Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Complete Collection (a J!-ENT Anime on Blu-ray Disc Review)

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“Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” joins the ranks of uber-perverted, mature-themed anime series to be released in North America and is one of the top titles of that genre to be released on Blu-ray for 2013.  If you are into this type of anime series, then this Blu-ray release is for you!  Also,  just know that along with the series, you are also getting a two CD-soundtrack, drama CD audio content on the Blu-ray and even more perverted omake scenes that are too kinky to show on the TV series. 

Image courtesy of © 2012 HobbyJapan/QUEEN’S BLADE REBELLION PARTNERS. All Rights Reserved.

TITLE: Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Complete Collection

YEAR: 2012

DURATION: Episodes 1-12

BLU-RAY INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, English and Japanese DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 and 2.0, English Subtitles

COMPANY: Sentai Filmworks


Release Date: September 24, 2013

Directed by Yousei Morino

Series Composition by Hideki Shirane

Music by Masaru Yokoyama

Character Design by Rin-Sin, Takayuki Noguchi, Yukiko Ishibashi

Art Direction by Koichi Monma, Maho Takahashi

Production by ARMS

Featuring the following voice talent:

Aya Endo/Vibe Jones as Annalotte

Aki Toyosaki/Brittany Lauda as Mirim

Ayaka Saito/Kate Vincent as Ymir

Ayana Taketatsu/Kenzie Brooke as Aldra

Haruka Tomatsu/Eva Christensen as Tarnyang

Harumi Sakurai/Evelyn Lantto as Luna Luna

Kaori Mizuhashi/Melissa Hope as Elina

Kei Shindou/Jaime Maelor as Sainyang

Kikuko Inoue/DD Montgomery as Branwen

Minako Kotobuki/Jessi Nowack as Izumi

Minori Chihara/Meredith Zeitlin as Huit

Satomi Satou/Rebecca Kim as Lyla

Shizuka Itou/Marta Vital as Liliana

Suzuko Mimori/Melissa Hope as Eilin

Yu Kobayashi/Rebecca Kim as Shigi

Yukiko Takaguchi/Jessica Paquet as Vante

Power corrupts, and it when it appears that the once noble Queen Claudette’s ways have turned to oppression and heretical persecution, it’s up to a new generation of warriors to step up to the plate armor to bear arms and bare their naked fury in open rebellion! The odds may seem unfairly stacked in favor of the Amazonian ranks of the queen, doubly supported by her power of writ and assassins. But the incredible wits and assets of the dazzling array of daring damsels willing to risk their gorgeous skins and put their lithesome bodies on line against her, might just expose a few unexpected weaknesses in the queen’s support! It’s the wildest fantasy ever as an unprecedented force of fabulous female fighters. from elven alchemist to half-demon berserker, from undead pirate captain to dragon maid. all come together with the goal of stripping the queen from her throne in QUEEN’S BLADE: REBELLION!

In Japan, HobbyJapan has published a series of visual combat books known as “Queen’s Blade”.

Based on Firelight Game Company’s “Lost Worlds”, which was first published back in 2005, the mature theme featured depictions of sexually suggestive images of women in armor and revolved around a tournament known as “Queen’s Blade” (which takes place every four years) and who would become the next Queen.

So far in Japan, there have been four manga adaptations, three light novels and a video game.

In 2012, the anime sequel to “Queen’s Blade” known as “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” was released in Japan.  Based on the first gamebook featuring the character of Annelotte back in 2008,  there have been a dozen of gamebooks made since then and also two manga adaptations.

And now “Queen’s Blade” will be released in the U.S. courtesy of Sentai Filmworks.

It’s important to note that the entire backstory of these characters are not fully explained in the anime series but are featured in books.

“Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” is set after the events of “Queen’s Blade” and Gainos and the entire continent is now under the tyrannical rule of Claudette, the Thundercloud Queen who was the victor of the last Blade’s Queen tournament.

The main protagonist is Annelotte Kreutz, a former member of the Knight Corps of Margrave Kreutz.  The anime doesn’t explain who she is but she is the daughter of Margrave Kreutz and was raised as a boy (by the name of Alphonse).  Her castle was destroyed by Queen Claudette and has been targeted for assassination by the Queen.  She learned the art of swordfighting from Alleyne and as she got older, she begins her adventure of seeking revenge against the Queen.

Along the way, during her adventures, the anime series shows us how she reunites with several people who become part of her rebellion in overthrowing the Queen and those who have looked to Annelotte of becoming the next Queen.  Meanwhile, Annelotte and members of her party continue to be hunted down by the Queen.

The characters featured in “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” are:

    • Annelotte Kreutz – The main protagonist. A former knight of the Knight Corps of Margrave Kreutz.  Excellent swordsfighting skills wanting to seek revenge on the Queen. Very kind and compassionate but never to be seen as weak in battle.
    • Yuit – From the Little Elves tribe and an excellent tactician. She looks at Annelotte as her big brother (despite knowing she is a woman).  She is the daughter of the legendary alchemist Cyan and weaponsmith Cattleya and has created Vante, a well-endowed super robot that is controlled by remote and thus others want control of her remote to use Cattleya for their own selfish needs.
    • Tarnyang and Sainyang – Twin sisters (one taller and one short who come from a lineage of exorcists and bound by an unbreakable cord wrapped around their neck.  They are often in trouble but are rescued by Annelotte.
    • Mirim – A poor, naive girl from the village of Wasilica and a friend of Yuit.  She is kind and compassionate but because she is poor, she is given a job by Ymir to be part of her “Hyper Vibration Armor” project.  Gullible in thinking that Ymir will be sending money to her family, she thinks that protecting the queen is noble, not knowing that the Queen and her people are bad people.
    • Luna Luna – A member of the Calibara tribe in the southern jungles, she is the strongest warrior of her tribe.  She has four tentacles that can fight, smell and see things from afar.  When she is tanned mode, she is in fighting mode.  When fair-skinned, she is in innocent, “Sun Dancer” mode.  She will do anything to be close to Annelotte.
    • Sigui – A nun and inquisitor of the Holy Dynasty.  Very strict and many people fear her.  She sees Annelotte and her group as heretics and wants to stop them.
    • Izumi – A ronin samurai protecting a town of children and also trained briefly by Annelotte.
    • Captain Liliana – An infamous pirate riding a flying pirate ship with phantom crew members.
    • Leina – A mysterious woman known as the Phantom Warrior and the true victor of the last Queen’s Blade tournament.  She unfortunately has a disease which makes her sleep for 16 hours  a day and has no control over it.
    • Branwen – A Dragon descendant and often fights in arenas.  She is often controlled by her master and trainer, Dogura and fights as a gladiator.  She is very strong and is a masochist who gets stronger when Dogura uses his electrifying whip on her body.  She is used by the Queen.
    • Laila – A half-angel trainee who is not so smart and fights alongside the Queen.
    • Claudette – The Lord of the Thundercloud and current Queen after Leina, refused to take the throne after winning the Queen’s Blade tournament.
    • Elina – Claudette’s younger half-sister and has a sister complex.  Can be cruel and unstable, she wants to defeat Annelotte.
    • Ymir – The Iron Princess and is the rival of Yuit.   She develops the weapons for the Queen’s Army.


“Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Complete Collection” is presented in 1080p High Definition.  When the scenes are featured outdoors, the colors are vibrant with a hint of softness.  There are scenes with banding but for most anime fans, this will not be a distraction.  For the most part, this TV series does look good in HD, aside from the softness and banding, I saw maybe a few scenes with artifacts but for the most part, this anime series does look good in HD.


“Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Complete Collection” is presented in English and Japanese DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0.  The series is both identical for its lossless soundtrack and both are well acted.  I didn’t notice any major issues with the audio during my viewing of the film.  While I wish the series was in 5.1, you get good dynamic range on both soundtracks and dialogue and music are crystal clear.

Subtitles are in English.


“Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Complete Collection” comes with the following special features:

  • Queen’s Blade CD Drama – Featuring six audio dramas (about ten minutes long for each) in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • Queen’s Blade: Rebellion Omake – Featuring six omake (English dubbed, about five minutes long) scenes. These scenes feature even more mature scenes that can’t be shown on the series.
  • Clean Opening and Closing Animation


“Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Complete Collection” comes with a two-CD soundtrack featuring the following tracks by Masaru Yokoyama:

[Disc One]: Duration – 48 Minutes

  1. The Daytime Of Departure    1 of 21    1:51
  2. Powerlessness & Sadness    2 of 21    2:24
  3. Bloodthristy & Bashful    3 of 21    2:04
  4. Queen’s Blade Rebellion Main Theme    4 of 21    3:08
  5. To Fear & Anger    5 of 21    3:09
  6. Great Pirate Captain Liliana    6 of 21    1:50
  7. Beyond The New Determination    7 of 21    2:33
  8. With The Morning Glow    8 of 21    1:42
  9. With The Approaching New Enemy    9 of 21    1:44
  10. Beyond There    10 of 21    3:15    M
  11. The Moment Of The Duel    11 of 21    1:53
  12. The Dance Of The Beautiful Fighter    12 of 21    2:28
  13. Moonlight Dancer Luna Luna    13 of 21    1:46
  14. Enemy Attack    14 of 21    2:32
  15. Field Match    15 of 21    1:52
  16. The Unchanging Person    16 of 21    2:31
  17. Repercussions    17 of 21    2:55
  18. Climatic Battle    18 of 21    2:37
  19. Inquisitor Sigui    19 of 21    1:50
  20. Thundercloud Queen Claudette    20 of 21    1:46
  21. Lovely Dance    21 of 21    2:13

[Disc Two]: Duration – 38 Minutes

  1. Elina’s Delusions    1 of 21    1:48
  2. Nostalgic Times    2 of 21    1:54
  3. Fear Of Burning To Death    3 of 21    1:54
  4. Love Theme    4 of 21    2:17
  5. Just Barely    5 of 21    1:54
  6. Anti-Demon Expert Tarnyang (Slow)    6 of 21    1:47
  7. Hyper Vibration Valkyrie Mirim (Last)    7 of 21    1:42
  8. Want To Stop By For A Sec?    8 of 21    1:42
  9. Touch Touch    9 of 21    1:49
  10. The Moment Of Confusion    10 of 21    1:39
  11. The Dance Of Temptation    11 of 21    1:45
  12. Blackmail    12 of 21    1:37
  13. Alchemical Strategist Yuit    13 of 21    1:43
  14. People Lurking In The Ruins    14 of 21    1:39
  15. Celestial Punisher Laila    15 of 21    1:45
  16. Anti-Demon Expert Tarnyang (Fast)    16 of 21    1:54
  17. Relaxing    17 of 21    1:46
  18. Don’t Say That    18 of 21    1:50
  19. Encounter With A Powerful Enemy    19 of 21    2:01
  20. Calibara Ruins    20 of 21    2:12
  21. Hyper Vibration Valkyrie Mirim (Slow)    21 of 21    1:29


For those who are collectors of books, novels, video game or figures of “Queen’s Blade”, there is no denying that in Akihabara, it’s quite common to see these figures with super well-endowed females with the smallest bit of armor and huge weapons on shelves.

And the fact is that “Queen’s Blade” has a major fan following.  It’s possibly one of the most perverted, non-pornographic book series in Japan and it also extends to the anime series.

“Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” may at first seem like an anime series in which it looks as if the creators tried to take every imaginative scene from a porno or old school lemon hentai series but give the female characters sexy warrior appeal and no male character that would win the hearts of any of these young women.

So, there is no lecherous, perverted male character that would make “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion”, a banal harem anime series but there is a storyline that revolves around a group of starry eyed warriors who would follow the protagonist Annelotte anywhere she goes (in this case, her revenge to dethrone the current Queen).

First, let me discuss the problems that some may have with “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion”.  The problem is that back history of the characters are not explained in the anime series.  While there are many books and also English translations of what the characters are about, one will not understand the full backstory of main protagonist Anellote.  In fact, if you missed the previous “Queen’s Blade” anime series, you may not understand the storyline of Queen Claudette, Leina and others who make an appearance in this sequel.

But by saying that, I do feel that people can watch “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” and understand what’s going on because while there is a story, the story is not what people are watching Queen’s Blade: Rebellion”, it more about the characters, sexual predicaments they get themselves into.

In fact, there are many characters introduced throughout the series and not until you get halfway to the middle of the series, things start to make sense.  But the series consists of many one-on-one battles and a chance for viewers to see these characters fight but also featuring them nude with plenty of fan service.

I’m going to be blunt by saying this but for a non-hentai anime series, “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” is a series where you are going to see a lot of tits, ass, nipples, sexual gratification via vibration for more power and more.  In fact, watching this anime series, the story is obviously not so much important (until you reach the final episodes), it’s about character introductions and seeing how these women in battle, are tortured or are being sexually aroused.

This is not a hentai series, you won’t find any male counterparts along with these women (while male characters do appear in the series, they are mainly weak men of a village betting on battles,  people working in villages, etc.).

In fact, one may not want to watch this anime series if they want a deep story or want something politically correct.  While the majority of the characters are adult women, there are characters who look too young to be in the series and it’s probably good that the audio direction for the English dub made these younger looking characters sound more older than their Japanese counterpart.

With that being said, what are the positives of “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion”.  The primary positive is the fact that those who want anime that reeks of fan service and the ultimate booby/bootylicious scenes will no doubt enjoy this anime series for what it is…women with hardly any clothing fighting it out.  And of course, when a woman is injured by a strike, they are not bleeding or cut, part of their metal outfit is cracked or disintegrates to showcase a woman’s bare bosom.

And yes, for the lonely otaku, there are so many nipple and bare boob action.  And did I say there are tentacles and vibration suits as well?

In terms of mature-themed anime series, I can easily say that “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” and another anime series “Maken-Ki!” are probably the two most perverted anime series to be released on Blu-ray in 2013.  So, if you are into that…this this series is for you!

The other positive of “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” is the fact that Sentai Filmworks has included a two CD-soundtrack with over an hour’s worth of instrumental music by Masaru Yokoyama.

Also, the Blu-ray includes six audio dramas and this is pretty significant as Japan releases so many drama audio CD’s which never get released in the US because of language barrier.  But Sentai Filmworks includes six of them (with a still screen) with English subtitles.  And as the case with most mature anime TV series, with the “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” omake, you get more perverted and more visual scenes that could not be shown in the TV series.

So, the big question for some is how is “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion”.  Is this an anime series for everyone?  Most definitely not.

But for the lonely otaku, the hardcore “Queen’s Blade” fans or those anime fans who love mature-themed anime with nudity and hardcore non-porn fan service, “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Complete Collection” no doubt tops Sentai Filmwork list of ecchi titles they have released by far.  Along with another title from another company titled “Maken-Ki!”, it’s one of the most visually perverted anime series to be released on Blu-ray in 2013.

In fact, unlike most mature anime, you are no doubt getting your money’s worth with “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Complete Collection” for all of the extra swag and content that comes with it.

Overall, “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” joins the ranks of uber-perverted, mature-themed anime series to be released in North America and is one of the top titles of that genre to be released on Blu-ray for 2013.  If you are into this type of anime series, then this Blu-ray release is for you!  Also,  just know that along with the series, you are also getting a two CD-soundtrack, drama CD audio content on the Blu-ray and even more perverted omake scenes that are too kinky to show on the TV series.

While the anime storyline is not groundbreaking and leans more towards being perverse and titillating, Sentai Filmworks have gone out of their way to give fans of this series an incentive to buy “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion – Complete Collection”.  A pretty solid Blu-ray package for “Queen’s Blade” anime fans!

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