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“The first season that started it all.  ‘LOST – THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON’ looks and sounds incredible on Blu-ray!  Fans of the series, if you thought it was great on DVD, you’ll definitely want to see and hear this series in High Definition!  Highly recommended!”

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COMPANY: abc studios

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition/1:78:1, English 5.1 uncompressed (48 khz/16-bit), English 5.1, French 5.1, Spanish 2.0 Dolby Digital.  Subtitles: English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles

DURATION: 1068 minutes

RELEASE DATE: June 16, 2009

Created by J.J. Abrams

Directed by Alex Zamm

Written by Daniel Altiere and Steven Altiere

Executive Producer: J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Damon Lindelof, Jack Bender, Carlton Cuse

Co-Executive Producer Jean Higgins, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, Stephen Williams

Produced by Ra’uf Glasgow

Music by Michael Giacchino

Cinematography by John S. Bartley, Michael Bonvillain and Larry Fong

Edited by Stephen Semel, Mark Goldman, Mary Jo Markey, Sarah Boyd

Casting by April Webster, Veronica Collins, Mandhy Sherman, Alyssa Weisberg

Production Design by Carlos Barbosa, Mark Worthington, Stephen Storer, James H. Spencer, Zack Grobler

Art Direction by Tim Beach, Mimi Gramatky

Set Decoration by Rick Romer and Brian Costa

Costume Design by Kathryn Morrison, Billy Ray McKenna, Roland Sanchez


Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard

Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah

Jorge Garcia as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes

Josh Holloway as James “Sawyer” Ford

Daniel Dae Kim as Jin Kwon

Yunjin Kim as Sun Kwon

Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen

Terry O’Quinn as John Locke

Emilie de Ravin as Claire Littleton

Dominic Monaghan as Charlie Pace

Harold Perrineau as Michael Dawson

Ian Somerhalder as Boone Carlyle

Maggie Grace as Shannon Rutherford

Malcolm David Kelley as Walt Lloyd

L. Scott Caldwell as Rose Henderson

Sam Anderson as Bernard Nadler

Madison as Vincent the Dog

Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert

M.C. Gainey as Tom

Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau

William Mapother as Ethan Rom

LOST: Season One is the unmissable introduction to an already classic show which is a must own for series’ fans and lovers of groundbreaking entertainment. Go back to the beginning and relive in glorious Blu-ray the first chapter of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors’ struggle to stay alive after their plane crashes on an Island riddled with mystery and suspense. This groundbreaking first season earned twelve 2005 Emmy® nominations and took home the prestigious award for Outstanding Drama Series. It also made household names of its appealing ensemble cast, which includes Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway.

“LOST” the series that took America by storm in 2004 and has since been a fan favorite today.

In 2004, the series was hyped as the latest series from J.J. Abrams who was known for his TV series “Felicity” and “Alias”  and joined by a talented team which includes executive producer and writer Damon Lindelof (“Crossing Jordan”), executive producer and writer Carlton Cuse (“Nash Bridges”, “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.”) , writer Jeffrey Lieber, producer Ra’uf Glasgow (“The Big Easy” and “Profiler”), Jack Bender (“Eight is Enough” and “Beverly Hills 90210”), Bryan Burke (“Alias”) and Jean Higgins (“CSI: Miami”) .

The series debuted on ABC in Sept. 2004 and was instantly a critically acclaimed hit as people all over the Internet would discuss and debate the circumstances of the show.  Series creators would plant Easter Eggs on the TV series, on the Internet, on commercial trailers and eventually people were drawn in by the well-written dramatic thriller and sci-fi storyline, wonderful acting but the overall signs of conspiracy and mystery.  The series would inspire many blogs, podcasts and so much hype that around 17-20 million people were drawn to the series each night a new episode aired.

The series won an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Drama Series” and series creator J.J. Abrams was award an Emmy in September 2005.  The series also won the Writers Guild of America Awards for “Outstanding Achievement in Writing for a Dramatic Television Series”, 2005 Producer Guild Awards for “Best Production” and the 2005 Director’s Guild Award for “Best Direction of a Dramatic Television Program” and the “Screen Actors Guild Awards 2005” for Best Ensemble Cast.

The series revolves around the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 who are marooned on an island.  While flying over the island,  their airplane broke apart into three sections on an island.   Of the 324 passengers of Oceanic Flight 815, there were a total of 71 survivors and a dog but the series focuses on 14 primary characters which include:

Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) – A doctor who has had a tough relationship with his father.  He goes to Hawaii to bury his father who recently passed away.  Jack becomes the leader of the survivors and is attracted to Kate.

Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) – A wanted felon for murdering her father.  She escaped to Australia but was caught and is being brought back to the US.  She is trying to get past her old life in this new island and is attracted to both Jack and Sawyer.

James “Sawyer” Ford (Josh Holloway) – A conman who is in Australia to find the person who murdered his mother.  Takes a liking to Kate and sees Jack as his rival.

Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) – A former member of the Iraqui Republican Guard.  Brought to Australia to take down a terrorist group.  Great with weapons and technical equipment.

John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) – Mysterious and a man who was once crippled but somehow the island has healed him.  A skilled hunter who loves the island and has odds with Jack’s leadership.  Went to Australia on a trip.

Charlie Pace (Dominic Monaghan) – Popular musician from the band Drive Shaft.  But also addicted to heroine.  He is attracted to Claire.  Was in Australia having fun.

Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin) – A single mother, pregnant with a baby and was told to leave Australia and head to the United States.

Jin Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim) – Works for his wife’s father (as a guy who is sent to take care of clients who have not paid and hurt/kill them).  Hates his job but is doing it for his wife.  Very strict Korean man and always trying to protect his wife Sun.  Doesn’t get along with Michael.  He and his wife went to Australia to get away from family and escape to the United States.

Sun Kwon (Yunjin Kim) – Wife of Jin but has secrets including the fact that she can speak English.  Appears to be unhappy with her marriage in Season 1.  He and his wife went to Australia to get away from family and escape to the United States.

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes (Jorge Garcia) – A person who is a millionaire due to the lottery but the numbers he used for the lottery may have given him permanent bad luck.  Known for his humor and is usually made fun of by a few cast members due to him being overweight.  He goes to Australia to get away from his hectic life.

Michael Dawson (Harold Perrineau) – A construction worker who took custody of his son Walt after his former wife died.  He goes to Australia to bring his son back to the US.

Walt Lloyd (Malcolm David Kelley) – Michael’s young son.  The two are not that close (since Michael has been out of Walt’s life for years).  Appears to have some supernatural powers that Locke seems to have noticed in him.

Shannon Rutherford (Maggie Grace) – A wealthy young woman who is a dance teacher who crashed on the island with her step brother Boone.  Very diva-like since she was raised in an upper class family.  Went to Australia to be with a man.

Boone Carlyle (Ian Somerhalder) – The Chief Operating Officer of his mother’s wedding business and the step brother to Shannon.  Boon went to Australia for his sister.

The series starts off with the survivors trying to get things together, bury the dead, finding food to feed everyone and eventually creating their own camp and finding a way to get rescued or even leave the island.  But they soon discover that there is something quite strange about this island.

For the first season, a total of 25 episodes aired from Sept. 2004 through May 2005.   There are four episodes featured on each disc (7 Blu-ray discs total, final episode on disc 7).  Here is a list of the episodes (with non-spoiler summaries) included in first season:


  • EPISODE 1: Pilot: Part 1 – The survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 must learn to work together and find a way to survive and wait for a rescue party.  Meanwhile, Jack, Kate and Charlie go to look for the other section of a plane and discover that something bad may be living on the island.
  • EPISODE 2: Pilot: Part 2 – Sayid tries to fix a transceiver.  Meanwhile, Sayid and Sawyer clash.
  • EPISODE 3: Tabula Rasa – The Marshal tries to warn everyone about Kate and the survivors must decide what to do with him.  A Kate Austen flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 4: Walkabout – The survivors must hunt for food and Locke goes boar hunting.  Meanwhile, Sayid and team try to setup an antenna in hopes of a rescue.  A John Locke flashback episode.


  • EPISODE 5:  White Rabbit – The survivors need a leader.  A Jack Shephard flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 6:  House of the Rising Sun – Jin and Michael clash.  A Jin and Sun flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 7: The Moth – Locke discovers Charlie’s heroin addiction secret.  A Charlie Pace flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 8: Confidence Man – Someone attacked Sayid while he was trying to setup the antenna.  They look towards Sawyer as the culprit.  But is he really the culprit?  A Saywer flashback episode.


  • EPISODE 9: Solitary – Sayid discovers a mysterious cable running through the jungle.   He discovers another survivor on the island named Danielle Rousseau.  A Sayid flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 10: Raised by Another – Someone tried to steal Claire’s baby.  Meanwhile, Hurley discovers that someone in the camp is not on the flight manifest.  A Claire flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 11:  All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues – The survivors discover that there was someone on the Island that is not part of the manifest.  A Jack flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 12:  Whatever the Case May Be – Both Sawyer and Kate discover a locked suitcase at the bottom of the lake.  A Kate flashback episode.


  • EPISODE 13: Hearts and Minds – Shannon and Sayid are growing closer.  Meanwhile, Boone and Locke make a significant discovery on the island.  A Shannon flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 14: Special – Michael doesn’t like Walt spending so much time with Locke.  A Michael and Walt flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 15: Homecoming – Someone has hurt Claire and Charlie wants revenge.  A Charlie flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 16: Outlaws – Sawyer is attacked by a big boar and now wants to hunt it down.  A Sawyer flashback episode.


  • EPISODE 17: …In Translation – Sun wears her bikini in public and upsets Jin and is jealous that she may be spending time with Michael.  A Jin and Sun flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 18: Numbers – Hurley finds documents with the numbers that help him win the lottery (which he believes is cursed).  He believes Danielle Rousseau may know the numbers, so he sets off to find her on his own.  A Hurley flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 19: Deus Ex Machina – Locke and Boone find a plane stuck on a cliff.  A John Locke flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 20: Do No Harm – While Locke and Boone look further into the plane, one of them is severely injured.  A Jack flashback episode.


  • EPISODE 21: The Greater Good – Jack blames Locke for a death of a survivor and the two clash.  A Sayid flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 22: Born To Run – Sawyer reveals to the survivors of Kate’s secret.  A Kate flashback episode.
  • EPISODE 23: Exodus Part 1 – Rousseau shows the survivors of where they can find dynamite to open the hatch.  Meanwhile, Michael, Jin and Sawyer continue to work on the raft.  A flashback episode of the main cast members as they leave to the airport.


  • EPISODE 24: Exodus Part 2 – Another Oceanic survivor dies and the group tries to carefully take their dynamite to the hatch.  Flashback episodes of all main cast members  on the day they are to leave for their flight are featured.
  • EPISODE 25: Exodus Part 3 – While one group tries to open the hatch, Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer leave the island on their raft.  Flashback episodes of all main cast members  on the day they are to leave for their flight are featured.

“LOST” Season 1 makes its first entry to Blu-ray and similar to both Season 3 and Season 4, the Blu-ray’s allow for “SeasonPlay” that allows people to watch as they go and can stop, restart where they last left off.  “SeasonPlay” is optional and people can select it before watching an episode.


“LOST”  is a series that looks incredible on High Definition.  Featured in 1080p High Definition (aspect ratio of 1:78:1), the detail of the island is captured quite vibrantly.   The green lush plants that surround the island, the blue skies, the blue ocean.  Personally, most of the video footage shot in Hawaii tend to be vibrant in colors and “LOST” is no exception.  There is grain that can be seen in each episode and I have to admit that the quality is not up to par as “LOST – THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON” (not sure if they are using better equipment in the later seasons) but the picture quality is still pretty good.

There is little compression artifacts that can be seen in low light conditions but overall, the picture quality of “LOST” is not perfect but still looks gorgeous!  I compared both my DVD box set to this Blu-ray set and the picture quality in High Definition shows off detail that I never caught on DVD.  From the plane wreckage to the orange dimples on the orange peel in John Locke’s mouth.  These can be seen quite clearly on Blu-ray.

As for the audio, “LOST” is featured in DTS HD-Master Audio 5.1.  The dialogue is quite clear but one thing that caught my attention is how magnificent the audio is in terms of capturing the ambiance of the island when each person is moving through the jungle.  The explosions of the plane is caught all around you and you are literally immersed into the destruction of the plane as audio is heard on the front channels, surrounds, rear surrounds and through the LFE of your subwoofer.  Very nice!

Also, I loved how music and sounds really brought an overall mood to certain scenes. The music by Michael Giacchino and the way the orchestra creates that tension for the scenes was awesome.  So, music plays a big part in the series and the music soundtrack is just wonderful!


The Blu-ray edition of “LOST – THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE” is featured in Standard Definition (480i) and English 5.1 Dolby Digital with English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles.  Several discs are full of special features and Easter Eggs.  Included are:


  • Audio Commentary for “PILOT (PART 1)” by Executive Producers J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk
  • Audio Commentary for “PILOT (PART 2)” by Executive Producers J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk
  • Audio Commentary for “WALKABOUT” by Executive Producer Jack Bender, Co-Executive Producer David Fury and actor Terry O’Quinn


  • Audio Commentary for “THE MOTH” by Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk with actor Dominic Monaghan

EASTER EGG: Using your remote, go down to season play and press right. You can get the marker dot on the Oceanic logo on the airplane. This will bring up a picture of a transceiver and you will hear the French transmission from Rousseau that Sayid picked up on it.


  • Audio Commentary for “HEARTS AND MINDS” by Executive Producer Carlton Cuse, Supervising Producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach with co-stars Maggie Grace & Ian Somerhalder

EASTER EGG: Not really an Easter Egg but wait for the main menu to flash around five to eight times and you will see the black mist (monster) come from the left.


EASTER EGG: Alternate title sequence: Go to features and press up and then you will see the marker dot suddenly point to the left hand side up. You will get a short clip of lightning on an island and each character being shown quickly.


  • DEPARTURE – This segment features a total of six features.  Included are:

– THE GENESIS OF LOST: (8:38) All creative executive of ABC had to pitch an idea for a show.  Lloyd Braun, former President at ABC talked about how he pitched an idea of “Cast Away the Series”.  Thom Sherman (President, Bad Robot Television) talks about going to J.J. Abrams to help develop the series.

– DESIGNING A DISASTER: (49:45) How the crew had to create the plane accident for the pilot episode  and had a short amount of time to make it happen.  They needed a plane and had to purchase one, have it dismantled/cut up  and shipped by two freighters to Hawaii.

– BEFORE THEY WERE LOST: (49:01) How the crew had three weeks to cast 14 people to play the major characters.  How certain talent were cast for their role and characters were created after meeting some of the talents.  Also, included in this segment are audition tapes.

– AUDITION TAPES: The audition tapes of each of the main talent.

– WELCOME TO OAHU: THE MAKING OF THE PILOT: (33:22) Interviews with cast and crew on the making of the pilot episode.

– THE ART OF MATTHEW FOX: (6:07) Featuring Matthew Fox’s art and photography.  Narration by Matthew Fox.

– LOST @ COMICON: (1:50) Featuring a featurette with an interview with the stars of “LOST” in regards to their experience at the San Diego Comicon.

  • TALES FROM THE ISLAND: This segment features three featurettes.  Included are:

– LOST ON LOCATION: This section contains several mini-featurettes of crew talking about the filming of certain scenes and the animals that had to be use on scenes.  Included are the following 10 mini-featurettes: The Trouble with Boars, White Rabbit, House of the Rising Sun, The Moth, Confidence Man, All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues, Whatever the Case May Be, Hearts and Minds, Special and Exodus.  Examples include “The Trouble with Boars” which is about the difficulty of using untrained boars in the series and “House of the Rising Sun” is about having to shoot in a cave.

– ON SET WITH JIMMY KIMMEL: (7:15) Jimmy Kimmel goes to Hawaii and visits the set of “LOST”.

– BACKSTAGE WITH DRIVE SHAFT: (6:38) Dominic Monaghan talks about his character and his character’s band Drive Shaft.

  • LOST REVEALED: The following features five featurettes.  Included are:

– THE LOST FLASHBACKS: The following are flashbacks that were not shown on the season finale: “AT THE AIRPORT: CLAIRE” and “AT THE AIRPORT: SAYID”.

– DELETED SCENES: A total of 15 deleted scenes.

– BLOOPERS FROM THE SET: (4:17) A hilarious blooper reel with music.

– LIVE FROM THE MUSEUM OF TELEVISION & RADIO: (10:55) An excerpt from the salute to “LOST” held at the Directors Guild of America.

– FLASHBACKS & MYTHOLOGY: (7:28) Executive Producer/Director Jack Bender and execs talk about the flashbacks and how they are able to make a series and build up character development through their backstories.

EASTER EGG: Not really an Easter Egg but wait for the main menu to flash around five to seven times and the plane stuck on the trees will fall.

EASTER EGG: John Locke Orange Peel Scene: Go on set up and hit left. You will see the marker dot suddenly move to the right hand side, down. You will get a 1:30 clip of the Locke orange peel scene. And how the scene had to be filmed several times.

When the first season of “LOST” was on television, I was instantly hooked.  I was on the main forums every week, downloaded every “LOST” podcast available, read the magazines and just pretty much got drawn in by the story but the various theories that people had about the island, the characters and more. In fact, I have owned the first season on DVD, listened to the audio books and even owned the pilot on UMD.  That’s how hooked I was to this show.

Personally, I just found that mystique of crash landing in an island and having to survive to be quite exciting but even moreso, finding out that there are some weird things going on in the island that makes you wonder if what we were watching is actually happening or are the people actually dead.   There were so many unusual things that have happened and “LOST” was what was needed on network TV.

Also, as much as “LOST” would seem like a wreck with so many characters featured, the way the show is presented through various flashbacks of each of the main characters, the writers really focused on character development and making the viewer feel positive (or negative) about a certain character and learn about their behavior and a past that somehow each character has some kind of connection with each other.

There were so many amazing episodes, one such episode that will always be a favorite was the first death of one of the main 14.  What a shocker! What was equally amazing was watching the season finale and I can remember being shocked and having to go back and forth on my DVR and then later on my DVD copies to see these “secrets” that fans have caught in the final episode.  Nevertheless, that finale was awesome and left myself and many fans highly anticipating the second season.

The first season of course leaves the viewer with plenty of questions (and we’re currently awaiting season 6 and many questions still exist today) but it was those questions that help fuel the fire to various theories that many fans could not help but take part of.  It was quite fun to see how this series captured the attention of so many people and how the producers, writers and even the talent were so surprised of the various theories themselves.

I have to say that watching the first season of “LOST” on High Definition five years later is quite amazing.  The series is absolutely beautiful on Blu-ray and  was also impressed by the DTS-HD Master Audio lossless soundtrack.  And it was great to see all the special features on the DVD included (although I wonder if all Easter Eggs are also included on the Blu-ray since I’ve only found a very few so far).

Fans who enjoy the “LOST” series will truly want to own the series on High Definition.  If you are a big fan of the show, it is pretty much a no-brainer to pick up both Season 1 and 2 (as well as the previously released Season 3 and 4) on Blu-ray.  This season is what started it all and with the final sixth season coming soon, you can’t help but be happy that all four seasons are now available on Blu-ray.

“LOST – THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON” on Blu-ray is highly recommended!

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