Lost Girl: Season Three (a J!-ENT Blu-ray Disc Review)

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While the season is back to a 13-episode series, as far as I’m concerned, the writers and the cast are really taking advantage with this series for the positive by giving us a fantastic season featuring well-written stories, exciting characters and improved production.  “Lost Girl: Season Three” is my favorite season yet!  And the Blu-ray release is definitely recommended!

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TITLE: Lost Girl: Season Three


DURATION: Episodes 36-48 (968 Minutes)

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, 1:78:1, English Dolby TrueHD 5.1



Release Date: November 19, 2013

Directed by Steve DiMarco, Ron Murphy, Paolo Barzman, Gail Harvey, Lee Rose, David Greene, George Mihalka, John Fawcett, Andy Mikita, Michael DeCarlo, James Dunnison, Brett Sullivan, David Winning, Mairzee Almas

Written by M.A. Lovretta,  Steve Cochrane, Duane Taha, Emily Andras, Jeremy Boxen, Alexandra Zarowny, Michael Grassi, Sandra, Chwialkowska, Grant Rosenberg, Shelley Scarrow, James Thorpe, Brendon Yorke, Jay Firestone, Harris Goldberg, Alan McCullough

Associate Producer/Co-Producer: Vanessa Piazza

Consulting Producer: Emily Andras

Producer: Wanda Chaffey

Executive Producer: Jay Firestone, Plato Fountidakis, Paul Rapovski, Peter Mohan

Co-Executive Producer: Jeremy Boxen, M.A. Lovretta

Consulting Producer: Trevor Fencott

Music by Benjamin Pinkerton

Cinematography by David Greene

Edited by Paul G. Day, Teresa Hannigan

Casting by John Comerford, Lisa Parasyn

Production Design by Ian Brock

Art Direction by Kim Karon, John MacNeil

Set Decoration by Andy Loew

Costume Design by Anne Dixon


Anna Silk as Bo

Kris Holden-Ried as Dyson

Ksenia Solo as Kenzi

Richard Howland as Trick

Zoie Palmer as Lauren

K.C. Collins as Hale

Vincent Walsh as Lachlan

Lina Roessler as Ciara

Rachael Skarsten as Tamsin

Athena Karkanis as Nadia

Paul Amos as Vex

Anthony Lemke as Ryan Lambert

Kate Trotter as The Norn

Emmanuelle Vaugier as The Morrigan

In the wake of the battle with the Garuda, Bo finds herself experiencing strange new appetites – and increasingly evil urges. Ever-loyal Lauren and the Succubus get serious about their relationship, but keeping up with Bo proves to be no easy task.

Meanwhile, Kenzi continues to struggle with being human in a Fae world, Hale is named the acting Ash, and Dyson’s new partner – a Valkyrie vixen known as Tamsin – has her sights set on Bo. To make matters worse, Trick reveals that Bo’s strange behavior is a result of The Dawning, a clandestine rite of passage that determines the fate of the each and every Fae.

As Bo rushes to prepare for the ritual that will decide her future, a mysterious being known as the Wanderer makes his powerful presence felt. Should Bo survive long enough to decipher the riddle of this enigmatic visitor, she may unlock the long-sought secrets of her own dark past!

Bo must train for her tests for “The Dawning”, Kenzi is kidnapped and someone has assumed her identity, meanwhile Tamsin tries to get closer to Bo, but will she kill her while working for the Dark Fae or will she join forces with Bo and friends?

Also, Bo and Lauren’s relationship is put to the test and Dyson doesn’t know if he can dismiss his feelings towards Bo.  Meanwhile, someone is targeting Fae’s as a mass burial of Fae’s have been discovered and why are many people fearing the coming of The Wanderer?

Find out in season three of “Lost Girl”, now available on Blu-ray+DVD combo courtesy of FUNimation!

What is “Lost Girl” about?

In 2010, the Canadian supernatural crime drama known as “Lost Girl” premiered on Showcase. Created by Michelle Lovretta and produced by Prodigy Pictures and Shaw Media, the series would go on to air in other countries in 2011 but in the United States, people had the opportunity to see “Lost Girl” in January 2012 on the Syfy channel.

And now three seasons of “Lost Girl” have been released on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of FUNimation, while a fourth season is underway in Canada (the fourth season is planned to air on SyFy in January 2014).

“Lost Girl” revolves around a woman named Bo (portrayed by Anna Silk, “Breakfast with Scot”, “Earthstorm”). A succubus with the special ability to touch a person and control one’s emotions.

Living on the run and not knowing why she has special abilities, Bo works many dead end jobs, living on the run as she gets herself in bad situations. With the latest incident, she sees a a young woman/thief named Kenzi (portrayed by Ksenia Solo, “Black Swan”, “My Louisiana Sky”) being taken advantage by a man in an elevator. Bo uses her powers to seduce the man and literally suck the soul out of him.

Seeing her powers, Kenzi is literally looks at Bo as out of this world and decides to become friends with her and because both are on the run, they both decide to be on the run together.

As the incident of a person’s life being sucked out of them is unusual, the case is then investigated by Dyson (portrayed by Kris Holden-Ried, “Underworld: Awakening”, “K-19: The Widowmaker”) and his partner Hale (portrayed by K.C. Collins, “Bulletproof Monk”, “Owning Mahowny”). While both seem like regular investigators, the truth as both are Fae’s and they must find Bo as quickly as possible, as word will get around that a person with her special abilities is in the city

Both Dyson and Hale are able to kidnap Bo and take her to a secret location. At this location, it is revealed to her that she is a Fae and with her ability, she must choose a faction. To serve the light or the dark.

Ash (portrayed by Cle Bennet) is the leader oft he Light Fae and Evony Florette Marquis (portrayed by Emmanuelle Vaugier) a.k.a. “The Morrigan” is the leader of the Dark Fae. Both want her to join their side. But first, test must be done to determine what type of Fae she is.

It is revealed by Dr. Lauren Lewis (portrayed by Zoie Palmer), a doctor and scientist for the Light Fae, that Bo is a Succubus. A Fae that has the ability to steal one’s life-force through kissing them and to control people with a touch. She also needs to feed via sexual energy. We learn that Bo has been on the run as she has used her power to kill bad people in order to feed but has been trying to find ways of not having to kill anyone.

With no memory of her past, when she is asked to make a decision to decide who’s side she will fight on, she chooses neither side but the side of humanity.

With the help of investigator Dyson, a wolf-shifter, he allows her to touch him and have a sexual relationship clearly for feeding. But as he find himself falling for Bo, and as she falls for him, he is warned by Fitzpatrick “Trick” McCorrigan (portrayed by Ric Howland), the owner and bartender of the Fae pub, “The Dal Riata” in the city. He himself is a Fae but what kind of Fae is a mystery to many people.

With Bo and Kenzi needing to make a living, both form a private investigation business and take on human and Fae clients. But both find themselves handling cases that may be a bit too difficult, challenging and riskier than they ever thought. But needing to survive, both are willing to put themselves on the line in order to take on these deadly cases and solve them.

In season two of “Lost Girl”, the series begins three weeks after the result of Aoife’s attack.  The first season finale featured the reunion of Bob and her mother, Saskia a.k.a. Aoife and it was learned that she was trying to cause a war between the Light and Dark Fae and literally kills many of the Light Fae elders.

As the Dark Fae have now taken advantage of the situation, The Ash is closed to death and Trick, Bo, Kenzi and Hale are trying to keep things under control.  Dyson on the other hand has literally gave up his love for Bo in order to save her.

But the investigations continue in season two as Bo investigates Fae’s that have gone out of control and with sexual tension between Bo and Lauren, both decide to let everything go and become intimate with each other, but Lauren already has someone named Nadia.  Meanwhile, a new man enters Bo’s life, a Loki named Ryan.

And a new threat is in town, The Garuda, as they try to find a way to turn Bo into the dark side.

In season three of “Lost Girl”, the Dark Fae are wanting to start trouble with the Light Fae as Hale is getting inaugurated as the new leader of the Light Fae and Bo is undergoing testing for The Dawning.

Meanwhile, Bo is currently dating and Lauren, and her sexual appetite may be more than Lauren can offer.  As Lauren tries to find a way to help feed Bo’s hunger, Dyson and Tamsin are investigating multiple deaths, especially one who has been in sexual contact with Bo and wonder if Bo has lost control of herself and is killing them.

To make things worse, Kenzy has been kidnapped and some Fae has taken her identity and is using her influence to get everyone to believe that Bo is losing it and has been killing people.

Behind-the-scenes, Tamsin is receiving orders from Morrigan to make her move on Bo and destroy her but the more Tamsin spends with Bo (and also getting kissed by Bo), she starts to develop an attraction and respect towards her.  But will this Valkyrie work against Bo or save her?

And unbeknown to everyone, The Wanderer is coming and it’s something that both Light and Dark Fae’s are fearing.  Why is that?

“Lost Girl” features the following characters:

  • Bo – The primary protagonist who has her own investigative business. She is also a succubus, who has the power to steal people’s life force when kissing them and also able to take control of people when touching them. But as a succubus, she needs to feed and must have sexual energy in order to feed or by kissing someone in the mouth in order to steal their life soul. Because she is not interested in taking part of any side for the Light or Dark Fae, the Fae are shocked because she would rather side with humanity. But Bo has no intention of choosing any side until she finds out more about her parents.
  • Kenzi – A thief and sidekick to Kenzi. She has the street smarts that Bo doesn’t have and because she will do anything to help Bo, she has earned Bo’s trust.
  • Dyson – A police detective who happens to be a a Fae. A wolf-shifter, he is strong, has remarkable tracking skills and smell and also happens to be several hundred years old. He is a member of the Light Fae and despite working for Ash of the Light Fae, his true allegiance is to Trick. He likes Bo but knows his position with the Fae makes things difficult, but he gives himself to Bo in order to satisfy her feeding.
  • Lauren Lewis – The scientist/doctor for the Light Fae and works with Ash. She is also attracted to Bo and does what she can to help her.
  • Fitazpatrick “Trick” McCorrigan – Owner and bartender of the Fae pub, The Dal Riata. His is also a mysterious Fae that only Dyson knows of his true ability and identity and he is the grandfather of Bo and wants to protect her.
  • Hale Santiago – A police detective and partner for Dyson. He is also a Fae and a siren. His abilities allow him to control and kill humans and Fae but also cure and heal them by whistling.  Hale becomes the acting leader of the Light Fae’s.
  • Tamsin – A Valkyrie and the detective partner of Hale and later partner with Dyson.  She is a mercenary and bounty hunter working for the Dark Fae and trying to build a case against Bo but the more she gets to know more about Bo, the more she begins to respect her.  Which side will she be loyal to?
  • Vex – A Mesmer who is a sadomasochist Dark Fae who is always sarcastic and works for Morrigan as her hit man.  But often seen lending Kenzi and friends some help at times.
  • Evony Fleurette Marquise – A Morrigan and the cold, powerful leader of the Dark Fae.
  • Aife (Saskia) – Bo’s mother who happens to be a Succubus.  She is the daughter of Trick and has suffered centuries of imprisonment and torture and was raped by the Dark King and is mentally unstable.


“Lost Girl: Season Three” is presented in 1080p High Definition (1:78:1 aspect ratio). The series is shot in digital and for the most part, the series looks very good on Blu-ray! Some scenes may be a bit soft but overall, the series features great detail on character closeups and black levels are nice and deep.  Much better special effects and production design with season three of the series and picture quality looks very good on Blu-ray.


“Lost Girl: Season Three” is presented in English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. For a TV series, “Lost Girl” features crystal clear dialogue but during its more action-intense scenes, the series utilizes the surround channels but also LFE. It’s important to note that an entire episode is not immersive, as the majority of an episode is primarily dialogue. But when those action sequences do take place, that is when things become more immersive and for the most part, “Lost Girl” and its lossless soundtrack is well-done! Subtitles are in English.


“Lost Girl: Season Three” comes with the following special features:

  • Interview: Jay Firestone – Executive Producer and Owner of Prodigy Pictures – (5:36) Jay Firestone talks about how “Lost Girl” came about.
  • Interview – Emily Andras -Executive Producer/Writer – (11:53) Emily Andras discusses the challenges in making of the series and how she became part of “Lost Girl”.
  • Kris Holden-Ried – Actor/Dyson – (7:57) Kris Holden-Ried talks about how he got the role of Dyson.
  • San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Panel – (44:24) Kris Holden-Ried, Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, Emil Andras and Jay Firestone SDCC 2012 Q&A.
  • Behind the Scenes Image Gallery – Using your remote (or computer), you can cycle through various images from the series.

Having watched all three seasons of “Lost Girl”, not only has the series improved in production but also in writing.

One of the main worries I have had about the series was it becoming too banal and that each episode would be a “case” episode which may work for a lot of primetime drama series but for a science fiction show with a pretty large world and features a lot of characters, “Lost Girl” has a complex but fascinating setting that should be explored and tied together much closely.

And with season three, nearly each and every episode is connected and somehow the characters are impacted and that is what I love about this third season. The writing is much better, the character development is much more prominent, not just for Bo but also the supporting cast.

The addition of having Tamsin become part of the gang is actually a smart move because as much as she was a cold-type of character, the more we learn about this mysterious Valkyrie made things much more interesting.  Add in Vex and a possible love interest for Trick, and things become more interesting.

As season two was a focus on relationships, especially for Bo and Lauren, while relationships play a key factor in season three, there is so much more going on with Bo and Kenzi, especially as Bo is going through training and getting in quite a bit of trouble (as usual), while Kenzi having been affected by her kidnapping, wonders if being human and being friends of Fae’s, will make her useless.  So, what if she becomes a Fae?

I know there are some who may find correlations between “Lost Girl” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, but that’s all right with me as I loved “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” and “The Lost Girl” manages to continue the fun and humor with these characters but also incorporate quite a bit of action and introduce us to wild and crazy Fae out there!

So much has improved with season three that while I was hooked after season one, season three reaffirms to me that the series does not suffer from storyline fatigue.  For “Lost Girl”, these episodes are getting better and better and leaves viewers with a teaser ending that makes you want to watch season 4 on television.

As for the Blu-ray release, picture quality is much better with the third season.  Better production features better lighting and special effects. This season has a cooler feel in terms of colors but for the most part, the series looks very good on Blu-ray and the lossless soundtrack is quite immersive during the action scenes.  As for the special features, there are a few features included but I did like the fact that the entire Q&A from San Diego Comic Con 2012 is included.

While the season is back to a 13-episode series, as far as I’m concerned, the writers and the cast are really taking advantage with this series for the positive by giving us a fantastic season featuring well-written stories, exciting characters and improved production.

Overall, “Lost Girl: Season Three” is my favorite season yet!  And the Blu-ray release is definitely recommended!

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