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“Oh My!  Are you looking for a reference disc to show off your Blu-ray player, definitely add Transformers to the list because the picture and audio quality is just incredible! Highly recommended!”


COMPANY: Dreamworks Entertainment/Paramount Pictures

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, BD Live


DURATION: 143 minutes

Directed by Michael Bay

Screenplay by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman

Story by Jon Rogers and Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Brian Goldner, Mark Vahradians

PRODUCED by Don Murphy, Tom Desanto, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce

Edited by Paul Rubell

Music by Steve Jablonsky

Director of Photography: Mitchell Amundsen


Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Anderson, Megan Fox, Rachael Taylor, John Turturro and Jon Voight

From director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg comes a thrilling battle between the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS.  When their epic struggle comes to Earth, all that stands between the evil DECEPTICONS and ultimate power is a clue held by Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf).  Join the fight for mankind in the extraordinary adventure that “features some of the most spectacular action and effects sequences of any movie of its kind and will appeal to the kid in all of us.” – Claudia Pulg, USA Today

What more can be said about the film “TRANSFORMERS”.  The film which grossed $708 million worldwide, nominated for three Academy Awards, one of the top 30 successful films ever released, made Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox a household name and literally had fans worldwide ready for a sequel (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) set for the Summer of 2009.

Since so many people have seen this film, I’m not going to get into the film but I will talk about if it’s worth purchasing on Blu-ray if you own the DVD version.

More than likely you watched the film, bought one of the many DVD releases or even bought the HD-DVD version when it first came out.  And the HD-DVD release had many fans of the film swoon because of its video and audio quality.

Well, the Blu-ray version is currently available in retail in a two-disc special edition version and all I can say is WOW!.  Let me first say that the DVD version I had was a two-disc version that had no special features but had a “History of the Autobots”.  There were so many releases from different stores which had their own exclusive or something with a collectible that really, it was hard to keep up with what store had which.

So, needless to say that I have been waiting for the Blu-ray release and as expected, the film just looks absolutely beautiful on Blu-ray.


The colors, especially during the outdoor scenes, may it be in the desert early on in the film or during the battles towards the end, the colors are just vibrant.  I was just amazed at the detail that your eyes just starts looking at the little machinery pieces of the robots.  You can see scratches, marks, the sheen of the metal.  I was literally amazed by the picture quality.


This has got to be one of the most exciting audio tracks I have hear on my home theater system.  Because this is a Michael Bay film, you know that there are tons of explosions and all out action.  You literally hear the explosions and I even went to different rooms in the house to see how much I can hear of it with the doors closed.  The amount of bass during an explosion was just amazing and I really enjoyed how much was put into the actual audio track.   TRANSFORMERS on Blu-ray will just make you feel appreciative of True HD audio.  Awesome!


Because of the version of “Transformers” I had on DVD had no special features, I’m not entirely sure what was on the DVD 2-disc version.  But for this Blu-ray release, you get the following:

  • Commentary by Director Michael Bay (Disc 1)
  • Transformers Heads Up Display – View TRANSFORMERS like never before with picture-in-picture behind-the-scenes information and more. (Disc 1)
  • BD-Live Features – Exclusive online content! (Disc 1)
  • OUR WORLD (in HD) – Explore the World of TRANSFORMERS through interviews with the cast and crew, stunt training footage and crew, stunt training footage and exclusive access to the on-set locations. (disc 2)
  • THEIR WAR (in HD) – Learn more about the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS with exclusive access to production design, military advisors and digital special effects. (disc 2)
  • MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE (in HD) – Experience an in-depth featurette on the making of the Skorponok Desert Attack scene, concept boards and theatrical trailers.

I was so happy about these special features and the fact that you get the three featurettes on disc 2 in HD and they were not the several minute type of featurette.  These special features had substance and were quite lengthy.  “OUR WORLD” was exciting to see how the stunts were created and shows you how Michael Bay really knows action.  From the camera setups that he’s built and just to see the behind-the-scenes can definitely be an inspiration to the hopeful action filmmakers out there.

“THEIR WAR” is where you get to learn about the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS.  Why I love this featurette is because you get to see the staff who were diehard Transformers fans and also learn how Michael Bay actually learned to compromise with fans by reading the feedback on various Transformers forums.  That was good to know.  But also, how expensive things were and just the overall selection of robots and the making of them were just great to see.  An awesome featurette.

“MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE” is another special feature that filmmakers will just enjoy.    The Skorponok desert scene was intense and to see how the staff really came through in making certain action scenes was great to see.

The Blu-ray does come with BD Live and thus certain segments such as the HEADS UP DISPLAY is which I’m guessing can definitely take advantage of the technology through updates.  Currently when you wath the film, you will see the robots on the left hand of the screen and see their health meter decrease during a battle.    Also, you can get information through these factoids that show up on screen (which is common with some of the major action films on Blu-ray).

Overall, if there is a Blu-ray disc that you wanted to showcase to a friend or family member of how awesome the picture quality and the audio quality is of the Blu-ray and possibly sway them from DVD, “TRANSFORMERS” is one of those reference Blu-ray discs.

Not only is it top notch when it comes to picture and audio quality, this two-disc package is just complete.  And the fact that you can purchase it online on sale for a great low price definitely gives you an incentive of checking this film out on Blu-ray.

I can’t help but give “TRANSFORMERS” on Blu-ray a highly recommended rating!  Not only is it a reference disc but in terms of showcasing quality, of the several hundred Blu-ray’s released in the market, this one is in the top 10, if not the top 5 for overall quality.

Highly recommended!

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