WAYNE’S WORLD 2 (a J!-ENT Blu-ray Disc Review)

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“Wayne (Mike Meyers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) are back with the 1993 sequel to the hit comedy film ‘WAYNE’S WORLD’.  More crazy hijinks and rock n’ roll!”

Images courtesy of © 1993 Paramount Pictures.  All Rights Reserved.  “WAYNE’S WORLD” is a trademark of NBC.  All Rights Reserved.


DURATION: 94 Minutes

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, English 5.1 Dolby TrueHD, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, Subtitles: English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese

RATED: PG-13 (For Ribald Humor)

COMPANY: Paramount Home Entertainment

RELEASE DATE: May 12, 2009

Directed by Stephen Surjik

Characters by Mike Myers

Written by Mike Myers, Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner

Executive Produced by Hawk Koch

Produced by Lorne Michaels

Co-Produced by Dinah Minot and Barnaby Thompson

Music by Carter Burwell

Director of Photography: Francis Kenny

Edited by Malcolm Campbell

Casting by Lora Kennedy

Production Design by Gregg Fonseca

Art Direction by Richard Toyon

Set Decoration by Jay Hart

Costume Design by Melina Root


Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell

Dana Carvey as Garth Algar

Christopher Walken as Bobby Cahn

Tia Carrere as Cassandra Wong

Chris Farley as Milton

Ralph Brown as Del Preston

James Hong as Jeff Wong

Rip Taylor as himself

Aerosmith as themselves

Heather Locklear as herself

Kim Bassinger as Honey Hornee

Kevin Pollak as Jerry Segal

Drew Barrymore as Bjergen Kjergen

Jay Leno as himself

Olivia D’Abo as Betty Jo

Everyone’s favorite headbangers from Aurora, Illinois, are back in this sequel to the 1992 hit comedy Wayne’s World. The success of their TV show allows Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) to finally move out of their parents’ homes, but now they have to figure out what to do with their lives. Wayne’s girlfriend, up-and-coming rock star Cassandra (Tia Carrere), is enjoying a career boost thanks to her new manager Bobby Cohn (Christopher Walker), but Garth thinks that Bobby is more interested in her body than her place on the charts. Meanwhile, Wayne is visited in a dream by the late Jim Morrison (Michael A. Nickles), who convinces him to promote a massive rock festival, “Waynestock,” featuring Aerosmith as headliners. Garth, on the other hand, is finally relieved of his pesky virginity by femme fatale Honey Hornee (Kim Basinger), though it turns out that Honey has a hidden agenda. Drew Barrymore, Harry Shearer, and Charlton Heston play cameo roles in Wayne’s World 2, and Jay Leno, Rip Taylor, and Todd Rundgren appear as themselves.

“WAYNE’S WORLD 2”, the 1993 sequel to the financially successful 1992 film was released in the theaters.  And although not as successful as the first film, the sequel still manages to contain a lot of the wackiness and craziness that Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey can dish out of their popular SNL characters.

The film is based on the popular Saturday Night Live skit “Wayne’s World” featuring Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell and Dana Carvey as Garth Algar, hosts of an Aurora, Illinois cable access show “Wayne’s World” in which the guys talk about their personal lives and rock music.  And quite low budget and shot in the basement of Wayne’s parents home.

During that time, “Saturday Night Live” definitely had a surge in popularity with their current comedy lineup and the skit was so successful that various catchphrases from that skit became part of American pop culture as people would use words like “That’s what she said”, “Shchyea” and “Schwing”.  And because the first film was quite successful and made money, a second film was released a year later.

For the sequel, SNL producer Lorne Michaels selected fellow Canadian Stephen Surjik who was known for his work on the show “The Kids in the Hall” and a return for writers Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner.

Since the last film, a year has past and Wayne has moved out of his parents home and now lives with Garth in an abandoned factory loft in Aurora.  Garth is still dating the beautiful Cassandra Wong (Tia Carrere) and Garth, well he’s still Garth.  Wayne and Garth and two of their buddies are attending an Aerosmith concert where the Wayne and Garth have special backstage passes to meet the band.  The two eventually get backstage and meet the band but Cassandra leaves Wayne & Garth to be with her new producer Bobby Cahn (Christopher Walken), while the guys are left behind with nerds.

Meanwhile, Cassandra has been busy working with her record producer for a while now and Bobby knows that if her career is going to flourish, she needs to get her out of Aurora.  But she wants to stay in Aurora and be with her boyfriend Wayne.  Bobby immediately sees Wayne as a threat.

As Wayne goes to bed, he has this dream of being with a barely dressed Indian and Jim Morrison (lead vocalist of the rock band The Doors).  Morrison tells Wayne that he needs to put on a big concert and thus Wayne immediately wakes up and tells Garth that they both need to do an outdoor concert known as “Waynestock”.  Of course, Garth being the loyal follower agrees.

While meeting with Cassandra, Wayne and Bobby don’t get along all that well and Wayne tries to show Bobby that he is somebody and thus he tells Bobby that he is working on “Waynestock” and starts telling him that bands like Aerosmith, Pearl Jam and Van Halen will be performing in his concert but Bobby knows Wayne is BS’ing.  So, Bobby figures if he is going to take Wayne out of the picture, he will need to seduce her and get her away from Wayne.  Making him think that he’s no comparison to him and forcing him to breakup with her.

As Wayne and Garth try to sign bands to their concert and sell tickets, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but slowly they get their friends to help and slowly try to recruit people such as the retired roadie Del Preston (Ralph Brown).  But for Wayne, his lovelife with Cassandra is not going quite well.  He has been spying on Cassandra, to see if she’s interested in Bobby and pictures show that perhaps something is going wrong (when in reality they aren’t).

So, when he meets with Cassandra, he breaks off their relationship because he feels that she wants to spend time with her producer than him.  But Cassandra has no interested in breaking up, until Wayne shows pictures of her and her producer together.  Cassandra is upset that Wayne would accuse her of being unfaithful and not trusting her that she slugs him and breaks off their relationship.  So, now Wayne is without his woman.

As for Garth, the opposite.  He appears to have met a sexy woman named Honey Hornee (Kim Basinger) at the laundromat.  He is seduced by her and eventually loses his virginity, unfortunately the more time he spends with Honey, he learns that she is trying to have him kill her ex-husband. And that’s not in his character, so he leaves her.  So, while things are not going well with these two guys in the relationship department, if there was one good news to come out of it, Garth lost his virginity.  Meanwhile, there is another girl that looks and dresses like Garth that catches his attention.

Wayne has another dream that he sees the Indian and Jim Morrison again, Morrison tells him that no one will be coming to his concert and both he and Garth are left in the desert to die.    And that this would be the ending for the film.  But both men stop the ending and come up with a “Thelma & Louise” ending and next thing you know we are back in the real world, in real time.

Waynestock’s tickets are selling and everyone is packing the concert arena.  Meanwhile, Wayne leaves Garth to handle the crowd while he goes off to stop Cassandra’s wedding to Bobby.

Will Wayne be able to stop the wedding in time?  Will Garth and friends be able to satisfy the concert-goers, despite no bands having been signed? “WAYNE’S WORLD 2” features quite a bit of cameos as Heather Locklear, Charlton Heston, Drew Barrymore, Aerosmith, The Gin Blossoms, Rip Taylor and many more appear in this film.


“WAYNE’S WORLD 2” is presented in 1080p High Definition.  If there is one thing I’ve noticed is that many films that appear during the late 80’s and up to the mid-90’s tend to have a soft, dull look in terms of picture quality on Blu-ray.  The good news is that “WAYNE’S WORLD 2” features plenty of outdoor shots.  A lot of sunlight and there are scenes that look nice and colorful and vibrant.  The bad news is that throughout the film, you can see dust particles and white spotting at times.  Granted, unless you are truly looking for it, then you will see it.

I looked back at the my review for the original DVD and I mentioned no artifacts and dust but watching it on Blu-ray, it was quite evident.

As for the audio, “WAYNE’S WORLD 2” is featured in English 5.1 Dolby TrueHD and French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital.  For those who are familiar with “WAYNE’S WORLD”, it’s always about the crazy dialogue and the music.  And this second film does feature music by Aerosmith singing “Dude, Looks Like a Lady” to the Village People with “Y.M.C.A” and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts “I Love Rock n’ Roll”.  Music is crystal clear, dialogue is clear and the soundtrack is primarily front channel driven.  There are some scenes such as a “Jurassic Park” parody where you see the low frequencies in your subwoofer being utilized.  But all in all, the audio quality was good, but nothing spectacular.

Subtitles featured are in English, English SDH, Spanish and Portuguese.


“Wayne’s World 2” comes with the same features from the 2001 DVD. Primarily the one commentary and one featurette.

  • Audio Commentary by Director Stephen Surjik – It would have been great to have Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey as part of the commentary but Surjik’s commentary was more appreciative of the works of the various talent and ideas that were utilized by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey.  Commentary track was a bit on the dry side and I suppose I was expecting a bit more humor.  If anything, Stephen wanted people to laugh and that was his goal.  Also, to not be anything like the original film, which I feel he accomplished.
  • The 14-minute featurette “Wayne’s World 2 Extreme Close-Up: Exclusive Cast & Crew Interviews” – This featurette features interviews with  Producer Lorne Michaels talking about why he wanted Stephen Surjik to direct.  Director Stephen Surjik and the many talent of “WAYNE’S WORLD 2”.  Meanwhile, the cast talked about their characters, the role of the character’s for the film and meeting and working together with Aerosmith.  You get interesting tidbits of Aerosmith being invited for the original film to Tia Carrere talking about working with Christopher Walken.

First, let’s talk about the positive.  “WAYNE’S WORLD 2” is a sequel to the popular hit film.  You are no doubt going to laugh or be intrigued by a variety of scenes that parody popular films or just characters that are just wild and crazy.

With that being said, having watched this film several times already, I’m a bit critical when it comes to the sequel.  “WAYNE’S WORLD 2” is no doubt a very fun film to watch bu the truth is that I felt it was a bit too rushed.  I felt with the original, Mike Meyers brought a lot to the original screenplay but this time around, not being a writer for the film, the sequel was a bit average for my taste.

I did enjoy the appearance and performance by Aerosmith, seeing the cameos of several celebrities in the film was pretty cool.  Kim Basinger, Heather Locklear and Drew Barrymore were absolutely gorgeous and to see Charlton Heston on this film, seemed unreal.  And of course, there were other talent that brought some comic relief such as James Hong who plays Cassandra’s father, Jeff Wong.  His fighting scenes with Wayne was quite fun to watch.   And of course, you get film parodies such as “The Graduate” and “Thelma & Louise”.

Not to say that “WAYNE’S WORLD 2” was a bad movie because it wasn’t.  I was entertained, I just felt that the original was more fresh and crazy, while the second which was also as crazy but had a storyline that felt a bit rushed.  Part of the enjoyment of the “WAYNE’S WORLD” SNL segment and the original film is showing the cable access show “WAYNE’S WORLD”.  It seems as if that was all ditched in the second film.

I went to see both films in the theater and during that time, I really enjoyed the SNL “WAYNE’S WORLD” segments and so, there were so many golden moments from that original film that just made me laugh.  Scenes such as the QUEEN “Bohemian Rhapsody” to certain jokes being quite fresh and new.  I felt that there were scenes that I just felt were classic and memorable.

With “WAYNE’S WORLD 2”, it was more like, been there and seen that.  After all these years, the only thing that stuck in my mind is Kim Basinger and the beautiful Olivia D’Abo (of the “Wonder Years”) looking quite weird as the spitting image of Garth.  And of course, Aerosmith and “The Graduate” parody.

But overall, “WAYNE’S WORLD 2” is about getting people to laugh and there are plenty of scenes that probably will.

For many films, sometimes the sequels are compared to the originals and we have high expectations.   And for “WAYNE’S WORLD 2”, personally for me, it fell way short of my enjoyment of the original film.  Again, not to say its not funny but I enjoyed the original so much more.

And last, for those who own “WAYNE’S WORLD 2” on DVD, sure…its a better audio an video improvement from the DVD release.  But it still has the same two special features from the DVD and it’s not exactly a film you want to show off to friends in terms of picture or audio quality.

Granted, it’s been sixteen years since the film was released and nearly nine years since the original DVD release but there’s no real incentive to double dip and rebuy this on Blu-ray if you own the original DVD.  That is unless you want the Dolby 5.1 TrueHD soundtrack and to watch this film via 1080p High Definition.

If you do not own “WAYNE’S WORLD 2” on DVD and are feeling nostalgic about watching Wayne and Garth all over again, then definitely pick this film up.

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