Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two (a J!-ENT Blu-ray Disc Review)

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“Star Wars Rebels” Season Two is fantastic! The adventures, the action, the characters and great writing make the entire series, so worth watching! In fact, I enjoyed this season season even more than the first. A lot of action, great use of returning characters from “The Clone Wars” and more! “Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two” is highly recommended!

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TITLE: Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two

TV AIRING: 2015-2016

DURATION: (Episodes 1-22) 485 Minutes

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition (1:78:1 aspect ratio), English and French 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish 2.0 Dolby Digital, Subtitles: English SDH, French and Spanish



Release Date: August 30, 2016

Directed by Dave Filoni, Bosco Ng, Brad Rau, Saul Ruiz, Melchior Zwyer

Written by Simon Kinberg, Carrie Beck, Dave Filoni, George Lucas, Hank Gilroy, Kevin Hopps, Greg We, Steven Melching, Matt Michnovetz, Bill Wolkoff

Producer: Kiri Hart, Athena Yvette Portillo

Executive Producer: Davi Filoni, Simon Kinberg, Greg Weisman

Co-Executive Producer: Henry Gilroy

Associate Producer: Carrie Beck

Music by Kevin Kiner

Edited by Alex McDonnell, Joe E. Elwood

Casting by Aaron Drown

Art Direction by Kilian Plunkett


Vanessa Marshall as Hera Syndulla

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan Jarrus

Steve Blum as Zeb Orrelios

Taylor Gray as Ezra Bridger

Tiya Sircar as Sabine Wren

Dee Bradley Baker as Rex

Ashley Ekstein as Ahsoka Tano

Keone Young as Commander Sato

Jason Isaacs as The Inquisitor

Stephen Stanton as Grand Moff Tarkin

Liam O’Brien as Yogar Lyste

James Earl Jones as Darth Vader

Matt Lanter as Anakin Skylwalker

The epic battle to defeat the evil Empire continues in STAR WARS REBELS: COMPLETE SEASON TWO! As Ezra continues his journey to become a Jedi under Kanan’s guidance, the crew of the Ghost bands together with a secret rebel cell and ex soldiers from the Clone Wars to join a fledgling alliance to restore peace and freedom to the galaxy. But the dark side looms large as Darth Vader dispatches new Inquisitors, setting the stage for a climactic showdown in which terrible truths will be revealed and the lives of our heroes will be changed forever.

Darth Vader has sent an order for the Empire to hunt down the Rebels and the Ghost crew members must decide if they want to join the Rebels or stay out of the fight.

Meanwhile, the Ghost crew meet up with Ahsoka Tano’s rebel cell and Darth Vader pursues them and finds out about Ahsoka’s existence.

What will happen to the Ghost crew as they assist the Rebels and why is Darth Vader so intent of capturing Ahsoka?

Find out in “Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two”!

What is “Star Wars Rebellion”?

With the completion of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” comes a new American 3D CGI animated television series from Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation titled “Star Wars Rebels”.

Set 14 years after “Revenge of the Sith” and five years before “New Hope”, “Star Wars Rebels” takes place during a time when nearly all jedi’s have been hunted and killed and the Galactic Empire rules the galaxy.

With a total of 13-episodes, the series features a visual style that is inspired by the original “Star Wars” trilogy concept art by Ralph McQuarrie.

“Star Wars Rebels” will now be released on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Disney.

“Star Wars Rebels” begins with an introduction to a young teenage thief named Ezra Bridger (voiced by Taylor Gray) who lives in the Empire-controlled planet, Lothal.

One day, Ezra tries to steal a shipment from the Empire, but also after the shipment is the crew of The Ghost.

The crew consists of Ghost crew leader and Jedi survivor Kanan Jarrus (voiced by Freddie Prinze, Jr.); pilot and owner of the Ghost, the Twi’lek named Hera Syndulla (voiced by Vanessa Marshall); weapons and explosives expert and Mandalorian graffiti artist Sabine Wren (voiced by Tiya Sircar); the tough Lasat honor guard Zeb Orrelios (voiced by Stephen Blum) and Hera’s droid C1-10P a.ka. “Chopper”.

After saving Ezra from doom, because of his skills of survival, the crew of the Ghost invite Ezra to join their crew. And because Ezra is able to sense things with the Force, Kanan accepts Ezra as his padawan and to help him control his newfound power.

As any word of rebels rebelling against the Empire can create the potential of insurgencies, Darth Vader sends his Inquisitors (an agency of the Dark Jedi in the Galactic Empire) to go after the crew of the Ghost and his former Padawan.


“Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two” is presented in 1080p High Definition (1:78:1 aspect ratio). “Star Wars Rebels” features its own unique visual style and for the most part, it’s pretty cool to see how much detail is put into the space vehicles and the planets.

While closeups do show skin detail and the lips match the dialogue really well, the Stormtroopers and robots have lights of the interior of the vehicles bouncing of their uniforms and for the most part, the series features really good lighting effects.  The vehicles also are well-rendered.

Granted, the CG animation is subjective to the viewer if one likes the visuals of the CG animated series, but for me, I felt the series was well-animated and there was great attention in creating the various worlds, vehicle usage and also overall effects were well-done.

I did not notice any artifacts or banding issues during my viewing of each episode.


“Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two” is presented in English and French 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish 2.0 Dolby Digital with subtitles in English SDH, French and Spanish.

I would say that I’m a bit surprised that the series on Blu-ray does not utilize a DTS-HD Master Audio track like the final three seasons of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” but in this case, they decided to go with an English 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack.

While dialogue is crystal clear, especially the John Williams musical score and light saber sound effects and utilizing the surround channels for the action sequences, it would have been awesome to have a lossless soundtrack for the Blu-ray release.


“Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two” comes with the following special features:

  • Rebels Recon – 22 featurettes from “Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two” that were featured on
  • Connecting the Galaxy: Rebels Season 2 – (3:28) Easter eggs featured in season two of “Star Wars Rebels”.
  • From Apprentice to Adversary: Vader vs. Ahsoka – (6:00) Dave Filoni discusses the confrontation between Ahsoka and Vader.


“Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two” comes with a slipcover and a DisneyMovieRewards code.

For fans of “Star Wars Rebels”, one will love the second season for showcasing more Darth Vader and for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” fans, the series featuring more of Jedi, Ahsoko Tano (Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan apprentice) and Clone Captain Rex (a.k.a. CT-7567).

And as the Ghost crew take part in more Rebel missions, one of them includes working under Princess Leia.

And with Darth Vader finding out that his former Padawan is still alive after the slaughter of Jedi’s after Order 66, he sends his Inquisitors (Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister) to hunt down after her and other surviving Jedi’s.  So, Kanan and Ezra are targets as well.

But this season also features a few individual and team building episodes.  From Ezra searching for his parents and finding out what happened to them, to Hera having to come across her father, the famous Twi’lek resistance fighter Cham Syndulla, Zed, Sabine and even Chopper have their own stories.

But for this season, I feel that many fans will enjoy the episodes featuring Ahsoka investigating Darth Vader, Kanan’s worries about Ezra’s temper and everything else that culminates in the surprising, final episode of the second season.

But I’m really enjoying the character dynamics of the Ghost Crew for this second season.

As there are rebel cells in the galaxy who fight the oppression of the Empire, “Star Wars Rebels” is fairly interesting as the Ghost Crew consists of a Jedi and a thief turned jedi-in-training plus a tough Lasat honor guard that young male audiences can enjoy, the show also takes a step in the right direction of including two strong female characters.

You have a Twi-lek owner and pilot of the Ghost and female teen graffiti artist in Mandalorian outfit and helmet and is a weapons expert. So, you have a good balance of characters that will no doubt entertaining both male and female audiences and it’s centered around the whole “Star Wars” universe, so you can definitely expect to see well-known “Star Wars” characters, and for season two, expect to see Darth Vader and Princess Leia.

And for fans of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, many will be happy to see the return of Jedi Ahsoka Tano (who was the Padawan apprentice of Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”), but this time as an adult and Rex, who is now much older.  Also, the pirate Hondo Ohnaka also makes a return in the second season of “Star Wars Rebels”.

I also enjoyed the storyline progression of Kanan and Ezra’s jedi training and the possible fears of Ezra’s behavior.  Which are fears that are most warranted considering what happened to Annakin Skywalker.

But the confrontation between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader was something that many fans have been waiting for and so “Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two” delivered in this long awaited confrontation!

I felt that the overall writing and voice acting for the series is fantastic. Each episode is adventurous and also full of peril and each episode features something with a character(s) that has an effect in the next or later episodes. So, unlike animated series which tend to have its own isolated episode with no connection to each other, “Star Wars Rebels” episodes have a connection which I enjoyed.

As for the Blu-ray release, I absolutely enjoy the visual look of “Star Wars: Rebels”. Great character and mechanical designs that feature detailed CG that look vibrant on Blu-ray. I did not notice any artifacts or banding issues. As for the soundtrack, unfortunately it’s not a lossless soundtrack, but it’s still a strong 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack featuring clear dialogue, music and special effects.

As for special features, the series comes with plenty of special features including 19 Rebels Recon featurettes as featured on

Overall, “Star Wars Rebels” Season Two is fantastic! The adventures, the action, the characters and great writing make the entire series, so worth watching!  In fact, I enjoyed this season season even more than the first.  A lot of action, great use of returning characters from “The Clone Wars” and more!

“Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two” is highly recommended!

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