Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season (a J!-ENT Blu-ray Disc Review)

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“Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season” goes into uncharted territory by stripping away the characters and putting them in situations they have never faced before. Many more characters are killed off, the truth of the alien invasion is revealed and all hell breaks loose for this action-packed, riveting fourth season! If you are a fan of the series, then “Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season” is definitely recommended!

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TITLE: Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season


DURATION: Episodes 31-42 (12 episodes total, 528 Minutes)

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, 16:9, English, Espanol and French. Subtitles: English, Espanol, French, Dansk, Finnish, Norsk, Suomi, Svenska



Release Date: June 2, 2015

Directed by Greg Beeman, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Adam Kane, Jonathan Frakes, David Solomon, Olatunde Osunsanmi, Bill Eagles, Nathaniel Goodman, Mikael Salomon, Brad turner, Noah Wyle

Written by Robert Rodat, Bradley Thompson, David Weddle, Carol Barbee, David Eick, Raven Metzner, Josh Pate, Melissa Glenn, Ryan Mottesheard, Bruce Marshall Romans, Ayanna Floyd

Producer: Grace Gilroy, John Ryan, Cyrus Yavneh

Co-Producer: Scott Schofield, Bruce Marshall Romans

Executive Producer: Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Robert Rodat, Graham Yost, Remi Abuchon

Co-Executive Producer: Greg Beeman

Associate Producer: Ashley Shields-Muir

Supervising Producer: Bryan Oh

Music by Noah Sorota

Cinematography by Cort Fey, David Gddes, Christopher Faloona, Lukas Ettlin

Edited by John David Buxton, Michael R. Fox, Marta Evry, Randy Jon Morgan, Edward A. Warschilka, Andrew Cohen, Ken Blackwell

Casting by Dylann Brander, Megan Branman, Sean Cossey

Cinematography by Jan Kiesser

Edited by Donn Aron

Production Design by Rob Gray

Art Direction by Peter Ochotta, Shannon Grover

Costume Design by Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh


Noah Wyle as Tom Mason

Maxim Knight as Matt Mason

Drew Roy as Hal Mason

Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass

Will Patton as Captain Weaver

Sarah Carter as Margaret

Connor Jessup as Ben Mason

Colin Cunningham as John Pope

Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes

Mpho Koaho as Anthony

Ryan Robbins as Tector

Doug Jones as Cochise

Brad Kelly as Lyle

Jessy Schram as Karen Nadler

Treva Etienne as Dingaan Botha

Laci J. Mailey as Jeanne

Megan Danso as Deni

Scarlett Byrne as Alexis “Lexi” Glass-Mason

The pressure continues to mount for survivors as they try to regain control of earth. Keeping up their fight in the war is becoming increasingly difficult as their hopes of life after the alien destruction become more of a distant reality. With the new capitol in Charleston, the 2nd Mass could end up revisiting old territory.

In 2011, Executive Producer Steven Spielberg and producer Robert Rodat (“Saving Private Ryan”, “The Patriot”) created the American sci-fi post-apocalyptic drama series “Falling Skies”.

The series stars Noah Wyle (“ER”, Donnie Darko”), Moon Bloodgood (“Terminator Salvation”, “The Sessions”), Will Patton (“Remember the Titans”, “Armageddon”), Sarah Carter (“The Vow”, “Final Destination 2”, “Shark”), Drew Roy (“Secretariat”) and Scarlett Byrne (various “Harry Potter” films).

And now “Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season” has been released in June 2015 on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of TNT.

“Falling Skies” is a series that revolves around a group of civilians trying to survive in post-apocalyptic Boston after an alien invasion that devastated the planet.

Former Boston University history professor Tom Mason (portrayed by Noah Wyle) has become the second-in-command of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment and trying to fight back against the aliens despite 90% of the human population destroyed after the aliens neutralized the world’s power grid and technology.

In Season Three, Tom and Dr. Anne Glass (portrayed by Moon Bloodgood) have a baby named Alexis.  It was revealed that Alexis is half-alien and the season finale has shown that Anne is quickly aging, in two months, she has the body of a six-year-old.

In Season Four, the 2nd Mass arrive back to Charleston but as the group feel they are safe, they are attacked by the Espheni and the group are split apart.  Matt (portrayed by Maxim Wright) is at an Espheni re-education camp; Ben (portrayed by Connor Jessup) is in Chinatown and finds out his sister Lexi is now grown up.  Anne is now in charge of leading the 2nd Mass survivors in hopes she can find her daughter Lexi.

The 2nd Mass fears Lexi because she is not human and has powers and some want her dead.  Meanwhile, as the group stay in an underground shelter, mechs and skitters continue their attack on humanity, who in the 2nd Mass will survive and who will die in the battle?

And in season four, the true two purposes of the alien invasion is revealed!


“Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season” is presented in 1080p High Definition (1:78:1 aspect ratio). Picture quality for this season shows a lot of cold blues and grays and a lot of darkness.  Black levels are nice and deep but closeups show fantastic detail! No low noise fluctuations, no major artifacts, banding or major use of DNR.


“Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season” is presented in English, Spanish and French DTS-HD Master Audio. Dialogue and musical score is crystal clear through the front and center channels. While action scenes (gunfire and explosions) utilize the surround channels, with some moments of intense gunfire coming through the rear surround channels.

Subtitles are presented in English, Espanol, Francais, Dansk, Finnish, Norsk, Suomi and Svenska.


“Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season” comes with the following special features:

  • Inside the Episode – A behind-the-scenes look of eleven episodes (on both discs)
  • Episodic Prequels – (17:48) Episode prequels for seven episodes (shot by a cameraman filming the human survivors until they were attacked by aliens).
  • Character Interviews – (7:40) Brief interviews with the cast members (Colin Cunningham, Connor Jessup, Drew Roy, Maxim Knight, Moon Bloodgood, Noah Wyle, Sarah Carter and Scarlett Byrne) of “Falling Skies” fourth season.
  • Tom Mason: A Man of Tomorrow – (20:42) A featurette about Noah Wyle’s character Tom Mason.
  • 2014 Comic-Con Panel – (52:01) “Falling Skies” Q&A panel at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International with Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Drew Roy, Sarah Carter, Maxim Knight, Scarlett Byrne, Doug Jones and showrunner/executive producer David Eick.  Hosted by TV Guide’s Rich Sands.


“Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season” comes with a slipcover and an UltraViolet code.


If one can describe the fourth season of “Falling Skies”, the words would use is “uncharted territory”.

While the fighting and the character tragedies continue to mount in “Falling Skies”, season four lets viewers finally know the true reason(s) of the alien invasion, a focus on an adult Lexi who may not be what she seems but also seeing the characters stripped away from each other, separated and now in roles that we have never seen them before.

Main character Tom Mason continues to be a leader and hero but at the same time, we see him in a concentration camp along with Weaver and with other human survivors, so to lead the 2nd Mass, Anne Glass has stepped up and the doctor now becomes the hunter, as she is desperately looking for her baby (not knowing she has become an adult thanks to manipulation by the Espheni).  Meanwhile Pope is deadset on wanting to kill the adult Lexi, because of her supernatural powers.

We see oldest Mason, Hal now beginning to walk thanks to the use of implants, his brother Ben tries to reach out to his half-sister Lexi but also becomes his older brother’s rival for the affections of Maggie.  While Matt is put in a re-education cam by the Eshpeni.

And we see a lot of character deaths that may come to a shock for viewers.

So, you can say that writers have gone all out with season four and getting things in motion for the final fifth season.

While I did find some acting to be a bit spotty for some characters, I did like the direction this series went go into the fourth season and it feels fresh and new once again, despite the series now coming to an end.  The third season was becoming a bit banal and tiresome but you get some much-needed synergy with season four.

As for the Blu-ray release, picture quality is much better in the fourth season Blu-ray release as close-ups show much better detail, the steely cold colors of grays, blues and blacks are still utilized but there are moments of outdoors with vibrant colors and also Lexi’s blonde hair and red outfit often pop in scenes.  I didn’t notice any artifacts, banding or other major issues with this Blu-ray release.

You also get a good number of special features including the 2014 San Diego Comic Con Q&A panel, interviews and a featurette about Tom Mason.

Overall, “Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season” goes into uncharted territory by stripping away the characters and putting them in situations they have never faced before.  Many more characters are killed off, the truth of the alien invasion is revealed and all hell breaks loose for this action-packed, riveting fourth season!

If you are a fan of the series, then “Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season” is definitely recommended!


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