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“Wolf Warrior 2” exceeds the first film in quality and performances.  A film with international flavor and shot in Africa, director and actor Wu Jing has no doubt directed and starred in his best action film yet!  Recommended!

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TITLE: Wolf Warrior 2


DURATION: 124 Minutes

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, 16:9, Mandarin 5.1 and English DTS-HD Master Audio, Subtitles: English and Chinese

COMPANY: Well Go USA Entertainment


Release Date: December 12, 2017

Directed by Wu Jing

Written by Qun Dong, Yan Gao, Yi Liu, Jing Wu

Producer: Hallong Guan, Daoqing Ji, Jianmin Lv, Zhang Miao

Co-Producer: Qingyi Chen, Jie Cui, Lu Han, Hong Ling, Hongyan Liu, Xiaojiang Quji, Wenji Sun, Yi Xiu, Hao Zhu

Associate Producer Hao Deng, Defu Jiang, Yang Li, Kailuo Liu, Yan Wu, Zhiyong Xu, Haicheng Zhao, Jiangjun Zhao

Line Producer: Ying Liang

Music by Joseph Trapanese

Cinematography by Peter Ngor

Edited by Ka-Fai Cheung

Production Design by King Man Lee, Ligang Wang

Art Direction by King Man Lee


Wu Jing as Leng Feng

Frank Grillo as Big Daddy

Celina Jade as Rachel Prescott

Gang Wu as He Jianguo

Hans Zhang as Zhuo Yifan

Qian Yu as Bida Qian

Nan Yu as Long Xiayoun

Shanshan Chunyu as Lin Zhixiong

Haifeng Ding as Captain Zhang

Oleg Prudius as Bear

Heidi Moneymaker as Athena

Ann James as Nesa

The Wolf Warrior is back, bigger and badder than ever, in this action-packed sequel to the 2015 blockbuster hit. With his career in tatters, China s deadliest Special Forces operative has settled into a quiet life on the sea. But when he crosses paths with a sadistic band of mercenaries terrorizing innocent civilians, he must reaffirm his duty as a soldier and save the day once again. Fists (and bullets, tanks, missiles and much more) will fly in this adrenaline-fueled tour de force of bravura action filmmaking, all culminating into a climatic battle between the Wolf Warrior and the mercenary leader (Frank Grillo, Captain America: The Winter Solider and Captain America: Civil War).

From martial arts actor Wu Jing (“Tai Chi II”, “The Mummy”, “Shaolin”, “SPL: Kill Zone”) comes his second film in the “Wolf Warriors” series in which he directs and also has the starring role.

In 2015, Wu Jing shown audience internationally that he’s the next generation of Chinese action stars and his last film, Wu Jing played the role of Sergeant Leng Feng, a a Chinese Special Forces marksman who is facing a court martial because he didn’t follow orders in the field.

This time around Leng Feng has gotten into trouble once again!  And the situation has gotten even worse.

The film was release in China in the Summer of 2017 and created with a budget of $30.1 million, the film would go on to earn $870.3 million becoming one of the top grossing films of 2017 and now the film will be released on Blu-ray in North America courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment in December 2017.

Along with Wu Jing, the film also stars Frank Grillo (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “Warrior”, “The Grey”), Celina Jade (“Arrow”, “Legendary Assassin”, “Skin Trade”), Hans Zhang (“Boss and Me”, “No Limit”, “The Rise of a Tomboy”), Nan Yu (“The Expendables 2”, “Tuya’s Marriage”, “The Taking of Tiger Mountain”) and former WWE superstar Oleg Prudius.

The film continues right after the first film as Leng Feng and his fellow Wolf Brigade members bring his remains to his comrade’s family for the funeral.  But while the family are mourning, a real estate company is destroying the family’s home on the day of the funeral.

The boss of the real estate company threatens the soldiers to leave but Leng Feng kicks him.  When the boss sends his thugs after the soldiers, they easily beat them.  When the police arrives arrive, the boss of the real estate company tries to get Leng Feng in trouble and tells him to his face that he will make the family wish they were all dead when they are all gone.

Leng Feng kicks the boss and kills him.  This leads to Leng Feng being sent to prison for two years and is dishonorably discharged from the Chinese Army which he had sacrificed his life for.

After serving his two years in prison, Feng leaves to Africa where he has been spending his life as a mercenary providing security aboard a freighter delivering relief supplies to Africa.  But while aboard the freighter, they are attacked by Somalian Pirates which Feng defeats. We learn that Feng is carrying a bullet which he found when his fiance was kidnapped while on a mission while incarcerated.  And so, he has been in Africa trying to get clues of where the bullet originates from.

While having fun with the locals in Africa, they are caught in an attack by rebel forces who seek to overthrow the government.  Bloodshed happens on both sides but for Leng Feng, he tries to make sure his young friend, Tundu gets to safety.

While Feng Leng is intent of getting Tundu to safety, he doesn’t want to leave because his mother is still in the danger zone (working at a Chinese factory).

Meanwhile, we learn that the rebels are working with a mercenary group known as the Dylan Corps led by Big Daddy (portrayed by Frank Grillo).  And they are after a Dr. Chen who has the vaccination for Lamania, which many people in Africa have contracted and are dying from.

As Leng Feng manages to infiltrate the lab, Dylan Corps mercenaries are there, including Bear (portrayed by Oleg Prudius) and sharpshooter Athena (portrayed by Heidi Moneymaker) who shoots and kills Dr. Chen.  But he is not the only person that knows how to create the vaccine, so does his assistant, Dr. Rachel Smith (portrayed by Celina Jade).  Dr. Chen’s last dying wish is for  Leng Feng to take his daughter, Pasha to safety and so, Leng Feng, along with Dr. Smith and Dr. Chen’s daughter must survive the onslaught of Dylan Corps mercenaries that are after them, as they attempt to capture Dr. Smith and the girl.



“Wolf Warrior 2” is presented in 1080p High Definition and is presented in 16×9. There is no doubt that “Wolf Warrior 2” was created with a higher budget.  It has an international feel, shot in Africa, international talent, larger explosions and everything from picture quality is much better with this sequel.  Close-ups show great detail, the film looks great in HD


“Wolf Warrior 2” is presented in Mandarin and English  5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. Dialogue is crystal clear through the front channels but also the action sequences which utilize the surround channels and LFE well. The film is quite immersive during the action sequences and the film sounds great in HD!


“Wolf Warrior 2” comes a “Behind-the-Scenes” featurette

For many films with a sequel, not all can best the original.  But there are few films that do.

“Wolf Warrior 2” can be added to those list of films that are much better than the original as the last film was too focused in a jungle and while action-packed and exciting, it became a bit repetitive.

“Wolf Warrior 2” is much different than most Chinese action films that stay focused in Asia, but this time around, Wu Jing’s latest film has an international flavor.  I’m not sure where the film was shot in Africa but with the collaboration between both countries, it was no doubt fascinating to see this international flavor for a Chinese action film.

This time you have actor Frank Grillo and even former WWE superstar Oleg Prudius as antagonists.  “Arrow” star Celine Jade as Dr. Rachel Prescott Smith as Leng Feng’s counterpart along with actors Hans Zhang and Gang Wu.

I have no doubt that Weng Ju will no doubt be the next martial arts star that we will see more of in the near future as this film is bigger, better, more explosive than the first.

It’s one thing to have action scenes from martial arts fighting, gun battles but this film has tank battles, drone attacks and high-adrenaline battle scenes.  There is so much packed into this one film that it’s a popcorn action film with substance, not all just action.

And we will no doubt see more of the character Leng Feng in the near future! (So, don’t stop watching when the credits show up.)

The film also shows the collaboration between China and Africa.  I didn’t know much about China’s presence in Africa but learned that a few years ago, the Chinese government offered a $60 billion loan and aid package to Africa to develop infrastructure, improve agriculture and reduce poverty in the content.

I read on one site that there are almost 75,000 Chinese residents living in Ghana.  Chinese businesses such as restaurants, casinos and grocery stores are being developed, facilities are being built, railways and telecom systems and more roads being developed.    Although media tends to report on the negative of illegal gold mining or illegal poaching or creating a new location for cheap labor costs and that China is exploiting the resources of a poor country.

I’m not going to be polemic upon the subject because I’m not really in the know of how things truly are economically and politically but the fact is that both countries are working together and a film such as “Wolf Warrior 2” is an example of that and wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing more Chinese films shot in Africa.

The Blu-ray looks great in 1080p High Definition and the lossless soundtrack is immersive and cool!  And you get behind-the-scene featurettes which include interviews with director Wu Jing, the talent and also filming in Africa.

Overall, “Wolf Warrior 2” exceeds the first film in quality and performances.  A film with international flavor and shot in Africa, director and actor Wu Jing has no doubt directed and starred in his best action film yet!


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