Nisekoi: False Love Part 4 (a J!-ENT Anime on Blu-ray Disc Review)

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“Nisekoi: False Love” is an enjoyable, humorous and crazy anime series that gradually gets better and better.  With volume 4, it features one of the more emotional episodes of the series (and there are sure to be more), but for fans of the previous volumes or even fans of the manga series, will definitely want to check out “Nisekoi: False Love”!

Image courtesy of © Naoshi Komi/SHUEISHA, SHAFT, MBS. All Rights Reserved.

TITLE: Nisekoi: False Love Part 4


DURATION: Episode 16-20 (125 Minutes)

BLU-RAY INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, Japanese Linear PCM Stereo, Subtitles: English and Japanese

COMPANY: Aniplex Inc.

RATED: Suggested 13 and Up

Release Date: January 27, 2015

Originally created by Naoshi Komi

Chief Director: Akiyuki Simbo

Director: Naoyuki Tatsuwa

Script by Akiyuki Simbo, Fuyashi Tou

Character Design by Nobuhiro Sugiyama

Art Director: Ken Naito

Anime Production: SHAFT

Featuring the following voice talent:

Kana Hanazawa as Kosaki Onodera

Kouki Uchiyama as Raku Ichijō

Nao Tōyama as Chitoge Kirisaki

Kana Asumi as Marika Tachibana

Mikako Komatsu as Seishirō Tsugumi

Takehito Koyasu as Claude

Yumi Uchiyama as Ruri Miyamoto

Yuuki Kaji as Shū Maiko

The season is summer – a time for unforgettable memories. At Kosaki’s request, Raku helps out at her family’s shop. Everything is going smoothly until a seasonal typhoon hits the town, rendering it impossible for Raku to go home! Now, Raku must spend the night there while Kosaki’s parents are out.

At the summer festival, Chitoge is forced to confront her true feelings when she receives from Raku a matchmaking charm customarily exchanged when a man proposes marriage!

Things intensify when the gang sets out on an excursion to the beach. The girls show off their cute swimsuits as they have fun under the sun. That evening, as they sit together watching the rolling waves, Kosaki is unable to contain her feelings for Raku and finally expresses her feelings for him…!

After an eventful summer break, the students at school begin preparing for the Cultural Festival. Raku is nominated to play the role of Romeo in their class’s production of “Romeo & Juliet,” while Kosaki is appointed to play Juliet. Raku is beside himself with joy but is also concerned about Chitoge’s standoffish attitude towards him since their trip to the beach. For better or for worse, the day of the Cultural Festival arrives, and the stage is not the only place where drama ensues!


We have watched these two complete opposites fake a relationship at school but lately Chitoge is finding herself becoming jealous of other girls getting close to Raku and she finds herself wanting to be with him more and more.  What is this feeling that she has for him?  Could it be…. love?

Also, “Romeo and Juliet” will be the class play and Raku has been selected as Romeo, but who will be playing Juliet?

Find out in episodes 16-10 of “Nisekoi: False Love Part 4″!

What is “Nisekoi: False Love”?

Naoshi Komi’s manga work is well-known for readers of “Weekly Shonen Jump”.

From “Koi no Kami-sama”, “Williams” and “Double Arts”, Komi’s manga “Nisekoi” (False Love) was created as a one shot for Jump NEXT! in 2011 but then receiving the go-ahead as a weekly manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. It was also one of the first manga to receive an English translation online courtesy of Shueisha and also received a 20-episode anime series which aired on Tokyo MX.

The anime series produced by SHAFT and was directed by Naoyuki Tatsuwa (“Katteni Kazo”, “Kofuku Graffiti”), series composition by Akiyuki Simbo (“Hidamari Sketch”, Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko”, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”) and Fuyashi Tou (“Bakemonogatari”, “Hanamonogatari”, “Tsukimonogatari”), character design by Nobuhiro Sugiyama (“Puella Magi Madoka”, “ef: a tale of memories”, “Arakawa Under the Bridge”) and art direction by Ken Naito (“Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, “Hanamonogatari”, “Koufuki Graffiti”, “CODE-E”).

And now, Aniplex has released the fourth volume (episodes 16-20) of “Nisekoi: False Love” on Blu-ray in the U.S.

“Nisekoi: False Love” revolves around high school Raku Ichijou. When Ichijou was a kid, he met a girl and he kept a lock, she kept the key and promised each other to get married if they one day find each other.

Since then, Ichijou has kept his promise and has worn the lock around his neck and has been hoping to meet her again.

But Ichijou’s life is a little complicated. While a good-natured individual, unfortunately for him, he is the son of the leader of the Shuei-gumi yakuza syndicate. He has no interested in become part of the yakuza but everyone expects him to be the next one to lead the syndicate in the future.

Meanwhile, while going to school, he sees a foreign girl jumping from a wall and landing on him. He loses the lock on his neck and is very upset of what had transpired. Next thing you know in class, that same girl becomes a new student in his class.

Chitoge Kirisaki just moved from the U.S. to Japan and since her mom is Japanese and her dad is America, she is fluent in both Japanese and English. And suffice to say, when both Ichijou and Kirisaki see each other, they start yelling at each other and she nails him with a hit after he calls her “monkey girl”. People see how tough she is but to make them get along, his teacher puts Ichijou in charge of showing her around school.

He tries his best but the two are like oil and water, they just don’t get along. For the next week of trying to assist her, the two end up arguing and getting in each other’s faces.

If anything, Ichijou focus is more on finding the lock that was lost when Kirisaki landed on him. And he wonders if Kosaki Onodera, the popular girl in school and a person who has treated him with nothing but kindness is the girl that he made the promise with. He hopes it is her.

But just when Ichijou is about to give up, Onodera pleads with him to keep his promise and Ichijou is reminded that a promise is a promise and he intends to keep it. But wants to ask Onodera if there is any chance she may be the girl he made the promise too.

What he doesn’t know is that Onodera does have a key and she has always liked Ichijou but doesn’t have the guts to tell him.

But as Ichijou wonders if Onodera is the girl he made a promise too and excited for the possibility that it might be, when he gets home, his father talks to him about something important.

The problem is that the Shuei-gumi and the rival Beehive Gang are in the brink of all-out war that would damage both yakuza gangs, he and the other leader have come up with the plan. Ichijou must pretend to be dating the daughter of the leader of the Beehive Gang.

Ichijou doesn’t want to get involved and his father told him that he must forget dating any other girl and focus liking this girl they set him up with.

When the two are introduces, Ichijou is shocked that the girl is Chitoge Kirisaki. And for both of them, they must promise to be boyfriend and girlfriend for three whole years and be convincing to both yakuza gangs that they are truly in love.

Both don’t want to be involved with each other but they have no choice. But now they must find a way to co-exist with each other as both yakuza gangs are suspicious of their relationship especially Kirisaki’s guardian, Claude.

Meanwhile, Ichijou still wants to ask Onodera if she is the girl with the key and Onodera is about to let him know that she is. But before they can, the whole school are told that both Ichijo and Kirasaki are boyfriend and girlfriend.

And now it has made things tough for both Ichijou and Kirisaki, but can they keep this charade of being in love with each other, especially if they despite one another?

In part 4 (episodes 16-20), will Onodera admit her true feelings towards Raku?  And what about Chitoge.  She may be Raku’s pretend girlfriend but she is now finding herself attracted towards him and not sure what to make of these emotions for him.  Does it mean that she is falling in love for him?

What happens when Chitoge confronts him and wants to know how he feels about her?

Meanwhile, it’s the class play of “Romeo and Juliet” and Raku has been selected to play Romeo, who will play Juliet?

The main characters of “Nisekoi: False Love – Part Four″ are:

  • Raku Ichijou – While a good-natured individual, unfortunately for him, he is the son of the leader of the Shuei-gumi yakuza syndicate. He has no interested in become part of the yakuza but everyone expects him to be the next one to lead the syndicate in the future. He is forced to pretend he is in a relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki in order to prevent a gang war. He sees Chitoge to be rude and cold, and he has always liked Kosaki Onodera. Raku wears a lock on his necklace and made a promise to marry the person who has the key to open the lock.
  • Chitoge Kirisaki – Chitoge just moved from the U.S. to Japan and since her mom is Japanese and her dad is America, she is fluent in both Japanese and English. She has blonde hair and her father is the leader of a rival gang. She must pretend to be in a relationship with Raku Ichijo in order to prevent a gang war. She is not refined as is often beating or saying something cold to Raku.
  • Kosaki Onodera – Raku’s classmate and the girl he has always liked. He doesn’t know that Kosaki has always liked him and happens to have a key that may open the lock that Raku has. She is very shy and it not a good cook.
  • Ruri Miyamoto – Onodera’s best friend who is doing all she can to help her gain the courage to tell Raku how she feels.
  • Seishiro Tsugumi – Known as “The Black Tiger”, a hitwoman raised and trained by Claude. While a tomboy, she starts to develop feelings towards Raku.
  • Marika Tachibana – Another girl from Raku’s past. She had loved Raku as a child and went as far as changed herself to the way he asked her to. Also, Raku’s father neglected to tell him that he made an agreement with the Police Comissioner (Marika’s father) that they were engaged in order to build relationship between the gang and the police. Unlike the other girls who are shy to show their feelings towards Raku, Marika is more upfront about her feelings and her actions.
  • Claude – The assistant to Chitoge’s father. He doesn’t believe that Raku and Chitoge is in a relationship and will do anything to find out the truth.



“Nisekoi: False Love” is presented in 1080p High Definition. The anime series is absolutely vibrant and colorful. The background, especially the foreground artwork are beautifully painted and well-detailed, while the character designs are well-done and well-shaded. This is a gorgeous looking anime series and definitely a series a television series that caught my attention because it’s not soft, if features amazing detail and is full of colors!

SHAFT did a wonderful job on the animation and the series definitely compliments Naoshi Komi’s manga series!


“Nisekoi: False Love” is presented in Japanese linear PCM stereo. Dialogue and music is crystal clear through the front channels and I heard no distortion while watching this anime series. The voice acting by Kana Hanazawa, Kouki Uchiyama and Nao Toyama are well-done!

It’s important to emphasize to those interested in this series on Blu-ray that there are no English dubbed soundtrack included.

Subtitles are in English.


“Nisekoi: False Love Part 4″ comes with the textless second opening, text endings (heroine version and Chitoge & Kosaki version).


“Nisekoi: False Love Part 4″ comes with a slipcase, a Bushiroad Weis Schwarz card featuring Kosaki Onodera, a double-sided deluxe poster featuring Marika Tachibana and five collectable ending card pinups.


With the latest volume of “Nisekoi: False Love”, it has been an interesting journey so far as we have seen a number of girls fall for Raku and of course, him being oblivious to what is happening.

As Onodera wants to come clean about her feelings towards him, Chitoge wants to know why she’s falling for Raku?

After all, they were complete opposites and have nothing in common, but somehow things have changed and now she is unsure what to do with her emotions.  And it leads to a major argument between both Raku and Chitoge.

Meanwhile, with the class play looming and Raku to play Romeo, there is no doubt that whoever plays Juliet, will get closer to him…but who will end up playing Juliet?

Sure, there have been many anime series that have tapped into the story of a promise made in childhood of marriage from “Love Hina” to “Ore no Kanojo to Osanajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru” (better known as “Oreshura”).

But what “Nisekoi” does differently is throw a major wrench into this possible love romance by putting the male protagonist in search of his future wife, to fulfill a family promise to have a relationship with the daughter of a rival gang, a girl that he detests.

Both hate each other and while Ichijou is a guy with a positive outlook in life, when he meets Chitoge Kirisaki, she is abrasive, cold and not good at holding her aggression as she is constantly beating up on Ichijou.

And to make things worse for Ichijou, the most popular girl that he always liked, Kosaki Onodera, is in fact the girl that has (or may have) the key, to his lock that he has worn on his neck and promised to marry.

So far, I really enjoy this anime series, especially the episodes on this third Blu-ray release because it’s fresh take on the young promise made by youngsters to marry each other and it also has that similarity to “Ranma 1/2″ of two people arranged by their parents to be together, although not to be married but to have this fake romance for three years. And then having multiple young ladies vying for his attention.

As for the Blu-ray release, the anime series is presented in 1080p and is absolutely vibrant! Lossless soundtrack is in Japanese Linear PCM and there are no English dub soundtrack, but I can see this series receiving an English dub treatment in the future!

While there are no special features outside of the Textless endings, you do get Aniplex swag with a slipcase, deluxe poster, collectors card and collectable ending card pin-ups.

Overall, “Nisekoi: False Love” is an enjoyable, humorous and crazy anime series that gradually gets better and better.  With volume 4, it features one of the more emotional episodes of the series (and there are sure to be more), but for fans of the previous volumes or even fans of the manga series, will definitely want to check out “Nisekoi: False Love”!


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