Got Rice? I’m not sure what the heck “extra fancy rice” is?

September 15, 2008 by  

I really don’t eat as much rice for the past six or so years.  Mainly because of the carbs and when I do, I typically have eaten more brown rice.

But lately, I’ve been wanting to try various types of rice since I have always kept with the usual Calrose, Jasmine or Nishiki (and even Uncle Ben’s).  But  yesterday, went to the Seafood City market in San Jose and have heard of how much rice has skyrocketed in price but fortunately, found that 5 or 10 lbs. for rice is still the same.  And I grabbed my usual Nishiki but I figured, I’ve eaten the same brands for nearly all my life… it’s time to try another.

So, this time it’s Shirakiku.  The thing is… I have no idea what is “Extra Fancy” rice.  There are so many kinds of rice available but the words “Extra Fancy” sticks out.  Does that mean it tastes better?  Looks better?  I have no idea…

But I realized…didn’t I do a special project on rice when I asked celebrities what their favorite rice and cooking technique years ago?  So, with this week’s topic about rice, why not share with you the old “Got Rice” page:

Celebrity – Got Rice?
by J!-ENT’s Dennis A. Amith

As I stroll through the local grocery store, I see on my list that I need to buy some rice. There are so many different kinds of rice available. I’m not sure if I have tried every brand.

Dr. Shawn Hung told Giant Robot Magazine (Issue No. 10) that the pickiest rice eaters are Japanese who demand high quality. Chinese and Korean are second. Filipinos just want food to eat.

Now, my Asian friends tell me that I must be more picky when it comes to rice.

Hmm… Perhaps I should.

I like my rice sticky and my Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker is great at doing just that. I’m not sure what brand of rice I’m eating right now but what I do know is that it freaken crumbles when I attempt to re-heat it the next morning. OK…I must be eating cheap rice. Forget that! I want some good rice.

Throughout the day I’m just thinking about rice. Rice, such an important supplement and right now I just want to buy the best. So, here I am at the market. I stand there looking at each different brand of rice, I wondered too myself…”Hmm, what kind of rice do the actors and actresses, models, professionals and my friends eat?”

Do they buy Uncle Ben’s, California Brown Diamond, Calrose or do they prefer the ultimate Kokuho Rose? Who knows? Well, only one way for me to find out.

  • Sheila B. – Cha Cha Charming Magazine Producer/Founder/Editor
  • Kathy Baylor – Owner/Entertainment Consultant of The Mageborn Company
  • Monica Castillo – One Vo1ce member and vocalist
  • Moulann Chang – Music artist
  • John Cho – Actor (Harold and Kumar and many other films) & Musician
  • Margaret Cho – Actress & Comedian
  • Mia Crowe – Actress and Model
  • Roger Fan – Actor & Producer
  • Amy Hill – Actress
  • Gina Hiraizumi – Actress, Singer & Dancer
  • Esther Hwang – Model & Actress
  • Suzanne Kai – Entrepreneur/ Founder
  • Masayo Kawaguchi – International broadcaster, singer and actress
  • Michelle Krusiec – Actress
  • Lela Lee – Actress & Artist/Creator of “Angry Little Girls”
  • Jessica Ly – eSolutions Consultant, President of Envisage Marketing,
    Asia4’s Director of Marketing & Promotions
  • The Mountain Brothers – Asian Hip Hop Trio from Philly
  • Rex Navarrete – Comedian
  • Cardin Nguyen – Member/Vocalist of Asia4
  • Paul Nguyen – Director and Fight Choreographer
  • Puffy AmiYumi – Japanese pop stars and TV celebs
  • Kristine Sa – Music Artist
  • Irene “Moonberry” Santoso – Web Diva
  • Yuichi D. Segawa – Model & Actor
  • Parry Shen – Actor (“Better Luck Tomorrow)
  • Protoculture – Rock Band
  • Jim Stoeber – Founder of Tegancat Music, Producer & Musician
  • Jason Tobin – Actor (“Better Luck Tomorrow)
  • Goran Topalovic – Subway Cinema Co-founder/Asian Film Festival Guru
  • Elson “e:trinity” Trinidad – Musician/Producer
  • Anna Tse – Fashion Model
  • Sachiko Uchida – Tokyo, Japan-based Radio DJ & Reporter
  • Linda Wang – Actress & Model
  • Martin Yan – Host of PBS cooking show “Yan Can Cook”
  • Brad Yuen – Filmmaker/Photographer

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