B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time – Complete Series (a J!-ENT Anime Blu-ray Disc Review)

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A sexually-charged, sexual comedy anime series with plenty of  fan service, perverted humor and all out fun!   Trust me…you’re not going to find anime series like “B Gata H Kei”.  Typically, sexual teen comedy anime series tend to focus on a male character, but what happens when the roles are reversed?  I absolutely enjoyed this series and”B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time” is definitely recommended!

Image courtesy of © Yoko Sanri/SHUEISHA INC. All Rights Reserved.

TITLE: B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time – Complete Series

DURATION: EPISODES 1-12 (300 Minutes)

BLU-RAY INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition (16×9), English Dolby TrueHD 5.1, Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0, Subtitles: English

COMPANY: FUNimation Entertainment


Release Date: January 31, 2012

Originally created by Yoko Sanri

Directed by Yusuke Yamamoto

Series Composition by Satoru Nishizono

Character Design by Yuuko Yahiro

Art Director: Michiyo Miki

Chief Animation Director: Yuuko Yahiro

Anime Production: Hal Film Maker

Featuring the following voice talent:

Atsushi Abe/Scott Freeman as Takashi Kosuda

Yukari Tamura/Brittney Karbowski as Yamada

Asami Shimoda/Emerick Jade as Chika Yamada

Kana Hanazawa/Jad Saxton as Mayu Miyano

Mamiko Noto/Martha Harms as Kazuki Kosuda

Rumi Shishido/Alexis Tipton as Erogamisama

Tomoaki Maeno as Keiichi Kanejō

Yu Kobayashi/Kristi Kang as Kyōka Kanejō

Yui Horie/Cherami Leigh as Miharu Takeshita

OMG! There’s this girl at school, Yamada, who wants to make like a hundred sex friends. She totally thinks she can devirginize one hundred different boys! Can you believe that? That’s like every boy in the school. Who does she think she is? I heard from my friend’s neighbor’s cousin’s lab partner that Yamada’s never even been kissed. Oh. My. God. I would totally die. That’s like burn all your makeup and shave off your eyebrows embarrassing. I can’t even think about it.

Today at lunch I saw Yamada flirting, like for reals flirting, with that geek Kosuda. You know the guy. Photography club, no muscles, boring face, kind of reminds you of a black-and-white movie. Super lame. If Yamada can’t even make the sex with him, she’ll never score a hundred cherry boys. She needs to take like Sex Ed or something because I heard she can’t give it away!


In 2004, Yoko Sanri created a four-panel sexual teen comedy manga series known as “B Gata H Kei” which was published by Shueisha and in 2010, given an anime adaptation courtesy of Hal Film Maker (“Angels Sanctuary”, “Macross 7 the Movie”, “Princess Tutu”).

And now, “B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time” receives its HD release on Blu-ray courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment in Jan. 2012.

The series is directed by Yusuke Yamamoto (“Aquarion Evol”, “Masquerade” “Ranma 1/2”, “Sakura Taisen”), screenplay by Satoru Nishizono (“.hack//Legend Twilight”, “Dr. Slump”, “IDOLM@STER: Live For you!”), character designs by Yuuko Yahiro (“Battle Girls – Time Paradox”, “Basilisk”, “Is This a Zombie?”) and art direction by Michiyo Miki (“Kamisama Kazoku”, “Halo Legends”, “Shining Tears x Wind”).

Continuing FUNimation Entertainment’s month grown-up comedy releases (ie. a lot of fan service and sexual humor) with “Sekirei: Pure Engagement”, “Rosario+Vampire”, “Sora no OToshimono: Heaven’s Lost Property”, “B Gata H Kei” this time focuses on a female 15-year-old teen who’s goal is to have sex with an honest guy, in order to accomplish a goal of having sex with 100 guys.

The series focuses on Yamada, a popular high school teenager who is now entering high school and all she can think about is having sex.  She has decided that she wants to have sex with 100 different men but she first she must lose her virginity (an idea that she may have picked up from reading women’s sex magazines).  And so, Yamada decides that she wants to lose it to someone who doesn’t have experience and while at the bookstore with her friend Miharu, while looking for a dictionary (that describes sexual acts), she spots a teenager who looks very innocent – Takashi Kosuda.

Immediately, Yamada becomes fixated on him because of his pureness and the fact that she can sense he is a virgin.  So, while at the bookstore, while trying to retrieve the dictionary, she accidentally falls on top of Kosuda and in her mind, she tries to think up ways of how to initiate contact.

While at her new class, she realizes that sitting next to her is Kosuda and immediately, she begins to think of ways to get him interested in her.  May it be going out with him on dates, to even doing risky things while they are alone in order to get him to notice her and her body and want him to have sex with her.  But being the inexperienced good guy, while Kosuda is thrilled that a beautiful girl such as Yamada acknowledges him, he can’t interpret the signals that she is sending him and is not sure what to do when around her.

And because Yamada is just as inexperienced as Kosuda, the fact that it’s a challenge, she wonders if he’s not interested in her and tries all that she can do get him to notice her…may it be to show her cleavage, wear no panties around him, etc.

But the longer that Yamada tries to get Kosuda to have sex with her in order to advance on her goal of having 100 sexual encounters, she begins to realize that perhaps…she may be developing feelings for him.

Here is a brief  non-spoiler synopsis of “B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time – Complete Series”:

  • EPISODE 1 – “Boy Meets Girl.  Let Me Have your “First Time!” – Yamada has decided that Kosuda will be the first guy she must have sex with because of his inexperience.
  • EPISODE 2“Oh, yeah! Let’s go to a pool! You wanna see me in a swimsuit, right?!” – Yamada asks Kosuda to join her and go with her friend Miharu and her boyfriend Daisuke.  Yamada hopes that wearing a sexy swimsuit may entice Kosuda to have sex with her.
  • EPISODE 3 – “Suddenly so close in the darkroom! Kinda dangerous club activities?!” – Yamada learns that Kosuda is in the photography club, so she comes up with a plan to seduce him in the dark room.
  • EPISODE 4“Romantic Christmas Eve! What does the first kiss taste like?” – Yamada is jealous of her younger sister Chika (who is good at bringing home guys), so Yamada tries to get Kosuda to ask her out on a date on Christmas Eve.
  • EPISODE 5 – “Yamada’s level increased! She learned how to deep kiss!” – Kosuda’s childhood friend Mayu Miyano wants to give Kosuda the perfect Valentine’s Date, jealous…Yamada tries to entice Kosuda by not wearing any panties.
  • EPISODE 6 – “Kanejo is coming! I can’t stand that sparkle!” – It’s a new school year and this time Yamada feels that she has a new rival when Kyouka Kanejo, the girl who nearly beat her in last year’s beauty contest has transferred to her school.  And Kyouka has caught every guy’s interest, perhaps even Kosuda.
  • EPISODE 7 – “Major duel in school swimsuits! I’m not gonna lose against you!” – Yamada declares war on Kanejo and both compete in a battle of swimsuits.  Meanwhile, Yamada is jealous when she finds out that Kosuda  is going on vacation with Mayu Miyano and her family.
  • EPISODE 8“Yay! It’s a school trip! No chance to be alone…” – Class 2 H goes on vacation to Kyoto and both Yamada and Kosuda want to confess their feelings for each other.
  • EPISODE 9“Oh no! In front of everyone…I Never said I don’t like you…Autumn” – Kosuda acidentally declares his love for Yamada in front of the whole class.  Meanwhile, Kanejo’s brother shows up and falls for Yamada.
  • EPISODE 10  – “The Kanejo Family! Richy brother’s sparkling secret!”– Yamada and Kosuda are planning to go on a date but Keiichi ends up joining them and also confesses to Yamada that he is a virgin.  Does that mean she will bypass Kosuda for him?
  • EPISODE 11 – “Year 2 Class H’s Christmas Eve! Take me to Bed!” – It’s Christmas time and Kanejo is holding a Christmas party at her mansion and Keiichi sees it as a chance to get close to Yamada, meanwhile, Yamada ooks at it as a chance to have sex with Kosuda.
  • EPISODE 12 “The World Revolves for us! Goodbye…B Gata H Kei” – What happens when Kosuda and Yamada enter a love hotel?


“B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time – Complete Series” is presented in 1080p High Definition.  It’s important to note that this is a TV series and not an OVA or film, so hardcore videophiles should know that TV series tend to not have the same production budget as an OVA or film.  But in the case of “B Gata H Kei, the series is not uber-vibrant (although there are some colorful scenes with hot pinks, reds, blues, purples and greens) and at times, may look a bit saturated but that is typically expected from an anime TV series.  But there is good use of colors, especially the emphasis on eye color, hair and other colors that can bring out the vibrancy of this series.

While the backgrounds are not as varied or super-detailed, it’s the close-ups and the emotions that probably become more evident in this series.  From the emotions displayed, sadness, jealousy, anger or both Yamada or Kosuda looking horny, it’s probably what the animators focused on the most.  I didn’t see any artifacting, banding or any major problems while watching this series.

For an anime on Blu-ray release, “B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time” is a colorful anime series which does look good on HD.


“B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time – Complete Series” is presented in English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0.  I did watch a few episodes in Japanese (which is typically my preference) but with a series that delves into sexual comedy, especially in the case of “B Gata H Kei”, I had to hear what FUNimation Entertainment had planned for the English dub and how far they would go in making this series appealing but also fun for the American viewers.  And sure enough, the director and the writers die a fantastic job.  Casting was spot on and the writing for the English dub was absolutely hilarious!  Suffice to say, they hit a home run with the English dub!

Overall, the series is dialogue-driven but there moments when ambiance plays a part in surround channel use.  But for the most part, this is a center and front-channel driven series, dialogue is crystal clear and hear no audio problems

Subtitles are in English!


“B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time – Complete Series” features the following special features:


  • EPISODE 1 COMMENTARY – Featuring a hilarious commentary by ADR Director Zach Bolton and Brittany Karbowski (voice of Yamada) and Scott Freeman (voice of Kosuda).


  • EPISODE 11 COMMENTARY – Featuring commentary by writers (and voice talent) Jami Marchi and Leah Clark who talk about writing for the show and more.
  • Outtakes – (2:55) Featuring outtakes featuring the English dub voice actors.
  • Textless Opening Song – “Oshiete A to Z”
  • Textless Closing Song – “Hadashi No Princess”
  • Trailers – FUNimation Entertainment Trailers


“B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time” comes with a slipcase and also the DVD version of the series.

Sure, we know there are plenty of anime series focusing on guys who are perverted and are always looking for ways to hook up with a girl or see them nude.  But what happens when the roles are reversed and the main female character is the one wanting to get laid?

I have to admit that this is the first TV anime series, a sexual comedy, that I have seen in which the protagonist is a horny female character and the first thing that came to my mind was… “This has to be written by some guy with major fantasy issues!” but surprisingly, the series is by a female manga writer/artist Yoko Sanri and to help define these female emotions, FUNimation Entertainment went with two female writers Jami Marchi and Leah Clark to continue that female perspective of a female character wanting to lose their virginity and  doing whatever she can to get laid.

I have to admit that part of me was a bit shocked about the series because anime storylines never ever feature a female character like this, unless it’s hentai.  But no… this is not anime porn, this is a teenager who has read too many Japanese women’s magazines (having dated Japanese women and having many Japanese female friends and discussing sex, I can easily say that the women’s magazines are just as sexually-driven as the male magazines) and suffice to say, for anyone who has been to Japan, sex is something that is not usually hidden as you are sure to see something while walking by a bookstore, used manga shop to vending machines.

And from my experience alone, it really doesn’t take too long for the topics of sex to come up with new Japanese friends.  But still… anime series to variety shows shown in Japan, it’s always the guys who are showcased as the perverts wanting to have sexual encounters or some perverted thought going through their mind.  So, I’m not easy easily phased when it comes to sexual comedies but in this case, I really did not know what to expect from “B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time” because the roles were reversed.

Granted, even back in the early ’90s, there are glimpses of female sexual flirting with a Cherry Boy (ie. virgin) in anime series such as “Video Girl Ai” and even DNA2″ (both created by Masakazu Katsura) but it was never the main focus, these were just scenes added for comedy purposes.  In this case, every episode is about Yamada wanting to lose her virginity and the ways of going about it are surprising.

From locking herself in a photo developing room with Kosuda and taking off her clothes, to not wearing panties at school in hopes that he will get the hint and want to have sex with her, to another scene where the two go into the park and she sits on is lap and puts his hand on her breasts.  Problem is that both are virgins, inexperienced and not sure what to do in those moments.

The awkwardness of Kosuda when his hand is on Yamada’s breast and not knowing if she should squeeze it or just leave his hand there and many times where you know that Kosuda has the opportunity to score but since he is not too familiar with sex or the act of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if male viewers would pull their hair out and knowing how the opportunity is presented to him but yet, he doesn’t know what to do or actually doesn’t have a clue.  But in a way, that’s what I liked about Kosuda’s character is the fact that despite him being a guy with typical fears of losing his virginity, he is respectful and kind.

There are also some interesting things that are featured in the series that some may find a bit taboo.  For example, Kosuda’s sister Kazuki walks around the house with no clothes.  Granted, Kosuda doesn’t want to look at his sister in such a manner but then you have a character such as Kyoka Kanejo who has a brother complex and is infatuated with her brother, despite her being popular and beautiful.

But because of how awkward and quarky “B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time” is, I found it to be quite enjoyable and fun!  It’s not going to be for everyone, especially those who may throw fits about Yamada’s quest to have sex with 100 different guys, but bare in mind, that is her virgin mind speaking…and what she has been influenced from reading women’s magazines.   The story is about Yamada wanting to have sex and finding a kind virgin to lose her virginity too, but it’s also a story about maturity and how she falls in love for the first time, vice versa with Kosuda as the longer they have this sexual chemistry or sexual craving for each other, they are too innocent to know what it is…and what it is…it’s love.

As for this Blu-ray release, I have to say that there are two things that I enjoyed about this series.  One, I loved the fact that the American side, for the English dubbing, made this series to be much more crazier but yet respectful to the original Japanese version.  As mentioned, I typically watch the Japanese versions of these series but when it comes to storylines that are best adapted for the West because of its sexual comedy, in the case of “B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time”, the writers and the director have done a wonderful job in adapting this series for American viewers.

The second thing that I loved about this release is the fact that even the people who took part in this series were shocked by the content.  Listening to the audio commentary, even the voice actress Brittney Karbowski was shocked about the things that she had to say that she had to take a picture of the script.  But the fact is because these voice talents have done something so different in their voice acting career, especially in this point of time of working on many series, it’s great to hear the voice talent being shocked by the content but yet having fun with it.  And hearing their performance, you can sense that enthusiasm!  I dig that!

And last, what I loved about this series and it’s what I mentioned before…it goes beyond the typical banality of anime series with the perverted male character wanting to get laid.  This time, it’s the female character who wants to lose her virginity and just to see how far she will go is quite intriguing.

Overall, I had such a wonderful time watching this series and while I know the subject matter may be a bit touchy for some viewers, for those who are looking for something different, something fun and crazy and yes, something a bit raunchy in sexual humor will enjoy “B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time”.

I don’t think you will find many anime series like this and for that…I definitely recommend this anime series!

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