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“Kung Fu Killer” may not be remembered as a great Donnie Yen action film, but it no doubt a thrilling action film that martial arts fans will enjoy.  If you love Teddy Chan or Donnie Yen action films, then definitely give “Kung Fu Killer” a try!

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TITLE: Kung Fu Killer


DURATION: 101 Minutes

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, 16:9, Cantonese 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

COMPANY: Well Go USA Entertainment


Release Date: July 21, 2015

Directed by Teddy Chan

Original Story by Teddy Chan, Ho Leung Lau

Written by Tin Shu Mak

Executive Producer: Alvin Chow, Nga-Bok Lei, Xiaoming Yan

Producer: Catherine Hun, Ning Song, Alex Tong

Associate Producer: Gin Lau, Paul Au

Music by Peter Kam

Cinematography by Wing-Hang Wong

Edited by Ka-Fai Cheung, Derek Hui

Production Design by Kenneth Mak

Art Direction by Wai Kin Lam

Costume Design by Dora Ng


Donnie Yen as Hahou Mo

Charlie Yeung as Detective Luk Yuen-Su

Baoqiang Wang as Fung Yu-Sau

Bing Bai as Sinn Ying

Deep Ng as Tai Yue

Alex Fong as Chief Inspctor Lam

Kang Yu as Wong Chit

A vicious killer stalks the streets of Hong Kong, methodically executing top martial arts competitors. Xia (Donnie Yen), a convicted killer and kung fu expert, offers to help police find the killer and put him behind bars in return for his own freedom. The killer eludes them again and again, taunting the cops – and Xia, his new target – to discover his next moves. Xia refuses to play his lethal game…until the killer threatens the woman he loves most.


Filmmaker Teddy Chan is known for many of his action films.

From “Downtown Torpedoes” (1997), “Purple Storm” (1999), “The Accidental Spy” (2001)”, “Bodyguards and Assassins” (2009), now comes his latest, martial arts film “Kung Fu Killer”.

The film stars Donnie Yen (“Ip Man”, “Hero”, “Iceman”), Baoqiang Wang (“Lost in Thailand”, “A Touch of Sin”, “Assembly”), Charlie Yeung (“Fallen Angels”, “Seven Swords”, “Bangkoko Dangerous”) and Bing Bai (“The Viral Factor”, “Shaolin”, “As the Light Goes Out”).

And now “Kung Fu Killer” will be released in the U.S. courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment.

“Kung Fu Killer” begins with an introduction to Hahou Mo (portrayed by Donnie Yen), a martial artist serving time in prison.

While reading a newspaper, news is broadcasted that a boxer was killed and the case is being investigated by Detective Luk Yuen-Sum (portrayed by Charlie Yeung).  Hahou Mo tries to ask guards for a personal meeting but seeing that he’s not going to get any special privileges, he causes a major prison fight and then tells the guards that he wants to see the detective.

Detective Luk Yuen-Sum goes to the prison to meet with Haou Mou.  He tries to explain to the detective that the boxer was murdered and that he can help her with the case.  But when she leaves, he starts naming seven names of seven martial-artists and telling her that one of these men will be next.

We are then introduced to Fung Yu-Sau (portrayed by Baoqiang Wang), a martial artist who has learned all major disciplines and has now targeted nine martial arts masters and wants to kill each of them in order to become #1.

With another martial arts expert killed by this martial arts serial killer, Detective Luk Yuen-Sum agrees to let Hahou Mo help her and her investigative team, if it would prevent any more deaths.

But does Hahou Mo have another reason why he wants to help the detective?



“Kung Fu Killer” is presented in 1080p High Definition and presented in 16:9 widescreen.  Picture quality is very good with skin tones being natural and great detail on closeups, as face details or clothing textures can be seen very well.


“Kung Fu Killer” is presented in Cantonese 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio.  Dialogue and musical soundtrack is crystal clear and while an action film, you can hear the surround channels come into play with efficacy near the end of the film.  But overall, lossless audio is very good.


“Kung Fu Killer” comes with the following special features:

  • Fight to the Top – (2:21) The talent and crew discuss “Kung Fu Killer”.
  • The Final Duel – (2:49) What to expect from a Donnie Yen film and making a realistic Kung Fu film.
  • The Spirit of Kung Fu – (2:30) Donnie Yen and Teddy Chen discuss the characters of the film and their connection to Kung Fu.
  • Legendary Action Directors – (2:34) How many respected figures came to work in this film.
  • Trailer – Theatrical trailer for “Kung Fu Killer”.


With Donnie Yen’s latest martial arts action film, you either get a wonderful martial arts film or a popcorn action film that you felt the only good thing about the film was that Donnie YUen starred in it.

And while I was wowed with “Ip Man”, felt OK about “Ip Man 2” and rolled my eyes when watching “Legend of the First: The Return of Chen Zhen” and felt amused with “Dragon” and not feeling any love for “Special ID”, the fact is that Donnie Yen’s presence is a big draw in an action film and that the 51-year-old actor still has a lot in him to continue to create action films that make money.

And with his last film “Iceman”, felt that Donnie Yen still had it in him to create great martial arts films.

My belief still continues that Donnie Yen is a bankable, thrilling action star with his latest film “Kung Fu Killer”.

Pitting together Yen and one of my favorite actors, Baoqiuang Wang as a martial arts serial killer and retaining that cold demeanor that he had in “A Touch of Sin”, it was amazing to see Wang keep up with Yen and other characters in the action scenes.

The actor dedicated himself into learning the martial arts moves, practicing intensely even during rehearsal and it paid off as the fight scenes in the film were absolutely thrilling and to see him play the villain against Donnie Yen’s character, who is the protagonist but also a man serving time in prison, was really interesting.

For those who grew up with martial arts fighting video games such as “Street Fighter” or “King of Fighters” will no doubt gravitate to this film because we see one man, who has learned various martial arts skills to take on the best martial arts master of their discipline in order to become #1.  And in this battle, all losers of each battle will die.

Yes, it may not be as deep as “Ip Man” and for many, will be more on the popcorn action side of Donnie Yen films, but you can’t help but enjoy these fast-paced battles leading to the main one-on-one battle between Donnie Yen and Baoqiuang Wang’s characters.

As for the Blu-ray release, picture and lossless audio is very good.  Slight use of DNR from what I can see but for the most part, picture quality is very good and also the lossless audio.  You do get a few short special features as well.

Overall, “Kung Fu Killer” may not be remembered as a great Donnie Yen action film, but it no doubt a thrilling action film that martial arts fans will enjoy.  If you love Teddy Chan or Donnie Yen action films, then definitely give “Kung Fu Killer” a try!

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