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Live Social Media Event Allows Fans To Interact With The Housewives Via Twitter, Facebook And Mobile Devices
In Realtime

NEW YORK – March 23, 2010 – Let the interactive extravaganza begin! Bravo Media’s ‘Talk Bubble’ – formerly called the ‘virtual viewing party’ – goes live each week during episodes of “The Real Housewives of New York City” on Thursday nights at 10PM ET/PT, allowing fans to simultaneously interact and comment about the episode as it unfolds on-air. Bravo viewers will get the chance to engage directly with their favorite Housewives – live -when they join the party at or text PARTY to 27286. This week, fans can chat with New York housewife Jill Zarin, and react to the show through Twitter, Facebook and their mobile phones while watching the episode live on television.

“Thousands of fans participated in the last two virtual viewing parties, and we had such a great response that we decided to implement this weekly for a more dynamic experience for our highly engaged audience,” said Lisa Hsia, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Bravo Media. “The Bravo Talk Bubble is a real-time watercooler event that allows us to grow our audience through social media, and to have a two-way conversation with fans as they experience Bravo in a more personal, intimate way than ever before.”

Each week during “The Real Housewives” Talk Bubble, different housewives will interact with fans on Twitter, as well as “Watch What Happens: Live” host Andy Cohen and some of his weekly guests. The Bravo Talk Bubble will include a shareable video widget featuring the best moments from that night’s episode that fans can share with friends via Twitter, Facebook, mobile phones and email. These selected videos also will be available in the Talk Bubble video player. During the show, “Tweet Spots” will show selected real time live comments from the fans. Participants can voice their opinion with nightly polls and the “Tweet Heat” sentiment meter which tracks how fans are feeling about the housewives during the show – are they fashionistas, drama queens, or just downright entertaining?

The Bravo Talk Bubble is a live social media event which combines interactive elements on every platform to bring fans the ultimate viewing experience by expanding the series from the TV screen directly into the viewers’ homes. Bravo Media’s first virtual viewing party held for “The Real Housewives of New York City” (May 5, 2009) won the prestigious MMA Global Mobile Marketing Award and Mobile Excellence Awards.

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  • deedeja

    Luann, the fake snake should mind her beeswax and let Bethanny and Jill handle their problems. Get a life stop interfering like some school girl and I mean middle school

  • Bridgette

    Jill is horrible. Her jealousy of Bethenney and Ramona is so obvious, that it's palpable. Alex is so sweet, and a cardinal rule for all women is NEVER talk badly about anyone's children. I'm so happy for Bethenney, she is the absolute best on the show, and Jill and Lu Anne hate her for it.
    Bethenney, take care of yourself, and, your baby. Alex and Ramona, I love you guys too !!

  • raven

    what the hell is wrong with kelly

  • Nalini

    I can't believe Kelly lives outside of an institution she is crazy!!!!!!!

  • madhatter

    I have never seen so many woman with so many issues. You ladies are one crazy bunch rich with nothing esles to do but bitch at one another. If this all you do. it makes me not want to be rich. You all need Jesus for real.

  • madhatter

    i think all the ladies need medicatation. They all are going through some serious menopause.

  • madhatter

    you all r tripping. take medication for memopause. it's ok to admit that u all have mental problems.

  • Dsmith

    Jill, if you don't like the way someone looks at you, you want to destroy them. You didn't like the way Alix looked at you in St. John's Island and you ready to destroy her. You have the same hatred for Bethany, who in carnation do you think you are?

  • Dsmith

    Jill is a real terrorizing person even if she doesn't like the way Alex looked at her on St. John's Island she's ready to pulverize Alex. Jill hatred for Bethany is well hidden since everyone complained about Jill. Dear Jill why are you so full of hatred?

  • zelly

    Jill all the money in the world is not going to buy you happiness. You have so much hatred in you that you are going to blow-up in smoke.

  • teresa

    Jill you had Kelly deliver your message to Bethany and Alex while on St. John's Island in Ramona's party. You too cowardly to admit it. You do things like the Mafia. You send Kelly to defame and insult Bethany while she has a difficult pregnancy and was upset with her father died so you wanted Bethany to suffer a miscarriage and ruin her business all at the same time and grill Alix.
    At the reunion u cried to cover-up your guilt.

  • alwaysAfan

    bethenny i think your a great mother. its normal to have seperation anxiety with some one you love so much such as your newborn. It will be fine your baby is in great hands. Your a lucky women with such a great husband. good luck to you and your beautiful family. Always a fine

  • Alleycatx8

    omg Theresa has to grow up she is always starting such drama she is all dressed up with absolutely no class / she acts like the biggest Bitch in house wife being around her this season is not enjoyable to watch at all /also Ashly should be kicked out into the curb with her spoiled rudeness