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“Absolutely breathtaking on Blu-ray.  ABC Studios delivers with this high definition experience for ‘LOST’ season 4.  The island comes alive with vibrant colors and the uncompressed English 5.1 audio track sounds great!  But the additional exclusive features to Blu-ray make this season box set also worth owning!  Awesome!”


COMPANY: abc studios

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition/1:78:1, English 5.1 uncompressed (48 khz/16-bit), English 5.1, French 5.1, Spanish 5.0 Dolby Digital, English, French and Spanish subtitles

DURATION: 604 minutes

Immense yourself in the boldest show on television with every mysterious twist and turn of LOST’s addictive Fourth Season.  Exploding with never-before-seen extras, plus unsurpassed picture and sound, LOST is even more magnificent on Blu-ray High Definition.

More than three months after their fateful crash, the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 will discover that the only thing more dangerous than the island might be the people who have come to rescue them.

Experience every moment of the spectacular action on Blu-ray High Definition with pristine visuals and theater-quality sound, and enjoy original flashbacks, mind-bending flash-forwards and audio commentaries exclusive to Blu-ray.  Experience one of the most groundbreaking shows in television history and “let LOST remind you of how spectacular scripted network programming can be.” says USA Today.

LOST Season 4 started off with a bang.  In the final episode of Season 3, we see Jack finally getting an opportunity to go back home but having that opportunity being taken away from him.  We see the Others attack the camp of where the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 were staying but most of all, a significant death of a main character.  But what was even more surprising for everyone was to see Jack and Kate several years in the future.  With Jack telling Kate that they need to go back.

This left fans with a significant hint that there are survivors who made it off the island.  But who were they?  Also, who will be rescuing the survivors or more like, are they even there to save them?

There are so many things that happened in Season 4 that it would be too difficult to explain but I can tell you that the whole season was exciting and despite the writer’s strike possibly hindering the amount of episodes in the season, “LOST” was able to capitalize with quality over quantity in a total of 13 episodes and boy did they deliver.

“LOST – THE COMPETE FOURTH SEASON” features the following episodes:

  1. The Beginning of the End
  2. Confirmed Dead
  3. The Economist
  4. Eggtown
  5. The Constant
  6. The Other Woman
  7. Ji Yeon
  8. Meet Kevin Johnson
  9. The Shape of Things to COme
  10. Something Nice Back Home
  11. Cabin Fever
  12. There’s No Place Like Home (Part 1 of 2)
  13. There’s No Place Like Home (Part 2 of 2)

Again, I really don’t want to spoil the season for anyone but I will say that the body count of this season is quite high and the amount of action is also quite high for the fourth season.  The storytelling was just awesome and the acting was well done.  Especially the final episode.  Absolutely fantastic!


The video is featured in 1080p High Definition/1:78:1.  One of the first things you will notice is how the island just comes alive with the vibrant colors.  From the lush greens to the variation of blues from the sky to the ocean.  And yes, you will be able to see the pores, the wrinkles of each actor.  The picture quality was absolutely beautiful.  I did see a few scenes (low-light) where there was considerable noise.  But only a few scenes.


The audio features are English 5.1 uncompressed (48khz/16-bit) and English and French in Dolby Digital 5.1 and Spanish in Dolby Digital 2.0.  During the action scenes or when you hear the music during a suspenseful scene, that is when you hear the audio being utilized.  Especially for this season due to the amount of explosions.  But overall, the audio is primarily dialogue.  You won’t hear birds chirping or the oceans waves pounding from the island, but after watching the featurettes and the challenges of filming in public beaches and areas near traffic, I can understand the crew trying to make sure the dialogue came out clear and not trying to incorporate another noises that could have hindered the dialogue.


The Blu-ray edition of “LOST – THE COMPLETE SEASON FOUR” definitely is full of special features.  Included are:

  • LOST in 8:15 – Learn about “LOST SEASONS 1-3” in 8:15
  • The Right to Bear Arms – Guns are used a lot in “LOST” but because they are on an island, who has to track who has what weapon and how many weapons there are.  This featurette was quite interesting.
  • The Freighter Folk – A look at the new faces on this third season of people on that freighter
  • The Island Backlot: Lost in Hawaii – A fantastic featurette that is quite lengthy and shows how certain scenes have come to life on “LOST”.  How certain countries around the world were all filmed in Hawaii and how post-production came through to make it look like it was filmed elsewhere. Very entertaining featurette.
  • The Oceanic Six: A Conspiracy of Lies – A very interesting 20+ minute documentary about those who challenge the inconsistencies of the Oceanic 6 survivors and research disputing the survivor’s stories.  Very interesting!
  • Offshore Shoot – The building and shooting on the freighter
  • Lost – The Missing Pieces – These “MOBisodes” were featured on and there are certain scenes not shown on “LOST” that definitely shows missing pieces from previous seasons that actually make you think and wonder of past storylines.  Without spoiling this part for for anyone, I will talk about one which took place in the early parts of Season 1 between Sun and Michael.  Sun was burying her California ID which she was going to use after separating from her husband.  But Michael arrives and really listens to her.   The two nearly get romantic.  You never see this on Season 1.  You get a feeling that perhaps Michael may like Sun but you never see anything happen.  But after seeing this one MOBisode, you actually see both of them nearly kissing.
  • Soundtrack of Survival: Composing for Character, Conflict & the Crash – This section was on how the music is scored for “LOST” but also featuring the live performance of the Honolulu Symphony Pops.  The Blu-ray version features more live performances including “The Others” (uncut).
  • LOST on Location – Behind-the-scenes of the cast and crew
  • Course of the Future: The Definitive Flash-Forwards
  • LOST Bloopers
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Audio Commentaries – LOST fans will love the commentaries by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.  The two have always had this cool chemistry and humor during their discussions since the first year and their old LOST podcasts and it continues.  More insight on the show and inside jokes.
  • SeasonPlay: This technology allows people to watch the episodes like watching it on television and even if you eject your Blu-ray to watch something else, when you put it back in to your player, it will remember where you last left off.
  • And much more…

Like previous “LOST” Seasons on DVD and Blu-ray, there are also Easter Eggs.  In fact, there over 20 of them.  You can find many of them here.

The booklet inside the case features an Oceanic Airlines “For Your Safety” guide which was more for laughs such as “What to do if you find yourself in an event of an unlikely electromagnetic blast”, what to do if you hear scary voices and much more.

I’ve owned every season of “LOST” on DVD and Blu-ray but the fourth season on Blu-ray is visually and audio appealing  for “LOST” fans, there are so many awesome bonus features, let alone Easter Eggs that you can’t help but be content and happy with the overall product.

The fourth season with it’s gripping storyline, action and acting really made the fourth season quite enjoyable.  But the Blu-ray version really enhanced my love or this show due to the vibrant colors and just the beauty of the island and the audio quality but how many special features (that were quite lengthy) included on this box set.  You’re getting your money’s worth with this release.

There are not many television shows on Blu-ray at this time but currently, I have to say that “LOST – THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON” is the best out there right now.  A total package and a must own for fans of the series!

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