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Full of detailed information for a wonderful price, if you are a fan of Tite Kubo’s “Bleach”, “Bleach: The Official Character Book 2” is a wonderful resource guide and reference. Definitely recommended!


TITLE: Bleach: The Official Character Book 2

BY: Tite Kubo



RELEASED: March 6, 2012

Uncover the secrets of Bleach! This profile book contains extensive information on the characters and story from Bleach volumes 21-37. It includes exclusive color art, a poster, bonus materials and an interview with Tite Kubo. Step into the ghostly world of Bleach like never before!

“Bleach”, is currently of the most successful Japanese animation and manga series in Japan.  It’s popularity reaches worldwide and since 2001, many fans have clamored for it’s action-based storyline featured on television, manga series, films and video games.

And it’s all thanks to series creator, writer and illustrator Noriaki “Tite” Kubo.

For those who have watched this series since the very beginning, they have watched the amount of characters grow from five characters to a number that I have no idea how many there are at this point.  And aside from the characters, they also have incredible attacks and abilities that they are mentioned so much during the series, fans may easily have remembered them but to tell you the truth, there are so many, it’s hard to keep in track unless you are a dedicated hardcore fan.

But fear not, in 2008, Viz Media released “Bleach: The Official Character Book” which not only gave information and trivia regarding its characters, fans also got to read a summary of what had taken place in the series so far.

Since 2008, there have been an explosion in terms of how many characters were featured on the manga and anime series.

And so, it is time once again for a new “Bleach: The Official Character Book 2” as many soul reapers and antagonists such as the Arrancars and characters such as the Visoreds have been featured on the anime and manga series as well as their special abilities.  Things are becoming a bit more difficult to keep in track, so for many fans, the release of this book will be a blessing.

Here is what is featured in “Bleach: The Official Character Book 2”:

  • Weekly Jump Covers
  • Bonus Poster
  • Chapter 1: World of the Living Character Correlation and Diagram Index and World of the Living Character Profiles
  • Chapter 2: Detailed Explanation of Soul Reapers, Soul Reaper Character Correlation Diagram & Index, Soul Reaper Character Profiles
  • Chapter 3: Detailed Explanation of Arrancars, Arrancar Character Correlation Diagram & Index, Arrancar Character Profiles
  • Chapter 4: Visored Character Correlation Diagram and Index, Detailed Explanation of the Visored, Visored Character Profiles
  • Chapter 4B: Turn back the Pendulum, Comprehensive Thirteen Court Guard Companies Chart
  • Chapter 5: Historical Facts, Terms Explanation Vol. 2, Tite Kubo Interview, Extra Scene, The Next Beginning, Postscript
  • Chapter Kon: Kon Introduction, Kon Column #1-#3

Full of detailed information for a wonderful price, if you are a fan of Tite Kubo’s “Bleach”, “Bleach: The Official Character Book 2” is a wonderful resource guide and reference.

The character profiles for this second volume showcase profile data of a character, their Zanpaku-to (a special ability that the user and their sword can unleash).  There are humor for example Tite Kubo’s reference to Rangiku’s “watermelons” and there are experienced events (brief summaries) that were featured in the series in regard to that character.

For me, my confusion has always been in regards to the Arrancar and Visoreds.  There are so many of them and it’s got to the point where I am confused.  So, I was happy that we have the character references to each of these new characters that were featured.

It’s important to note that if you owned the first book, you definitely want to keep it as the antagonists from the earlier storyline are featured in that book.  Also, the first book goes into detailed information about Karakura and the structure of the Soul Society.

In short, for anyone who wants to “Bleach” experience and wants to know every detail of every featured character up to the Arrancar/Visored storyline will want to own this book.

Highly recommended for “Bleach” fans! Logo - 225x79

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