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“Bullet” is another action-packed Danny Trejo film in which his character kicks a lot of ass, but also taking on a criminal organization by himself and getting the job done.  It’s banal, its predictable but it’s a popcorn action film that is entertaining in its own way…Trejo style!  And I expect nothing less!

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TITLE: Bullet


DURATION: 87 Minutes

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, English 5.1 Dolby TrueHD, Subtitles: English

COMPANY: Giant Ape Media

RATED: Not Rated

Release Date: March 18, 2014

Directed by Nick Lyon

Written by Nick Lyon, Ron Peer, Byron Lester, Matthew Jones

Produced by Matthew Joynes, Nick Lyon, Robert Rodriguez

Associate Producer: Mike Cuff

Executive Producer: April Bennett, Chris Moujaes

Music by Chris Ridenhour

Cinematography by Carmen Cabana

Edited by Julio Saldarriaga

Casting by Victoria Denk, Cambria Hankin

Production Design by Susie Mancini

Art Direction by Rebecca Micciche


Danny Trejo as Frank “Bullet” Marasco

Torsten Voges as Kruger

Jonathan Banks as Carlito Kane

Eve Mauro as Samantha

Seri DeYoung as Jessica

Eric St. John as Estes

Gerald Webb as Ringmaster Mike

Tinsel Korey as Vanessa

Eric Etebari as Manual Kane

John Savage as Governor Johnson

Kyle Villalovos as Mrio

Julia Dietze as Brooke Madison

Frank “Bullet” Marasco is a tough-talking, no-nonsense cop whose fists are every bit as deadly as his gun. When ruthless mob boss Carlito Kane kidnaps the governor’s daughter and Bullet’s grandson, the streets of Los Angeles become a very deadly place to be.

Gunshots ring out and tires squeal as Bullet ditches his badge and goes looking to wipe out Kane’s evil army one henchman at a time. With the clock ticking on his grandson’s life, Bullet tracks Kane to a desert hideout. Bodies pile up and blood soaks the ground as Bullet bets his life that he can break even the baddest of bad guys!

From Nick Lyon, the director of TV films such as “Zombie Apocalypse”, “Rise of the Zombies”, “Annihilation Earth” comes the action film “Bullet”.

The low budget action film which was produced for $3 million stars Danny Trejo (“Machete”, “Machete Kills”, “From Dusk Till Dawn”), Jonathan Banks (“Breaking Bad”, “Airplane!”, “Beverly Hills Cop”), Eve Mauro (“Land of the Lost”, “Miss March”) and Julia Dietze (“Iron Sky”, “Love in Thoughts”).

“Bullet” revolves around the no-nonsense undercover police officer Frank “Bullet” Marasco  (portrayed by Danny Trejo) who is after mob boss Carlito Kane (portrayed by Jonathan Banks).

With Carlito Kane’s son about to be executed within 24 hours, Kane kidnaps the daughter of Governor Jonathan and wants to see his son, Manual (portrayed by Eric Etebari) released or else she will be killed.

Threatening to kill his daughter if authorities are contacted, Governor Jonathan who’s pride and joy is his daughter, decides to not alert authorities and tries to free the killer, Manual Kane.

Meanwhile, as Bullet to get more information on the Kane cartel, with the governor using his power to have Manual Kane released, the attorney general sends Special Agentg Samantha Dane (portrayed by Eve  Mauro) to investigate the chance that Manual Kane may be innocent of his crime and that Bullet may have been incorrect in arresting him.

As for Bullet, he tries to spend time with his daughter Vanessa (portrayed by Tinsel Korey), a recovering addict who has completed her steps and doing all she can to raise her son Mario (portrayed by Kyle Villalovos).

But because of Bullet’s pursuit of catching Carlito Kane, while taking his grandson out to the park, Mario is kidnapped and the only way Carlito Kane will release him is if Bullet admits that he lied in arresting Mario Kane (so he can get released from prison and ending his execution) and taking his own life in exchange for his grandson’s life.

As for Bullet, he will do all he can to rescue his grandson and the governor’s daughter.


“Bullet” is presented in 1080p High Definition (2:34:1 aspect ratio).  Skin tone is natural, closeups show fine detail while outdoor scenes are vibrant.  Overall picture quality for “Bullet” is very good!


“Bullet” is presented in Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and with a film that utilizes so many gunshots, there is a good use of the surround channels during the action scenes.  Dialogue and special effects are crystal clear through the front and center channels.

Subtitles are in English.


“Bullet” comes with the following special features:

  • The Making Of “Bullet” – (18:59) Interviews with the cast and crew of “Bullet”.
  • Trailer – U.S. Theatrical trailer for “Bullet”.

For those who have watched a Danny Trejo film, you know there are three things you are going to get: Violence, dead bodies and plenty of action.

There is no need to stray away from the formula as Trejo is known for those types of action roles, may he be the protagonist or antagonist, but for “Bullet”, the film is rather fascinating to see the actor in a role playing a police officer who kicks a lot of ass and one you don’t want to be in a gunfight with.

But Danny Trejo can be see as the next John Van Damme (minus the martial arts) or Jason Statham (albeit in more lower budget films) and from his scarred face to his gruff style, audiences who watch his film know that they are getting a popcorn action film and are in for a wild ride.

And “Bullet” was rather intriguing as you have Jonathan Banks in a usual antagonist role, while European fans familiar with the sci-fi film “Iron Sky” will be surprised to see Julia Dietze also in this low budget film.

Shot for around $3 million, the good news is that the film’s pacing is well-done and unlike other low-budget films, “Bullet” is one of the more entertaining, action-packed films that is done well.  Cinematography and overall setup is good and as for the storyline, you get a mix of humor and action that never grows stale nor does it have the look and feel of a low-budget indie action film.

With that being said, the film is quite over-the-top as Danny Trejo is seen fighting in underground MMA-like fights and almost has the Jack Bauer or John McClane, “I’m invincible” presence and you never feel this man will be close to dying as his quick hands on a gun and fighting skill (despite being an older man) can easily take out an army.

But still, it’s Danny Trejo and you watch a Danny Trejo film to see him kicking ass and seeing a growing body count.  It’s the staple of a Danny Trejo action film!

Overall, “Bullet” is another action-packed Danny Trejo film in which his character kicks a lot of ass, but also taking on a criminal organization by himself and getting the job done.  It’s banal, its predictable but it’s a popcorn action film that is entertaining in its own way…Trejo style!  And I expect nothing less!

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