job in showcasing the choreography.  While this film is not as good as the first film, anyone who is into street dancing can surely appreciate the choreography and find this sequel worth trying!

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