Being Human: Complete Third Season (a J!-ENT Blu-ray Disc Review)


Season three of “Being Human” was just full of excitement, humor and there was just more to love and be excited about as writing was top notch and the chemistry of the characters were fantastic.  For fans of “Being Human”, “Being Human: Complete Third Season” on Blu-ray is recommended!

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TITLE: Being Human: Complete Third Season


DURATION: 13 Episodes (572 Minutes)

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, English Dolby Digital 2.0, Subtitles: English SDH

COMPANY: SyFy, Muse Entertainment, eOne

RATED: Not Rated

Release Date: January 7, 2014

Directed by Pablo Barzman, Adam Kane, Stef Pleszczynski, Charles Biname, Jeff Renfroe, Stefan Schwartz, Mairzee Almas, Kelly Makin

Written by Kate Burns, Jeremy Carver, Chris Dingess, Anna Fricke, Craig LaMarsha, Michael Ostrowski, Lisa Randolph, Keto Shimizu, Toby Whithouse, Nancy Won

Producer: Irene Litinsky

Executive Producer: Anna Fricke, Jeremy carver, Michael Prupas, Rob Pursey, Toby Whithouse

Associate Producer: Elissa Lewis, Evan Tussman, Carl Dvine, Jeremy Spry

Supervising Producer: Gilles Perreault, Stefan Pleszczysnki

Music by FM Le Sieur

Cinematography by Pierre Jodoin

Edited by Simon Webb, Annie Ikow, Benjamin Duffield

Casting by Deedee Bradley

Series Production Design by Zoe Sakellaropulo

Art Direction by Pierre Perrault

Series Costume Design by Janet Campbell


Sam Witwer as Aidan Waite

Meaghan Rath as Sally Malik

Sam Huntington as Josh Levison

Kristine Hager as Nora Sergeant

Mark Pellegrino as Bishop

Pat Kiely as Nick Fenn

Kyle Schmid as Henry

Erin Shepherd as Lydia Doesburg

Susanna Fournier as Zoe Gonzales

Alison Louder as Emily Levison

Angela Galuppo as Bridget

Deanna Russo as Kat Neely

Connor Price as Kenny

Xander Berkeley as Liam McLean

Robert Naylor as Stevie Atkins

Andreas Apergis as Ray

BEING HUMAN is not getting any easier for four twenty-something, supernatural roommates vampire Aidan,(Sam Witwer), ghost Sally,(Meaghan Rath)and werewolves Josh (Sam Huntington) and Nora (Kristen Hager). Together, they struggle to keep their dark secrets hidden from the world, while helping each other navigate the complexities of their double lives. Bonus Features: Behind-the-Scenes Featurette, Being Human Panel from San Diego Comic-Con 2013, The Cast on Cliffhangers.

Aidan White has been buried alive, Sally is stuck in Limbo and as for Josh, he must make a decision to kill the person that made him a werewolf.

With season three of “Being Human”, changes are in store for the three roommates as a vampire virus is killing vampires off, Sally is given an opportunity to become human again and as for Josh, what would happen when he is given a chance to be human and no longer change to a werewolf?

Find out in “Being Human: Complete Third Season”, available on Blu-ray in Jan. 2014.

What is “Being Human”?

The original “Being Human” is a British supernatural drama series that began in 2008 and is currently being shown on BBC Three.  The story revolved around a ghost, werewolf and vampire living together and trying to live a normal life with the humans.

With the popularity of the series, Muse Entertainment in Montreal began working on a remake for the SyFy network in the U.S. and Space in Canada.  The series would feature a similar storyline with a ghost, werewolf and vampire living together in Boston and trying to live a normal life, but while the first season followed the British original, because there were more episodes in the North American version (13 episodes as opposed to 6) the storyline added other elements.

And by season two and three, the writers for the series avoided watching the British version and have retained that policy in order to make sure the North American version of the series has its own different storyline.

In season three, the three friends experience major changes in their life over a year later.

Aidan who was buried alive was dug up alive and being held captive until being saved by his brother.  He finds out that all vampires are dying due to a virus hitting the vampire community and while Aidan wants to help, he begins reflecting back on his early life and the woman he once loved.

As for Josh and Nora, both work together to help resurrect Sally with the help of a witch.  As Josh is cured of being a werewolf, Nora is not and he tries to help her.

Josh wants to marry Nora but things change when they bring in a troubled girl named Elizabeth into their home, because she was scratched by a werewolf.  But what happens if Elizabeth turns out to be more trouble than the two ever thought.

And as for Sally, being brought back to life, Sally thought she could pick up where she last left off in life but when she was resurrected, Josh and Nora were told that Sally may not be in contact with anyone from her past.

While going out with Josh for dinner and to celebrate her life, someone in her past remembers her and the end result is that he dies.  Fearing that anyone that she sees from her past will be killed by her, it becomes very tough for Sally who was hoping to be alive and become human again.

For the North American version, the primary characters are:

  • Aidan Waite (portrayed by Sam Witwer)  – A man turned into a vampire back during the Revolutionary War.  He was turned into a vampire by James Bishop (featured in season 1) but eventually kills him.  Aidan is a very private person and worked as a nurse at Suffolk County Hospital in Boston.  Unlike other vampires, he wants to be free of the restrictions of the vampire community and began working with Mother and Suren (Season 2).  Because he fell in love with Suren, he was excommunicated by the vampire society and buried underground.  In season 3, he is unaware that during the year he has been buried, a virus has spread into the vampire community and killing them.
  • Sally Malik (portrayed by Meghan Rath) – A ghost who haunts the home that Aidan and Josh was renting.  She was engaged to the landlord but one day during a heated fight, she was pushed down the stairs and slammed her head on the floor, killing her.  In season 2, Sally made a decision to send herself to limbo in order to save her friends and is stuck there with two others.  In season 3, what she doesn’t know is that Josh and his girlfriend Nora are trying to save her by working with a witch in order to bring Sally back alive.  But when they do bring her back to life, while Sally is thrilled about being alive and having fun, she is also cursed.  If she comes into contact with anyone from her past, they will die.  While her soul will belong to the witch that has revived her.  But for some reason, she is starting to become a zombie and her skin starts to tear and rot.
  • Josh Levinson (portrayed by Sam Huntington) – A Werewolf who works at Suffolk County Hospital in Boston with his girlfriend Nora.  Josh is trying to find out how to cure himself of the werewolf curse but also Nora (who he scratched and turned her into a werewolf).  They find out that to lift the curse, they must kill the person that turned them into one.  In season 3, while he is cured of his curse, Nora is not and he wants to help her.  He also wants to marry her but things change when they bring a troubled teenager named Emily into their lives.  But Emily also has been scratched by a werewolf.
  • Nora Sargeant (portrayed by Kristen Hager) – Josh’s girlfriend and a nurse at Suffolk County Hospital in Boston.  Having been scratched by Josh when he was transforming, she now becomes a werewolf.

Other characters in season 3:

  • Donna Gilchrist (portrayed by Amy Aquino) – A witch who works as a soup kitchen who helps bring Sally back to life but also puts a curse on her.  What Josh, Nora, Sally and others don’t know is that Donna has something up her sleeve of why she has taken an interest in Sally.


“Being Human: Complete Third Season” is presented in 1080p High Definition (1:78:1).  Picture quality is very good as closeups show very great detail, CG elements are also well-detailed but there was a lot of moodiness with this season.  Aidan’s past utilized a lot of blues, while outdoor scenes looked much better in HD.  But for the most part, “Being Human” looked very good on Blu-ray (much better than the first season and slightly better than the second season).

I didn’t notice any artifacts or major banding issues during my viewing.


“Being Human: Complete Third Season” is presented in English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. Action scenes feature good use of the surround channels, may it be werewolves growling or its heavy hitting action scenes. Dialogue is crystal clear via the front channels but overall the lossless mix for this series was well-done.

Subtitles are in English SDH.


“Being Human: Complete Third Season”  comes with the following special features:

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette– (47:34) Behind the scenes of the actors arriving to work, interviews with the talent and more.
  • Comic Con 2013 Panel  – (49:22) The entire “Being Human” Comic Con 2013 Q&A panel.
  • Bloopers – (2:40) “Being Human” outtakes from season three.
  • Cliffhangers – (1:32) The three major talents of the series talk about their feelings of their character for season 4 (of course, they are not allowed to say anything)


“Being Human: Complete Third Season” comes with as slipcase.


The third season of “Being Human” was another wonderful season that introduces us to new characters, made Nora a prominent character and a big part of the show, but also showing the viewers that these three friends who just wanted to live normal, are obviously going to have to go through hell as their lives are never going to be the same ever again after this season.

Aidan seems a bit more closed off, from the vampires now dying of a virus and his life going full circle as he remembers his past and his former loved ones (which leaves one fascinating spoiler for the season finale).  But Aidan is trying to find a way to cure his fellow vampires but things don’t go as well as he hoped for.

Josh wants to take the next big step with Nora.  Having had his dream of the werewolf curse being removed, Josh experiences new life changes with Nora as a werewolf, trying to get used to her dysfunctional family but also Nora bringing in a troubled girl who was just scratched by a wolf.

And we also get to see Sally, becoming a human via re-animation thanks to a twisted witch.  This will be a fascinating storyline as we don’t know what will happen to Sally but for season three, from being human who starts to give off some zombie problems (ie. rotting flesh), things are not going as well with her.  Especially when she finds out that anyone from her past who sees her, will literally die afterward.

But we get to see the creepy Liam make his return, wanting revenge on Aidan and Nora, and the intensity of the series with its twist and turns leading up to the season finale has definitely left fans highly anticipating season four.

Season three of “Being Human” was just full of excitement, humor and there was just more to love and be excited about as writing was top notch and the chemistry of the characters were fantastic.

As for the Blu-ray release, picture quality and lossless audio for this series was very good and you get quite a few special features such as the behind-the-scenes featurette, a San Diego Comic Con panel Q&A and more.  Granted, I would have loved audio commentary but fortunately the behind-the-scenes featurette and SDCC Q&A were quite lengthy!

Overall, “Being Human: Complete Third Season” was an exciting and captivating season as each character was really put through a major test this season and there is no doubt that the writers want to put these characters through hell for this season and also the next, because hell literally breaks loose on these characters.  Just when you think these characters can find some happiness, the rug is pulled underneath you and you literally go through twists and turns storyline-wise.

Season three of “Being Human” was just full of excitement, humor and there was just more to love and be excited about as writing was top notch and the chemistry of the characters were fantastic.

For fans of “Being Human”, “Being Human: Complete Third Season” on Blu-ray is recommended!