Freezing: Complete Series (a J!-ENT Anime Blu-ray Disc Review)

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A touching action anime series with plenty of one-on-one combat, boobs and panty scenes galore!  If you are an anime fan who can’t get enough of boobylicious anime, then “Freezing: Complete Series” is definitely for you!

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TITLE: Freezing: Complete Series

DURATION: Episodes 1-12+ 6 MINI-OVA’s (300 Minutes)

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition (1:78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen), Dolby Digital, Audio: English and Japanese DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0, Subtitles: English



RELEASE DATE: August 28, 2012

Directed by Takashi Watanabe

Series Composition by Masanao Akahoshi

Screenplay by Masanao Akahoshi, Takao Yoshioka

Music by Masaru Yokoyama

Originally created by Dall-Young Lim, Kwang-Hyun Kim

Character Design by Mayumi Watanabe

Art Director: Satoru Kuwabara

Chief Animation Director: Mayumi Watanabe

Mechanical Design by Tomohiro Kawahara

Sound Director: Kouji Tsujitani

Director of Photography: Jin Saito, Seiichi Morishita

Producer: Shinsaku Tanaka, Takashi Tachizaki

Anime Production: A.C.G.T

Featuring the voices of:

Mamiko Noto/Caitlin Glass as Satellizer el Bridget

Mitsuhiro Ichiki/Josh Grelle as Kazuya Aoi

Akeno Watanabe/Carmen Smith as Yumi Kim

Ami Koshimizu/Brittney Karbowski as Ingrid Bernstein

Aya Uchida as Tichie Fenille

Eri Kitamura/Luci Christian as Ganessa Roland

Eri Mimura as Aika Takeuchi

Fumie Mizusawa/Callie McHalen as Elise Schmitz

Izumi Kitta/Liza Gonzales as Cleo Brand

Kana Hanazawa as Lana Linchen

Kana Ueda/Monica Rial as Atia Simones

Kazuyoshi Shiibashi/Liza Gonzales as Leo Bernard

Mamiko Noto/Catherine DuBord as Kazuha Aoi

Mana Tsuzurahara as Audrey Duvall

Marina Inoue/Ceelee Rose as Chiffon Fairchild

Natsuko Kuwatani/Leah Clark as Miyabi Kannazuki

Nobuhiko Okamoto/Patrick W. Reid as Arthur Climpton

Rie Yamaguchi as Mackenzie Torisu

Rieko Takahashi/Dusty Jacks as Sister Margarett

Rumi Ookubo/Alexis Tipton as Kaho Hiiragi

Yuko Kaida/Abigail Hartman as Elizabeth Maybury

Yuu Asakawa/Jad Saxton as Arnett Macmillan

Eager to follow in the footsteps of his fallen sister, Kazuya enrolls at West Genetics Academy, a training facility for buxom heroes known as Pandoras. These courageous schoolgirls are genetically enhanced with enough sex appeal to cripple a man – and the superhuman strength to slaughter aliens by the dozen. Kazuya’s role is that of Limiter, a Pandora’s battle partner, and he quickly sets his sights on the most feared beauty in school, Satellizer el Brigette.

This full-figured annihilator of aliens is as desirable as she is deadly, but rubbing her the wrong way could lead to gross bodily harm. Can Kazuya forge a bond with his new partner and rise to the top of the ranks at West Genetics? Or will he fall victim to the mysterious bloodlust lurking within Satellizer?

In 2007, a Japanese-Korean manga series known as “Freezing” was created by Dall-Young Lim and illustrations by Kwang-Hyun Kim.   Lim who is best known for creating the manga “Black God” had written well-known manhwa (Korean comics) and in 2007, Lim’s latest manga “Freezing” would be serialized in “Comic Valkyrie”.

With several volumes collected in manga format, “Freezing” would receive an anime adaptation courtesy of  A.C.G.T. and was directed by Takashi Watanabe (“Battle Skipper”, “Casshan: Robot Hunter Casshern”, “Battle Royal High School”), screenplay by Masanao Akahoshi (“The Big O”, “Duel Masters”, “Demon King Daimao”, “Zone of the Enders”), music by Masaru Yokoyama (“Queen’s Blade” series, “Arakawa Under the Bridge”), character design by Mayumi Watanabe (“Koihime”, “Happy Lesson”, “Kimagure Orange Road”) and art director by Satoru Kuwabara (“Angelium”, “Burn Up W”, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”).

And now the series will be released via Blu-ray and DVD combo-pack courtesy of FUNimation in August 2012.

“Freezing” takes place in the future where Earth has been at war with aliens that have come from a dimension known as Nova.  In order to fight them, women with special fighting abilities known as Pandoras fight alongside with a male who has a special power known as “Freezing” to literally freeze an opponent and haven been designated the name of “Limiter”.

The competition among Pandora’s are high at West Genetics Academy and one of the top Pandora’s is a blonde, busty student named Satellizer el Bridget, well-known for her very cold demeanor and known to not want to socialize with anyone, as well as not having a limiter.

Meanwhile, a boy named Kazuya Aoi has enrolled at West Genetics.  Kazuya is a teenager who has found it difficult to get over his sister, Kazuha’s death.  Kazuha was one of the most talented Pandora’s at West Genetics and she sacrificed her life to defeat a powerful Nova and also give other’s a chance to live.

When Kazuya sees Satellizer el Bridget from afar, he mistakes her as his sister and runs up to her and hugs her.  For Satellizer, she is shocked that anyone is touching her, let alone hugging her.  And as she tries to get him off, he clings to her tightly and not wanting to let go.  Satellizer who is typically disgusted by a touch by anyone, for some reason, is not disgusted by being touched by Kazuya and this causes her to become distracted.  To the point that he also interferes with her match and causing her to lose.

Feeling terrible of causing Satellizer problems, Kazuya wants to be close to her.  But for Satellizer, due to a traumatic experience during her childhood, she doesn’t want to be touched and for years never wanted to be close to anyone.  But for some reason, Kazuya is the first person who has touched her and has not made her feel disgusted.  And his interested in her is genuine and caring.

Kazuya wants to be Satellizer’s limiter, but will she let him?

Together, the two become an incredible force and the two discover that perhaps their interest may lead to something more than being just a Pandora/Limiter partner.

“Freezing” features the following characters:

  • Kazuya Aoi – Kazuya is the younger brother of the famed and deceased Pandora Kazuha Aoi.  He cares for Pandora Satellizer el Bridget and understands her.  Similar to his late sister, 30% of his bone tissue is composed of Stigmata tissue, giving him the rare ability to freeze anything without the use of a Pandora.
  • Satellizer el Bridget – A powerful Pandora of West Genetics who has no limiter, until she meets Kazuya.  She is known for her cold demeanor and not having any friends.  Because she was sexually abused by her half-brother Louis, she has developed aphephobia (fear of being touched) and the main reason why she stays away from everyone.  She is a member of the powerful el Bridget family but her mother Noelle Alongrutch is the mistress of Howard el Bridget and grew up living in the same mansion as her father’s wife and children (the wife Olivia and son Louis despise them living in the same home, while daughter Violet is the only one who tried to protect Satellizer).  Because of her aphephobia, she has not gotten close to anyone until she meets Kazuya Aoi, the first person to show any care for her and the only person who has touched her, without her reacting negatively.
  • Rana Linchen – A Pandora from Tibet who was sent to West Genetics to find her soul mate (a Limiter) and she happens to fall for Kazuya Aoi.  But because Kazuya is dead set in being a partner with Satellizer, she looks at Satellizer as her rival in getting closer to Kazuya but also becomes her friend, after seeing how badly both Satellizer and Kazuya are treated at school.
  • Ganessa Roland – A Pandora from the UK who is the 2nd-ranked second-year Pandora.  She is very conceited and dislikes Satellizer.    Her Limiter is Arthur Crypton.
  • Kaho Hiiragi – The class representative for Kazuya and Arthur’s class.  She and Arthur often try to convince Kazuya from pursuing Satellizer to be his Pandora.
  • Arthur Crypton – Kazuya’s roommate and Ganessa’s Limiter, he is often trying to get Kazuya to stop pursuing Satellizer as his Pandora.


“Freezing” is presented in 1080p High Definition (1:78:1 aspect ratio).  As an upconvert, the series picture quality is good. It’s not a series that prides itself on beautiful artistic backgrounds and if anything, knowing its demographic is watching it for the fan service, a lot of focus goes into the closeups and showcasing a woman’s assets or numerous panty shots.  As expected for a TV series, the anime series does lean towards a more soft look but overall, because the series focuses more on character close-ups and action, this is not one of those series that is meant to make people feel in awe for its visual presence but more on its action and of course, T&A.


“Freezing” is presented in English DolbyTrue HD 5.1 and Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0.  While the Japanese lossless soundtrack is good via stereo and is well-acted, for its dynamic range, the English dub version is much better due to its use of the surround channels and the acting is also very well done.  But whichever version you choose, acting is well-done on both Japanese and English soundtracks but during those action scenes (and there are many), the English lossless track is better for its utilization of a 5.1 lossless, where the Japanese version is primarily front channel driven.

Subtitles are in English.


“Freezing: Complete Series” comes with the following special features:

  • Episode 6 Audio Commentary – Featuring audio commentary by Josh Grelle (voice of Kazuya) and Jamie Marchi (voice of Rana).
  • Episode 11 Commentary  – Featuring audio commentary by Caitlin Glass (Satellizer) and Luci Christian (voice of Ganessa).
  • OVA episodes – (18:11) Featuring six short OVA’s that focus more on the perverted fan service.
  • U.S. Trailer – (1:02) FUNimation trailer.
  • Promotional Videos – (5:07) The Japanese promotional video for “Freezing”.
  • Original Commercials – (1:18) The original Japanese commercials for “Freezing”.
  • Textless Opening and Ending Themes


“Freezing: Complete Series” comes with the entire series on both Blu-ray and DVD.

When it comes to fan service anime featuring women with big breasts and panty shots galore, there are plenty of them.  From “Gravion”, “Tenjo Tenge” to “Sekirei”, suffice to say, T&A anime are common in Japan and despite being targeted to a certain demographic, while often at times, these type of anime series can be kitsch, sometimes you are surprised when one features an in-depth storyline.

“Freezing” has the banality of action/fighting series such as “Tenjo Tenge” and “Sekirei”, “Freezing” play the underdog card by showcasing a protagonist named Kazuya Aoi who is weak but kindhearted and you eventually find out that he has a rare special ability.  Then you add in Satellizer el Bridget, your buxom blonde who is cold and deadly but also a woman who has kept herself distant because of her aphephobia of years of being sexually abused by her step-brother.

Aside from its fan service, you really want to root for both Satellizer and Kazuya because they are literally the underdogs, the outcasts and are constantly picked on.  But the bullies will quickly learn that these two are powerful when they are together.  You know these two need each other and feel good being with each other but both are also shy and not sure how to interpret their emotions.

Also, unlike other series where nudity will make a group of perverted guys having blood shooting from their noses when they nudity, “Freezing” is different by the fact that often in battle, women are seen naked and it’s like nudity is not much of a big thing.  Yes, Kazuya is your typical cherry boy who questions Satellizer’s choice of skimpy clothing at times but other than that, you don’t hear many guys going crazy about boobs but more excited about seeing the best Pandora’s in competition.  So, it’s a bit fascinating in that aspect, as those reactions separate “Freezing” from other similar anime series that play upon the show’s perverseness.

And for those who want more titillating, perverted storylines, that is where the short OVA’s come along.  These are more perverse than the actual main story and are simply short stories created visually for the horny otaku.

While the Blu-ray presentation is good for an upconvert and soft as one would expect from a TV series, voice acting is well-done on both Japanese and English lossless soundtracks but of course, the English version is much better due to its 5.1 lossless track as opposed to the Japanese 2.0 track.  Aside from the six short OVA’s, you also get two audio commentary.  And what I liked about this audio commentary is that instead of the moderator asking questions about one’s involvement in the series, the talent are answering questions written down and getting into conversations about voice actors taking part in a fan service anime series to anime con experiences.  So, if you are fan of the main English voice dub talent in this series, you will enjoy the two audio commentaries.

Overall, “Freezing” was an entertaining sci-fi series with a lot of action and fan service.  But instead of being banal in storyline, it takes a different approach of showcasing a protagonist who has had a traumatic past.  So, aside from all the T&A that is seen in this series, there is actually a fascinating plot that continues to build until the final episode.

So, if you are looking for an anime series with a lot of action and big boobs and panty shots galore, “Freezing: Complete Series” is definitely for you!

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