Come and Find Me (a J!-ENT Blu-ray Disc Review)

“Come and Get Me” has the making of what could have been a fascinating spy thriller or world class killer on the run type of storyline, but the film is more of a complex love story with many flashbacks that unfortunately weakens the overall plot.  An OK film that could have been better.

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TITLE: Come and Find Me


DURATION: 112 Minutes

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, (2:39:1), English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, Subtitles: English SDH and Spanish

COMPANY: Lions Gate

RATED: R (Language with Some Sexuality, Nudity)

RELEASE DATE: January 17, 2017

Directed by Zack Whedon

Screenplay by Zack Wedon

Produced by Leon Clarance, Chris Ferguson, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones

Co-Producer: Rian Cahill, Marlaina Mah, Jesse Savath

Executive Producer: Laure Vaysse

Music by Nate Walcott

Cinematography by Sean Stiegemeier

Edited by Greg Ng

Casting by Rich Delia, Kara Eide, Kris Woz

Production Design by Tink

Art Direction by Justin Ludwig

Set Decoration by Janessa Hitsman

Costume Design by Ariana Preece


Annabelle Wallis as Claire

Aaron Paul as David

Garret Dillahunt as John Hall

Terry Chen as Det. Chris Sloan

Zachary Knighton as Charlie

Dean Redman as Jackson

Jessica Heafey as Colleen

David and Claire’s idyllic relationship comes to an abrupt and mysterious end after Claire disappears without a trace. Devastated but incapable of letting go, David follows her trail down a frantic and increasingly dangerous path. Shocked at discovering that Claire was living a double life, he’s forced to risk everything if he ever wants to see her again.

From Zach Whedon, writer for the TV series “Halt and Catch Fire”, “Southland”, “Rubicon” and “Fringe”, comes his film “Come and Find Me” which he wrote but also a film in which Whedon made his directorial debut.

Starring Annabelle Wallis (“Annabelle”, “X-Men: First Class”, “Body of Lies”, “The Lost Future”), Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”, “Need for Speed”, “Central Intelligence”), Garrett Dillahunt (“12 Years a Slave”, “Deadwood”, “No Country for Old Men”), Terry Chen (“House of Cards”, “Almost Famous”, “The A-Team”) and Zachary Knighton (“Happy Endings”, “The Hitcher”, “The Prince and Me”).

The film revolves around David (portrayed by Aaron Paul) and his girlfriend Claire (portrayed by Annabelle Wallis).  The two were a loving couple until one day, she went missing and he had not heard from here or why she left.  And David has not done well and she has been gone for a year. But he wonders if she is on the run or if something tragic happened to her?

Through flashbacks, we learn about how David and Claire met and the memories that go through David’s mind of his relationship with her.

When David calls Claire’s college friend Buckner, he is happy to talk to a friend of Claire’s and to let things out and try to piece together of what may have happened to her.

David let’s Buckner stay at his place but when he comes back, he sees Buckner trying to break a hole in his wall.  When he confronts him about it, Buckner hits David and knocking him out.

David awakes but learns from Det. Chris Sloan (portrayed by Terry Chen) that Buckner is not his real name and that he didn’t attend the University of Colorado, Boulder.  David is shocked and tells the detective that is where Claire met him.  Which the Detective breaks the bad news that he checked and Claire didn’t attend the University of Colorado, Boulder as well.

This leads to David looking into Claire’s photographs that she left behind and David finds her USB.  When he looks at the photos, which shows a group of men.  He finds an address and it takes him to an auto repair location.

When he shows the men that he is looking for Claire, but the men lock him up in the garage and start asking him of why he came to their auto shop.  He tells them that he is looking for Claire but he is electrically shocked by the owner of the shop who tells him that it’s best that he stop looking for her, because he may not like what he finds.

Immediately David becomes the target of a crime syndicate and corrupted police who are looking for Claire.

What will David find as he does his own personal investigation and finds out who Claire really is?


“Come and Find Me” is presented in 1080p High Definition (2:39:1 aspect ratio). Featuring close-ups with very good detail, the film looks very good as outdoor scenes are colorful and interior scenes are well-lit.


“Come and Find Me” is presented in English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. The series features crystal-clear dialogue and music. Surround channels are well-utilized during the action sequences of the film.

Subtitles are in English SDH and Spanish.


“Come and Find Me” comes with the following special features:

  • Audio Commentary – Featuring audio commentary by Zack Whedon and producer Chris Ferguson.
  • Unravelling the Mysteries of Come and Find Me – (6:53) Behind-the-Scenes of the making of “Come and Find Me”.


“Come and Find Me” comes with a slipcover and an UltraViolet code.

TV series writer Zack Whedon makes his directorial debut in the American drama, “Come and Find Me”.  A film that had a fascinating premise but its execution is marred by too many flashbacks about a relationship between a graphic designer and a mysterious woman.

As the film shows us how this couple were in so in love, for some apparent reason, Claire (portrayed by Anabelle Wallis) went missing.

And for graphic designer David (portrayed by Aaron Paul), he’s down in the dumps, not knowing what happened to his girlfriend.  Fast forward over a year later and he still is in a bad place, not knowing if she ran away, if she was killed and it’s hurting him.

But when he invites Claire’s college friend  for dinner, life seems normal as David spills his guts of not knowing where Claire is and how he is hurt.  But this same friend ends up whacking David’s skull and a detective looks up Claire and her friend and learning that the two never attended college together and it’s looking more like Claire was involved in something bad.

But of course, David’s curiosity is forcing him to investigate and he when he looks at Claire’s old photos, it takes him to a mobsters garage where he is tortured and warned not to look for her.  He was also warned by the Detective to stop looking for her.

But David wants to know what happened to her and the more he investigates, he realizes that Claire was involved in really messed up situations and that the criminals and the feds want to find her.  Will David ever find her?

There is potential in developing this story, perhaps showcasing Claire as some super spy with a double life or something entirely shady, but instead of focus on the action and adventure, the storyline abruptly goes back and forth through flashbacks and the present-time that the storyline gets muddled with too many flashbacks for the film’s own good.

As for the Blu-ray release, picture quality is fantastic, as with its lossless soundtrack.  You get a featurette and audio commentary and an UltraViolet code.

Overall, “Come and Get Me” has the making of what could have been a fascinating spy thriller or world class killer on the run type of storyline, but the film is more of a complex love story with many flashbacks that unfortunately weakens the overall plot.  An OK film that could have been better.