The Venture Bros. – The Fifth Season (a J!-ENT Blu-ray Disc Review)

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If you are a longtime viewer of the crazy misadventures of the Adult Swim animated series “The Venture Bros.”, will no doubt enjoy the continued adventures of Team Venture, especially in HD!

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TITLE: The Venture Bros. – The Fifth Season


DURATION: 10 EPISODES (198 Minutes)

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, 16:9 Widescreen, English Dolby TrueHD 5.1, Subtitles: English SDH

COMPANY: Adult Swim


Release Date: March 5, 2014

Created by Christopher McCulloch

Directed by Christopher McCulloch, Ethan Marak

Written by Christopher McCulloch, Doc Hammer

Executive Producer: Christpoher McCulloch, Keith Crofford, Michael Lazzo, Steven S.H. Yoon, Doc Hammer

Music by J. G. Thirlwell

Cinematography by Jeff Gardner

Edited by Elizabeth Winter


Christopher McCulloch as Hank Venture

James Urbaniak as Dr. Venture

Michael Sinterniklaas as Dean Venture

Doc Hmmaer as Henchman 21

Patrick Warburton as Brock Samson

Steven Rattazzi as Dr. Orpheus

Paul Boocock as Dr. Jonas Venture

Mia Barron as Molotov Cocktease

Brendon Small as Action Johnny

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In 2003, “Venture Bros.” would have its series premiere on the Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”.

The adult animated series was created by Christopher McCulloch (a.k.a. Jackson Publick) and the series would air on Adult Swim every other year.

Often compared with an adult and twisted version of “Jonny Quest”, “The Venture Bros.” is a series that revolve around Team Venture, especially the Venture twins (Henry and Dean) who take on their nemesis known as The Monarch.  And an ongoing storyline of how these twins constantly are killed but are replaced by clone versions.

The main characters featured on the “Venture Bros.” are:

  • Henry Allen “Hank” Venture – The fraternal twin with blonde hair.  He is outgoing and athletic.
  • Dean Venture – The fraternal twin who is a brunette and is the more intelligent of the twins.
  • Dr. Thaddeus S. “Rusty” Venture – The father of the twins and the lazy scientist who inherited Venture Industries from the famous Dr. Jonas Venture.
  • Sergeant Hatred – The former nemesis of Dr. Venture turned Venture family bodyguard.  His wife has left him for Scorpio and has a obsession of looking at his man boobs.
  • Dermott Fictel – A compulsive liar and was revealed in season four to be the third son of Dr. Venture.
  • Dr. Jonas Venture, Jr. – The deformed twin of Dr. Venture, who is more successful than Rusty.
  • The Monarch – The nemesis of Team Venture.
  • Dr. Mrs. the Monarch (Dr. Girlfriend) – Wife and assistant to The Monarch with a voice of a man.

Season 5 features a total of 10 episodes which are 45 minutes long (all episodes are on one Blu-ray disc). Here is a spoilerless summary of each episode:

  • EPISODE 56 – “What Color is Your Cleansuit?” – Dr. Venture hires Billy Quizboy, Pete White and others. Meanwhile, Dean becomes more emo.
  • EPISODE 57 – “Venture Libre” – General Manhowers sends Dr. Venture, Hank and Sgt. Hatred to Central America to find Venturestein.
  • EPISODE 58 – “SPHINX Rising” – After Gary posts a request on Guildlist for work on SPHINX, those interested are former members of SPHINX.
  • EPISODE 59 – “Spanakopita!” – Dr. Venture, Billy and White head to Spanakopita Festival for the Greek Islands.
  • EPISODE 60 – “O.S.I. Love You” – Molotov and Monstroso are kidnapped by Brock and the OSI.
  • EPISODE 61 – “Momma’s Boys” – Hank and Dermott try to sneak out of the house without their father knowing.
  • EPISODE 62 – “Bot Seeks Bot” – What is happening to Council 13?
  • EPISODE 63 – “The Devil’s Grip” -With Dr. Venture assumed to be dead, the twins are sent to live with their godparents.


“The Venture Bros. – The Fifth Season” is presented in 1080p High Definition.  Colors are absolutely vibrant, there is some banding issues, as well as some artifacts that I saw in different parts of the series, but nothing too hideous.

If anything, the color palette is vibrant, blacks are nice and deep but picture quality is not perfect, nor does it hinder one’s enjoyability of the series.


“The Venture Bros. – The Fifth Season” is presented in Dolby TrueHD 5.1.

For a Cartoon Network Blu-ray release, the good news is that the series was given a lossless soundtrack and that there is surround and LFE usage.  Not a whole lot but there is surround usage and also a few moments of LFE-use.  Dialogue is crystal clear and while there is music, it’s more background noise.

Subtitles are in English SDH.


“The Venture Bros. – The Fifth Season” comes with the following special features:

  • Audio Commentary – Each episode features audio commentary by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer.
  • Deleted Scenes – (5:52) Featuring deleted scenes from the fifth season of “The Venture Bros.”.
  • Fax My Grandson – (3:14) The further adventures of Diamond Backdraft.
  • A Very Venture Halloween – (22:29) A special Halloween episode of “The Venture Bros.”
  • A Very Venture Halloween Audio Commentary – (22:29) Audio commentary with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick for the special Halloween episode of “The Venture Bros.” and the use of newer production and with an editor.
  • From the Ladle to the Grave: The Shallow Gravy Story – (11:45) A story of failure and triumph and more failure and more triumph about the band “The Shallow Gravy Story”.


“The Venture Bros. – The Fifth Season” comes with a slipcase. Also, included is an Ultraviolet code which allows you to watch and share on computers, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, game consoles and connected TV’s.

As season six of “The Venture Bros.” is being planned for release, the fifth season is now available on Blu-ray!

The adventures continue the craziness of Team Venture and the misadventures of the group continues as the fifth season marked a change in the series as we got to see the twins going through major changes. From the twins learning that they are clones, Dermott finally learning his relation to the Venture family and also The Monarch finally enacting his plans to catch Dr. Venture.

For those not familiar with this series, you will definitely want to catch the previous seasons to know the characters and what has transpired in previous seasons as these characters do evolve.

As for the Blu-ray release, picture quality is vibrant, while there are some issues of banding and minor artifacts, but nothing that ruins your viewing of the series.  The soundtrack is also lossless and there is use of the surround channels and LFE, not a whole lot, but the fact that we do get a lossless soundtrack is a plus.

Also, you get the Halloween special and each episode including the special Halloween episode comes with an audio commentary track.  How awesome is that?!

Overall, if you are a longtime viewer of the crazy misadventures of the Adult Swim animated series “The Venture Bros.”, will no doubt enjoy the continued adventures of Team Venture, especially in HD!

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